Irish ambassador to Nigeria beats Lagos traffic with speed boat

Irish Ambassador to Nigeria Sean Hoy, who wanted to get to his farewell reception on time, had a speed boat ready to beat Lagos traffic.

Irish ambassador to Nigeria beats Lagos traffic with speed boat lailasnews

Sharing a photo in the speed boat, the Irish Ambassador to Nigeria wrote in Twitter;

To beat the traffic in Lagos, I had to use a speedboat to get to my own farewell reception on time!

Irish ambassador to Nigeria beats Lagos traffic with speed boat lailasnews 1

Born in 1964, Sean Hoy has been Irish Ambassador to Nigeria since 3rd September, 2014. He is  a native of County Fermanagh, attended St Michael’s College, Enniskillen and Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), graduating with Bachelor of Agriculture degree. He earned a master’s degree from the University of East Anglia and later joined the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in 1990.


  1. Seriously we have a lot of traffic in Lagos state especially and is too much it can make you miss your appointed.

  2. Traffic in Lagos is a no go area that why in abroad their method of transportation is good either with cars, boats, or trains any one you can afford to avoid lateness

  3. Traffic in Lagos is a full day story, cos Lagos state alone is the main Nigeria! Well good for him, at least he achieved his goal.

  4. Traffic in lagos can make a pregnant woman who is labour to put to bed inside the car .this is a good measure to beat the traffic .

  5. Woooooooooow that’s good!!!! Honestly Lagos traffic is a thorn in the flesh. It’s an everyday something.

  6. Lagos state government should pay serious attention on water transportation to decongest traffics on their roads

  7. And Lagos traffic can be very frustrating. finding an alternative means to overcome such traffic will always be the best. kudos to the Irish Ambassador.

  8. Lagos traffic these days is so annoying…Thanks to God for motocyclist who are there to help us get to our destinations on time

  9. Lagos traffic is so unbearable is only some one who doesn’t have important something doing can feel relax with it.

  10. Lagos traffic, you can miss important appointments/meetings. Quite funny that he had to get to his destination by a speed boat

  11. Ain’t no traffic like a Lagos traffic…..nice improvisation Sir, desperate times calls for desperate measures

  12. White man don’t carry last when it thinking. They don’t like anything that will consume their time and are well determined and don’t like stress.

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