In-laws instruct wife to stop calling husband’s younger siblings by name

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to write on how a certain wife was instructed by her in-laws to desist from calling her husband’s siblings by their name.

According to some Yoruba traditions, the wife is expected to call every body in her husband’s family, even the younger one’s, by either a special nickname or using the prefix for older people.

In-laws instruct wife to stop calling husband’s younger siblings by name

The social media user who reported the story however mentioned that the wife in concern is not comfortable with the development and there is likely to be a serious mis-understanding in the family.

She wrote:

Yoruba people do the most. Someone I know was called for meeting by her inlaws yesterday and told she needs to stop calling her husband’s younger ones by their names as per start putting brother and Aunty prefixes to their names. I am actually beyond pissed off. In 2019 o.

I think the most annoying thing was how she said they told her that everybody in the family isn’t happy with her because of that. That she is a great person o but that’s the only issue they have with her and that everyone has actually been discussing it and I am like WTF! EYWRN?


Responding to the post, some of her followers wrote:

Her own family would have done the same if she’d been the Man.. Let us forget about being in 2019 or 2020 this is our culture. Moreover it is not compulsory sef to use Bro or Sis for them she can also gave them nick names if she can’t call them bro and sis

*** A big cultural issue with the Yoruba’s especially if married into a big family steeped in the culture. What I will say is “Wisdom is profitable to direct”. Pick your battles.

*** Buhahahahah! Awwww shes like me, trying to please and be nice…nasty people will always be nasty people.i pray her husband has her ears and not theirs then it will be easy…ignore all of them pa! Anyone involved in the drama blocked, next family party eat well at home bfr goin

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