Work from Home Jobs for Stay-At-Home-Moms

Work from Home Jobs for Stay-At-Home-Moms

Work From Home Jobs Stay-At-Home-Moms can start now

Work from home jobs are important. Being a full-time stay-at-home mom is such an important job but if you are looking to pay off debt or maybe even increase your savings then having some sort of additional income is really helpful.

So today I’m sitting down to share with you four work from home jobs for stay-at-home moms.

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So let’s get right into this post.

The first way that you can make money from home as a stay-at-home mom is to be a virtual assistant which is simply exactly what it sounds – an assistant to someone but you get to do that all remotely from your computer.

Virtual assistants do tasks like responding to emails, scheduling out content or writing social media posts, even answering some customer service type calls or emails and also doing some sorts of calendar scheduling.

I know that there are a lot of different youtubers or bloggers or small business owners out there who love to use virtual assistants to do these kinds of tasks for them and this could be a really great work from home opportunity for someone.

There are a few classes out there that you could find about ways to become a virtual assistant and like i said a lot of small business owners are looking for virtual assistants so it never hurts to send out your resume or services that you can provide to someone and see if they may be looking to hire for a virtual assistant.

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Virtual assistants really help businesses to keep everything organized so this definitely is a field that a lot of people are looking to hire for.

Where to find legit virtual assistant jobs:

Check out this well-detailed article I wrote about landing a virtual assistant job.

Become a freelance writer:

The next work from home job any mom can try out is to become a freelance writer. There are so many blogs and websites out there that are putting out content very regularly and they often use additional freelance writers to be able to keep up on all of that content.

I’ve actually done a little bit of freelance writing work myself and it has been a great way to make money from home if you are skilled in writing and you also know something about a specific niche. This could be a perfect work from home opportunity for you to get started with freelance writing.

You may want to reach out to a few blogs or websites that also fit in with maybe more of a niche of what you are interested in and you can pitch them your writing and see if they’re looking for any sort of freelance writer. There are also additional websites out there that match freelance writers with those looking for freelance writers which could be another great place to start.

Check out this article I wrote on Work from Home Typing Jobs that Pay $55/Hour 

Open an Etsy shop:

Another great work from home opportunity for stay-at-home moms is by opening up
an Etsy shop. I know friends who actually have Etsy shops and make a little over a thousand dollars monthly from their Etsy shops. Some sell downloadable products. If you’re someone who is crafty or artsy, Etsy may be the perfect place for you to sell your handmade goods.

Etsy has a great platform that tracks all of your orders and also payment processing and you can list all of your items for sale on your Etsy platform.

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I feel like I browse Etsy more and more now as a mom as there are like the cutest little like kids puzzles that are made with their names or also like a big name sign with your kids name on it like i’ve definitely bought a few more things off of etsy now that i’m a mom and if you’re someone who is artsy or crafty, check out etsy and see if you can list any of your handmade goods on their platform.

Again, it doesn’t even have to be a physical product, it can also be a downloadable product which is what some friends have on their Etsy shops. This has also been a really great way for them to make some passive income because it is a downloadable product and it’s nothing that they personally need to ship.

If you’re listing your products on Etsy, be sure to have a great description of what the product is and even include some searchable terms and keywords in your description and also be sure to take some really high quality photos of your items to list on your Etsy page.

Become a YouTube/Influencer:

The final work from home opportunity of what i’ll share is mostly what a lot of moms do these days and that is being a YouTuber or influencer if you want to call it that. As a YouTuber and also influencer like on instagram and all the other social media platforms, regularly put out content around a focus that you choose, love and will enjoy being able to share that content online.

For a lot of popular YouTubers, they started out on Youtube as simply a hobby. They like to be able to share videos but over time, it has now grown to something that has actually replaced their day job income and they now get to work from home.

For some mommy YouTubers, they record videos during nap time or like on the weekends when the husband can watch the kids and they are really grateful that they get to provide some sort of income for their families.

It’s worthy to mention that making money from Youtube won’t be instantaneous, it definitely takes some time. Like i said earlier, most popular Youtubers today started making videos for Youtube as a hobby and then they began to make a little bit of money maybe like a couple hundred dollars before it now surpasses their full-time day job income that they had previously. This could be over the course of years so if you need to make money like right away, becoming a YouTuber probably wouldn’t be the best option but if you are interested in starting a hobby that could eventually lead to some supplemental income, then Youtube may be a really fun outlet for you.

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You can start your youtube channel simply with a phone. You can use a camera phone and over time as your channel makes money, you will be able to upgrade your camera equipment and buy yourself a computer.

If you do decide to do youtube or be an influencer, it may be more helpful to find your niche and your topic that you want to talk about and find your community of people who are similar in their topics on their channels and if you can create quality content that people will enjoy then that can lead to greater growth of your youtube channel and making you some money along the way.


So, these are four ways that you can make money from home as a stay-at-home mom. There are so many ways that you can provide some supplemental income for your household as a stay-at-home mom so i hope that this was helpful for you and maybe get some ideas going of how you could make money from home.

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