Infinix Mobility challenges people to express love intelligently and win an exotic dinner date with other lovely gifts


Valentine season is here, the season of love where we take time out of our busy daily schedules, take on the persona of a movie director for a romantic Hollywood blockbuster, become master planners and put together the most artistic way to show affection and care towards our loved ones.

A time where everyone around the world, young and old try to figure out the most intelligent way to express love to their spouse or loved one, share gifts and take them on trips to extravagant locations for fanciful getaways.

In the spirit of Valentine, Africa’s largest intelligent smartphone makers, Infinix Mobility is encouraging everyone whether single, searching, married to express love intelligently towards that one special person in their lives.

To support this course, Infinix Mobility has created a Valentine themed activity called “Infinix Xpress Love 9ja” that challenges people to show affection and in the process, win a romantic dinner – for you & yours – for lucky winners at an exquisite location together with loads of other fascinating gifts.
Here is how to participate in the Infinix Xpress Love 9ja Valentine promo
In the store

STEP 1 – Buy any Infinix device from any Infinix authorised retail store and fill the cut-out card that would be given to you by the store promoters

STEP 2 – Take a picture of the cut-out card and upload on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) with the hashtag #XpressLove9ja

On social media

Upload a picture of your loved one on social media and express love to them in the Naija way (e.g the love wey I get for you @bisilola strong kakaraka) together with the hashtag #XpressLove9ja

The grand prize is a special Valentine dinner for two at an exotic location together with a luxurious Infinix Valentine hamper. This promo lasts from February 3rd till February 13th, 2019.

Infinix Mobility have once again found a feasible means to not only reward consumers for their continued patronage but also give them a platform to express love intelligently.
It’s a win-win situation. Go and participate in the Infinix Xpress Love 9ja promo, be a winner and give bae that special Valentine treat he/she deserves.


  1. Rather than think about Valentine’s day, I have bigger fish to fry. Let’s focus more on the upcoming elections.

  2. This is very fantastic way of giving back to the community from big company, so it was very appreciated

  3. This valentine, can never be sweet it cannot be interesting because no money in hand everybody everybody even though you have the money and you will fall before payment for property there’s no money in hand

  4. Personally for me love should b a love style we shouldn’t have a particular day to show love love is a life style of any believer devil has really use this medium val to destroy lives

  5. Good one however is it only those buying infinix device within this period that can qualify? Why not leave it open this isn’t fair

  6. Yeah, I thank God who spare my life to with ness another session of Love, i gonna rock it to the fullest

  7. No I disagree with people u should have show love this is another tactics of selling ur product.any is not love

  8. Valentine day is for married couples. Be mindful. Only Roman Catholic knows about it. If you are not a RCM and u celebrate it. You are foolish.

  9. We appreciate u people too for having us in your mind for patronizing you people we appreciate and celebrate you people too

  10. Gifting to love ones should be done every time and not limited to a particular time of the year. Such love is hypocritical

  11. By the time i finish buying the phone, i have spent more than what i will spend on my hubby for Valentine. So make i use the infinix money give my boo for life a valentine to remember

  12. Love should be expressed every day and show love to everyone around u and most importantly show love to your country by voting the right person and not sell your vote comes Feb 16. Nice offer though from infinix thanks and congrats to those that are going to win in advance.

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