Indimi family slams Reno Omokri

Following Reno Omokri earlier comment about how the billionaires of the North Eastern part of Nigeria has failed. Reno said it while reacting to Femi Otedola’s donation of N5 billion for the care of unprivileged children in Borno, Adamawa and Katsina state to his daughter’s Dj Cuppy foundation.

Indimi family slams Reno Omokri
Indimi family slams Reno Omokri

Reno asserted that Femi Otedola has put the Northern billionaires to shame, as all they care about is to flaunt their wives and kids in private jets while being surrounded by extreme poverty.

He wrote;

“Femi Otedola ‬has just put the billionaires of the Northeast to shame. Where are the Indimis, the Mai Deribe family and other oil billionaires from the Northeast? Google their names and some of the first pictures you will see are of their children in private jets, marrying Presidents children and displaying obscene wealth while surrounded by extreme poverty.

It took a Good Samaritan stranger to do what natives of the Northeast failed to do! Shame on them and God bless the talakawa that they have refused to look after. #TableShaker‬ #FreeLeahSharibu”

Subsequently, one of many Indimi youngsters, Zara Indimi, has clapped again at him. She took to her Instagram page as she wrote:

Pls take that up with god because your spouse is predestined by god only. For you to put Alhaji MAi Deribe in your mouth 16 years after his death, before Boko Haram came into existence just speaks of your bitterness for the wealthy.

While we are at it can you pls tell us other than being a former presidential aid, what your accomplishments are and what you have done for your own community. We are not ashamed, we are proud of who we are and what we have done.

We are a family that feels for the people around us. We are a family of entrepreneurs that employ. Unlike what you may like people to believe but we all started from the bottom.

Me and my sister started our business with a muffin pan in my kitchen and We built it to what it is today as did all my siblings. Before telling people to google us, you should have googled us. @renoomokri

See their exchange below:

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