INFINIX MOBILITY: A brand that imbibes the Nigerian intelligent spirit and resilience but what more can they offer in 2019?

The year 2018 was a memorable one for Infinix as they cemented their place as Africa’s biggest intelligent smartphone makers through a series of product sale campaigns and expertly executed user engagement activities.

INFINITY MOBILITY A brand that imbibes the Nigerian intelligent spirit and resilience but what more can they offer in 2019 lailasnews

In a stiffly competitive market such as the smartphone industry that constantly witnesses a towering influx of new entrants all claiming to have the best products with an undeniable IT factor that would shake up the market in their favour, it has almost become a case of everyone’s talking and the one who makes the most noise automatically becomes the one that amasses a larger consumer base.

So how have Infinix Mobility remained relevant in such a chaotic system?

Upon their into the Nigerian smartphone scene in 2012, Infinix Mobility identified a severe lack within the system and proffered a sustainable solution which was utilising a feedback system to understand the smartphone needs of their target audience and then craft smartphones that embodied a delicate fusion of futuristic technology and fashion to suit the lifestyle of young people.

These smartphones were techy, bold and stylish, had remarkable features and were way more affordable than other smartphones within similar spec categories.

Consistency and satisfying the consumer became the key core focus for Infinix with milestones such as the Infinix Zero being launched in 2015 and then regarded as highest selling online smartphone in Africa selling 150,000 units and the Hot 2 breaking new records also in 2015 by selling 30,000 units sold online in a matter of minutes as it quickly got the attention of smartphone consumers in Nigeria.

Infinix smartphones have always symbolised optimum efficiency and technological acumen. However, the era of the intelligent smartphone was officially ushered in by the launch of the “Beyond Intelligent” Note 5 smartphone in June 2018 that showcased the dexterity of Artificial Intelligence with its A.I camera that can automatically pick the best settings for high quality images with milliseconds.

Every feature on the Note 5 was synchronised with the A.I algorithm which was truly impressive. This paved way to the dawn of Infinix smartphones such as the Note 5 stylus, Hot S3X with a bigger battery, better screen display quality and so much more, hence the tag that has become synonymous with Infinix Mobility today which is Africa’s biggest Intelligent smartphone makers.

Infinix in 2019

Now the year is 2019, the competition has tripled within the smartphone ecosystem, competitors are teasing smartphones with 5G network connectivity, bigger battery, foldable and all screen smartphones etc. It’s now the survival of the most ingenious, could a Zero 6 or maybe a Note 7 surface and silence the critics once more?

Aside a laudable product portfolio, Infinix Mobility has displayed qualities relatable to the average Nigerian which are: resilience, intelligence, self-belief despite numerous hindrances and it would be fun to see how the Intelligent smartphone crooner fares in the midst of more competition in 2019.



  1. Am using my infinite hot phone to type Right now,it is a woow gift from my husband am enjoying this phone to the fullest.

  2. Infinix has created a name for itself. Its a brand that is innovative and rebranding yearl But try to imbibe a friendly price too.

  3. I’m not really an infinix fan but the product is okay, they have made their mark in competitive android market

  4. Indeed I’m impressed with infinix they’ve really don’t wwell last year. Their products is excellent and smart as the name smartphone.

  5. See marketing technique from these people ooo. Me I don’t even have money to buy infinix phone, but I love it and I would get one very soon

  6. Last year was all about them, i hope they add more technology features to make them still be leading this year.

  7. Info mix have tried thier best and lets see how this year will be for the, maybe there would be some suprise in the year

  8. Infinix is the best produce of phone in smartphone among all like tecno itel and other phones..

  9. Though I haven’t used on but the phone is good, the only issue I notice is that their battery aren’t really strong

  10. ,it is a woow gift from my husband am enjoying this phone to the fullest. But I love it and I would get one very soon.

  11. My love for Infinix Product knows no bound. I think they are the best for now from my own opinion.

  12. Infinix are really gud in their products, and they sell them at affordable prices, I hope to get one soon

  13. I received the gift this by December last year, the phone is really good, I am enjoying it like seriously, this is my first time of using infinix.

  14. This people just want to finish our money on phone. We never buy one finish now they are coming with another one.

  15. Well their products are good but they also have their short coming, but I still give credit to them for their great efforts to be at d top.

  16. The product is good as he provide so many options to smart phones users across the country.

  17. Indeed infinix is one of the best and theyve done well for themselves most expecially in 2018,Congrat to infinix

  18. Good one for the company smartphone market is really competitive keep doing the good job you are doing.

  19. Personally, I love infinix products and I think they are doing great. They produce quality affordable products, I wish them more success and better ideas .

  20. Infinix products are very good and I like them. Even with the high competition in telecommunication market, it has made name and good impression. I can’t wait to see what they have to offer in Year 2019

  21. Like seriously? I see all these advancement especially in phones and automobile as daylight robbery of the gullible

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