Indian holy man who used kiss to treat Covid-19 dies of the disease

An Indian holy man who claimed he could treat and cure COVID-19 with a kiss on people’s hands, has died of the disease after infecting 20 of his followers during the spiritual practice.

According to Times of India, the tantric man, from Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh, would kiss the hands of his devotees and then tell them it would make their problems go away.

Indian holy man uses kiss to treat Covid-19 dies after getting infected

He also claimed that his ‘kiss-cure’ worked on Coronavirus patients even after health authorities warned that the virus can spread through contagious droplets from the mouth or nose.

Health department officials said the man contracted coronavirus himself, testing positive for the killer disease on June 3 and dying just a day later.

When officials began contact tracing, they took 40 swab samples to identify further cases. Surprisingly, twenty of the swabs returned a positive result, including from seven members of the man’s family.

Swab collector Ruchika Chouhan warned people not to believed such dangerous claims, Times of India reported, amid a wave of new infections.

The health administration identified 29 more people involved in similar coronavirus ‘exorcisms’ and has since put them in quarantine.

India has so far seen 298,283 known cases of coronavirus and 8,498 deaths.

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