It will be hard for me to become a billionaire – Daddy Freeze

Popular OAP Daddy Freeze has mentioned that for the fact that he is a genuine preacher of the gospel, it will be quite hard for him to become a billionaire.

It will be hard for me to become a billionaire - Daddy Freeze lailasnews 3
It will be hard for me to become a billionaire – Daddy Freeze

The Free the Sheeple leader was responding to some critics who called him out for not paying tithes, saying his name should have been on the newly released Forbes list of Africa’s richest people.

‘My bio says bible teacher, not entrepreneur and definitely NOT BILLIONAIRE. If I’m a genuine teacher of the scriptures, it would be quite hard for me to become a billionaire’ he said.

Also, I have repeatedly emphasized to my followers and members of the #FreeNation, that I cannot help them if they want to be rich, check my teachings from way back, the only thing I promised them is to teach them the truth about Christ and the scriptures.

Have I ever let anyone down in that regard?

In the #FreeNationInChrist, when we pray, we don’t even pray for prosperity, wealth or earthly riches, we pray for wisdom, understanding and God’s guidance, so saying my name is not on the Forbes list is the equivalent of saying I wasn’t nominated for a Grammy.

On the other hand, your pastors promise heaven and earth for tithers and those who give them money. Oyedepo called himself an apostle of prosperity in the land; WHERE IS THE PROSPERITY?

We need to begin holding these men accountable for their words.

You don’t have to be married to be blessed - Daddy Freeze


  1. Hmmmmmmm. But even the Bible promised us weath so as a Christian their is nothing wrong with demanding Wat God has already promised

  2. okay, am not understanding this man again, does it mean God bless people again, abi people who own earthly possession ain’t worshipping God, I serve God and I pray for wealth.

  3. Freeze, we’re tired of hearing his sermon and he should indeed become a billionaire this year for the fact that he doesn’t give his money to any man of God.People and the way they seek relevance

  4. This good for nothing Freezy is an agent of the darkness, he has nothing good to offer and he is busy criticizing those that has to offer.

  5. It is quite hard to believe these preachers these days. To part wt my meagre cash all in the name of tithing, is it the man of God that will feed me later?

  6. Mr Freeze the word of God and things of God are not reasoned with our five senses and understood literally, it takes a deeper understanding of the word of God

  7. everything is tailored towards given God praise. money should not take God place.whether u are rich or poor we would give account one day

  8. All things are Possible with God you can be a billionaire with time God will see us through pray for that he will do it for you

  9. I agree with you Mr Freeze because these days it’s hard to believe who is really called by God to do His works some take it as a child’s play..anyway God will help us all

  10. The guy is not serious,as if he does not spend money, so he is saying we all shud be content with poverty abi?

  11. Thesame Freeze said sometime ago that if you want to be rich do not give pastors your money. Now he is saying he is not a billionaire, where is his money going to since he does not pay tithes? You are teaching babies that do not know absolute absolutee of the word of God.

  12. Neither u so stop saying rubbish gave ur money out to anyone or not if u will become a billionaire u we so stop saying rubbish

  13. I don’t join people who sit and argue about the word of God. I don’t engage in such. All I know is one needs to know the WORD and it shall set you free…

  14. Your not becoming a billionaire does not guarantee you heaven my dear. The best is to ask God for grace.

  15. Its really nice to have an indebt knowledge of the scriptures but at the end of the day we are running an individual race so dont judge

  16. Why will it be hard when even our heavenly father is a money maker and greatest billionaire who made even the street of heaven with a plater of gold. Its all about understanding

  17. Daddy freeze this pastors will deal with you, if you don’t take time. You are spoiling business for them. What do I even know self, minding my business

  18. The bible made us to understand that, we should seek the kingdom of God first other things shall be added unto us. Is only God that can make us wealthy.

  19. he may be right one way or the other,the challenges of the world is quite full of complexities

  20. What would it profit a man to gain all the riches here on earth and end up missing everything

  21. A true preacher of God’s word is familiar with the words that if you seek the kingdom first all other things ( basic necessities) will be added to you. But sadly some are enriching themselves through naive members

  22. ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and every other thing shall be added to you’.be it money or whatever earthly possessions you desire.

  23. If truly you are preaching the right thing then you will know that God promised his children wealth even in the bible

  24. God is everything cause the bible said “seek God first ” and any other things shall be added on to you

  25. Who is he to tell us what to do, not even the pastors can tell us how to live our life. Everything we need as believers is in the bible.

  26. This daddy Freeze really has hidden mission. Must you criticize and talk down on a thing you don’t believe in?. You have to be careful and stop calling pastors name.

  27. Hmmm God has promised us all in abundance. So if you think you won’t be then so be it. As if I care

  28. Well, that his is believe. As long as you are serving the Lord with a faithful heart, why won’t you become a billionaire.

  29. See who is calling himself genue , how do you know you are genue and how do u intend to get rich with your continuing criticism and blasphemy on others

  30. To be rich as a Christian is not a crime in as much you do not crime to make the money ” OUR GOD IS NOT A POOR GOD”

  31. Seek first the kingdom of God and every other things shall be added to it, says the Holy Bible. Although, most pastors live at the expense of their church members which is extremely against the preaching of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  32. It was written..that Christ who was rich became poor that through his poverty we might become Richie’s is part of our inheritance as believers.

  33. Daddy freez should stop this critist . let God judge them Himself. He alone knows those who truly do His will.

  34. What he said is good, because mattew6:33 said we should firstly seek for god kingdom that he we add the remain part to it

  35. I dont really blame this man. Some of the so-called pastors or prophet extort members for money.
    Only God knows those who are serving him

  36. Is your mouth that will make you remain poor
    you are always saying what you are not sure of
    Talk active

  37. where is his money going to since he does not pay tithes? You are teaching babies that do not know absolute absolutee

  38. Sure becoming a billionaire is not something simple try to fulfil your promise in teaching them the truth

  39. Mr Freeze go and re- read your Bible again. You don’t prayed prosperity in your church but you prayes for wisdom. What did Solomon king asked God for? Mr Freeze with wisdom comes riches and etc. But your own na confusion….. Go sleep Joor.

  40. Well let it be unto you according to your believe because is not an abomination if someone pray for wealth, the Bible says that you may prosper even as your soul prospereth so prosperity is not a sin but if you prosper in a wrong way that is when it will became a sin.

  41. Does he mean that God cannot bless his people again he’s a lier With God all things are possible

  42. Lol but prosperity is in the bible . what kind of teacher are you if you don’t pray for God to provide you

  43. God has promise wealth that is why the holy Bible says that he has given us the power to make wealth so why are you scared of demanding for what has been given to you that means you dot know your right.

  44. Pastor I don’t even understand all what you are saying because it sound rubbish in my hear.God blesses everyone according to his riches in shouldnt be here misleading people and even mention a man of God on a point that is not making sense

  45. I can’t be poor because God has promised us and say we should dominate, while will I be poor? Even if devil likes is it of not I will be rich

  46. For you to be alive sound and health you’re a billionaire
    It’s not unroll your account reads tin 6 or 7 zeros.

  47. When we seek first God’s kingdom, all other things will be added. I think he is trying to follow the bible principle

  48. I love this man always he speak the truth but some people won’t know it for him because people like the person that lie

  49. I think that it is said the truth by saying if you want to be a real follower of the gospel, you cannot be reached at the same time

  50. Unbelievable, how could he said that,God made himself poor that we mighty be rich ,so as a preacher or pastor you’re made to be a billionaire because God own everything

  51. Mr. Freeze is gaining popularity since this year. Well Rick or not…its not important…whatnis important is getting food to eat and feed your family

  52. He says the fact…. him being a pastor or gospel preacher shouldn’t mean he should be richer or a billionaire…

  53. Daddy Freeze should leave this pastors that preaches prosperity alone because that’s their own calling. Every preacher has his calling and it works for them and through it, they can become rich or otherwise

  54. Bible say God is the one who give us power to make wealth by blessing the work of our hands.
    Preach what your want to preach and live the pastors that preach prosperity for God to judge.

  55. Every true preacher of God’s word has his or her calling. Let him follow his calling and let the will of God be done in his life.

  56. Who god has blessed he has blessed this shows to the world that a poor man can be rich with his hard work God bless your richmens

  57. This man is confused and I’m sure he needs our prayer and support you only read the bible but you don’t understand it thereof

  58. Daddy Freeze should stop this criticism. The Bible said, judge not for none is righteous before God. He should stop judging and bringing confusion. Only God is worthy of judging us all.

  59. You can’t become one because you despise the gospel despite calling yourself a preacher of the word.

  60. This daddy freeze is a typical unbeliever and that is what he believes and has prophesied it to himself

  61. don’t join people who sit and argue about the word of God. I don’t engage in such. All I know is one needs to know the WORD and it shall set you free…

  62. Run from this heretic teacher—-Jesus promised his disciples prosperity …if they do the needful ..luke 6 vs 38 …what is overflow

  63. Your teachings are okay but what you just said is an act on impersonation. You didn’t have to throw a direct accusation on God’s servant. right?

  64. I pray always that God should give everyone of us wisdom to understand him more. Wealth and prosperity does not determine our salvation either.

  65. I agree with u… It will be very hard for u to become a billionaire because u don’t see the joy in giving to men of God

  66. Your not a billionaire but you have immersed so much wealth and gathered so much material things to yourself. You don’t have to be a billionaire to show actually where you store up treasures

  67. The aim in life is to be comfortable and live a life that impacts others either has a billion, millionaire, thousand aire, Kobo aire. Just impact the word positively. People will forget what you said and do but they will never forget how you impacted their life

  68. Richest and wealth are from God it is the way u place yourself before God that will make him blessed you with wealth

  69. The wisdom you pray us obviously seen in your words
    I love most
    Except a few which I believe in time will build to be better

    Grow in wisdom
    That’s what really matters
    The billionaires will prostrate before a man of wisdom quickly than before co billionaire who represents competition only

  70. True talk many christian preachers in the country forget the True gospel teaching concerntrating only on wealth and properity. Oh Lord continue showing us the light and truth of your wonderful.

  71. I understand Daddy Freeze…since he doesn’t collect tithe, is going to be hard for him to be a billionaire.hahahahahaha.funny man..he is straight forward though.

  72. wonders shall never end…. daddy freeze stop mentioning names… the Bible asked us not to judge…

  73. does it mean God bless people again, abi people who own earthly possession ain’t worshipping God, I serve God and I pray for wealth.

  74. I think freeze has his owns definition about life and I have so much respect for freeze. He said the truth and what’s on his mind

  75. The Bible made me understand that we should seek first the kingdom of heaven and every other thing shall be added. Also the Bible said Bring Your tithes and offerings to the house of God so that there will food in my house.

  76. This is s lf righteousness and more so the Bible says Judge not. Why do you have to judge other pastors?

  77. I totally agree with you daddy freeze. Some people who called themselves men of God are after worldly affairs which is not supposed to be

  78. Thata how best you understand your own Bible sir
    As for me,my God promised me prosperity,wealth and the like


  80. You have always spoken against rich men and most especially pastors. Don’t know exactly what they did to you. How do u expect then to become a billionaire

  81. There is a thin line that seprates true ministries and business ventures, standing on that line are most of our self accliamed men of God..

  82. Your not becoming a billionaire does not guarantee you heaven my dear. The best is to ask God for grace.

  83. For me he will always be a genuine preacher. He is trying to open people’s eyes to the reality of Christianity.

  84. He doesn’t pay tithes but he asks for donations from his members for his online Church. Preacher of the Gospel my foot. Youb are a critic of the Gospel and the accuser of the brethren

  85. I think you have really make good sense sir, I totally agree with you and may God continue to grant you more wisdom.

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