Tesla Working from Home Jobs Hiring Now – Tesla Virtual Jobs

Tesla Working from Home Jobs Hiring Now - Tesla Virtual Jobs

Tesla working from home jobs in 2022 and how to apply for these Tesla virtual jobs.

In this post, I share with you a list of Tesla working from home jobs that are hiring right now.

So you want to work for Tesla? I’m not surprised. I mean, who wouldn’t? The electric car company Tesla is taking the world by storm. Not only have the share price levels been skyrocketing for Tesla
in the last few months, but also very recently, the company announced that they have surpassed the $1trillion dollar market cap that is with a T.

Yes, it’s unbelievable.

And right now, Tesla is one of the most valuable companies in the world, right after Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon. That’s pretty insane for a company that only went public about 13 years ago.

So if you want to know how to land a Tesla working from home job and if you want to know what are the jobs that Tesla are hiring for right now, then make sure you stick around and read till the end because not only am I going to show you how to find Tesla virtual jobs that Tesla is hiring for at the minute, but also, I’m going to share with you how to apply for these jobs step by step.

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So back to the post.

Let’s get straight into the post – Tesla working from home jobs:

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How to find Work from home jobs at Tesla

First thing you need to do to find Work from home jobs at Tesla is to click HERE –  Tesla dot com.
Make sure you don’t get distracted by all these impressive pictures of their cars on their website 🙂

This link will take you straight to Tesla’s careers page that is pre filtered based on your location.

If you only want to see the jobs that allow you to work remotely or work from home, select remote in the filter options. You will get a chance to see only the jobs that are allowed for remote working or working from home.

And as you will see, there are many work from home jobs at Tesla hiring now across the different departments and job types that Tesla have to offer. You also will realise that these remote jobs sometimes require that you are based in a certain location. Sometimes it’s China, sometimes it’s Canada. Sometimes it’s Italy, Korea.

However, as you can see, there are tons and tons and tons of job openings that allow for remote work at Tesla.

Tesla has quite a diverse portfolio and types of work from home jobs that they hire for. The job categories on Tesla career website include charging, construction and facilities, design, energy, solar and storage, engineering, environmental health and safety, external relations or PR, as well as employee experience, finance, H.R. legal, manufacturing, operations , sales and customer support supply chain, as well as vehicle service.

Now, if you want to search for jobs under each category, you can definitely do that and then you’ll see which kinds or types of jobs they have available for each category.

Let’s take for example, the sales and customer support. When you select remote in the search bar, then customer and sales in the Job category section and set blank as location, you will see the jobs open right now with Tesla that allow you to work remotely in Tesla customer support or customer relations or sales department. There is a Tesla advisor role. There is a sales manager role, a virtual store leader and a regional manager. There are pretty diverse opportunities and jobs that are work from home opportunities that you can tap into if you’re interested in working for Tesla.

If we choose not to have remote job opportunities and we take a look at all of the job openings that Tesla is hiring for, there are many, many more across manufacturing, charging, vehicle service, construction and facilities, sales and customer support, engineering and so forth.

So no matter where you are based in the world, definitely take a look. There are very, very diverse options for you with Tesla. And there are really, really a lot of options of work from home job opportunities that Tesla are hiring for right now that you can take a look at.

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Also, there are a lot of opportunities even if you are an intern, there are lots of job openings that Tesla has for internships. Select Intern/Apprentice under Job type and you will see the lots of intern job openings across the different regions and also across of the different departments that Tesla has like the manufacturing, vehicle service, construction, supply chain and so forth.

Even if you are new to the job market and you’re looking for an internship, definitely take a look at Tesla’s website. They have a lot of options for you on there as well.

Work from home jobs you can start at Tesla: What’s the pay like?

Now, if you’re curious about how Tesla pays, we can take a look and see average salaries for Tesla on this website called Comparably. So if you go to Comparably and take a look at Tesla, actually, they say that an average compensation level for Tesla is somewhere around $110,000 per year and that is absolutely a great great salary to look forward to.

And this is on average. There are obviously people there, probably in the leadership teams, in the director and vice president level that are making $250,000 upwards of $300,000 a year as well. Lots of opportunity and pretty good packages with Tesla as well.

Tesla virtual jobs – how to apply:

Now let’s take a look specifically at how to apply for Tesla work from jobs.

And first, we’re going to start with their job portal, their careers website, and then I’m going to show you some other options that you have in case you have some other platforms that you are using where you already have a profile that you want to use so that you can skip the time that you would be required to fill in your details onto Tesla’s website.

  1. So if we start with their career website, first thing to do is pick any job that you want to apply for.
  2. When you land on the page for that job vacancy, what you need to do is go ahead and click APPLY. You can apply for jobs on Tesla with your LinkedIn profile. So, just hit apply.
  3. Since I don’t have an account with Tesla, I’ll go for the quick apply. However, if you already have a candidate profile, you obviously don’t need to do it again. You can just put in your email and password and go ahead and log in.
  4. So obviously when you click apply, Tesla will want to have your contact information, which makes a lot of sense. You need to fill in your name, last name, phone number, email address, your country.
  5. The website will then allow you to upload your resume once you fill in your contact information.
  6. What you need to do is go ahead and fill in your application details for the specific position that you are applying for.
  7. They will ask you next if you’re legally authorized to work in the country you’re applying to, will you now or in the future require immigration sponsorship having previously been employed by Tesla and so forth.
  8. So once you go ahead and fill this in and you give your legal name and acknowledgment of all of this, you can go ahead and save for jobs that are based in the U.S.
  9. They will also ask you to identify yourself. But if you choose not to do that, there is an option there where you can say that you choose not to do it at the moment.
  10. And that’s pretty much it.
  11. You will then go ahead and apply and then they will be entering you into their system and in the recruitment process.
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Now, another way for you to apply to Tesla jobs is on Indeed.
So if you already have an account and a profile on Indeed, you can go ahead and pre-filter for Tesla, and you can use that account to apply to the jobs that are available on. Indeed and actually quite a lot of the work from home jobs that we’ve seen on Tesla portal are also available on Indeed. So there shouldn’t be any issue.

You can just go ahead and use your Indeed profile and apply to Tesla jobs as well.


My hope is that this article about Tesla working from home jobs helps you find that job of your dreams. If you found it helpful, please let me know in the comments.

Which of these jobs or companies interests you so much? Feel free to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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