Mental health insurance – Top tips to support loved ones

Mental health insurance –  we have top tips to support your loved ones.

Millions of people suffer from mental health issues, struggle with some form of behavioral health problem at some point in their lives.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, around 51.5 million people experience mental illness each year in the United States. Even more worrying is that only 45% of those adults received any treatment for their condition in a given year.

Fortunately, there are medical insurance providers who cover the cost of access to private mental health services. Thanks to the 2008 Affordable Care Act, which legislated that insurance providers treat mental and physical illnesses similarly, compliant healthcare policies now encompass mental health insurance as one of the 10 essential healthcare benefits. You can get mental and behavioral healthcare coverage via any health insurance plan.

What can mental health insurance cover?

Mental health insurance can cover a variety of conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and substance abuse. Since 2014 following the Obama administration reform, health insurance plans must cover minimal essential services, including mental health. It’s important to understand all the details of the policy and be aware of any exclusions.

The services you receive will vary by provider, but here are some examples:

  • Private psychologists, counselors and psychiatrists
  • Mental health assessment
  • Access to 24/7 support
  • Bespoke, tailored treatment plan
  • Rehabilitation services such as counseling and cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Online tools
  • Prescription medications
  • Psychotherapy
  • Talk therapy
  • Treatments for substance use

Mental health insurance is usually included in comprehensive health insurance.

If you think you would benefit from emotional support and mental health services, consider various health insurance options. Covered treatments and associated costs can vary widely from plan to plan, so it’s important to review your policy carefully before deciding which coverage option is best for your situation.

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