Iran Deputy Health Minister tests positive to Coronavirus

Iran deputy health minister, Iraj Harirchi, confirmed on Tuesday that he has tested positive for the new coronavirus.

Iran deputy health minister who was seen coughing occasionally while wiping sweat from his brow repeatedly during a news conference in Tehran on Monday with government spokesman Ali Rabiei has now revealed that he tested positive to Coronavirus.

Iran Deputy Governor tests positive to Coronavirus

At the time of the news conference, Iraj Harirchi denied a lawmaker’s claim that 50 people had died from the virus in the Shiite shrine city of Qom, saying he would resign if the number proved accurate.

In a video broadcast on state television, the deputy minister put on a brave face as he admitted he was infected.

“I too have been infected with coronavirus,” Harirchi said in the video apparently shot by himself.

“I had a fever as of last night and my preliminary test was positive around midnight,” he said.

“I’ve isolated myself in a place since. A few minutes ago, I was told that my test was final, and now I am starting medication.

‘Virus does not discriminate’

“I wanted to tell you that… we will definitely be victorious against this virus in the next few weeks,” Harirchi declared.

A prominent Iranian reformist politician, Mahmoud Sadeghi, also announced he had tested positive for the virus.

“My coronavirus test was positive. I send this message but I don’t have much hope of staying alive,” Sadeghi said in a tweet.

Iran confirmed three more deaths and 34 new infections on Tuesday, taking the country’s overall death toll to 15 and infection tally to 95.

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