Isaac Success proposes to girlfriend

Super Eagles player Isaac Success proposes to his girlfriend and she said yes.

The Watford FC player took to his Instagram page moments ago to make the announcement in a short video showing him put a ring on her finger.

Isaac Success proposes to girlfriend

In the year 2018, the Nigeria international was caught in a messy web with three call girls in London, a scandal that hurt his image back home, after a sexual escapade went terribly wrong and lead to an arrest, Brila FM reports.

“I just think it was a difficult challenge for me, I was not around the right people to put me in a position to get a solution quickly and come back to my feet again.

“Then I got injured because I wasn’t fit enough, and when I came back from my knee injury I added a bit of weight and that made me more unfit. That slowed me a bit.”

Success acknowledges that a change in attitude has been behind his improvement.

“I had a different mentality then than now. Then I thought talent can do it all because to me I know the talent is there.

“I realised just before the start of this season that talent was not enough, and hard work will always beat talent. So I am more of a professional now.

“It took a lot of time to adapt to the Premier League system, the lifestyle and the professionalism.”

“I had a plan for myself, I set a target for myself this season and I stuck to it with the aid of my boss. I came in two weeks before the pre-season started, and went to Manchester to to do some personal training with my trainer.

“I think that helped me because it made me stronger and by the time pre-season came, I was already fresh and fit so I was able to compete and now I am getting more chances in the Watford team.

“l lost a couple of kilos which has made me fitter and quicker for my team. think I have now become a better person, I have become a better professional and that helped my career a lot.

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