IMSU final year student shot dead by gunmen on her birthday (photos)

A 400 Level Banking and Finance Student of Imo State University (IMSU), was reportedly shot dead by unknown assailants. According to reports, the deceased identified as Miss. Ibeh Kelechi Assumpta a.k.a KC was shot dead on her birthday yesterday.

IMSU final year student shot dead by gunmen on her birthday (photos) Lailasnews

Her family whom she lived with before the untimely death were devastated and heartbroken at the Douglas Owerri scene Wednesday evening where the tragedy occurred over yet to be disclosed the issue.

According to the brother of the late student who confirmed the tragedy;

“She was supposed to graduate this year, someone picked a gun, pointed at her, pulled the trigger, she fell in the pool of her blood”.Confirming the sad news also, the departmental president Cmrd Victor Adiele issued an official statement to Imsu Info-media scope where he expressed bitterness and shock over the sudden demise’.

A friend of the deceased in a lengthy post on wrote;

“I lost a friend and course mate yesterday a final year student of IMO state university (IMSU) studying banking and finance she died yesterday were celebrating her birthday she was shot by stray bullet her name is Kaycee”

Another friend of hers, Sunval Princess Adaeze Valerie took to Facebook to pay a tribute to her, which reads;

Why is this world filled with pain, hurt and tears…

My heart is saddened..

Oh death why? Why? Why?

Baby yesterday was ur birthday, when u posted ur birthday photo shoot, I was so happy I chatted u to wish u happy Birthday.

As usual I said I will call u later which u responded “my sis my busy mama”but failed u…

I can’t believe this, I can’t believe ur happiest day turned out to be ur last day on earth..

I weep because life is filled with injustice and miseries .

U started this year so happily kos it’s ur finals and u couldn’t wait to be a graduate…

I can’t believe am here in tears typing this…

Oh sun sets at dawn.

My love am so sorry for things I didn’t say to u, am sorry I was too busy to call u…

R. I. P Kay Cee ,R. I. p omalicham…

Till we meet in d blossom of our lord where there will be no more pains tears and sorrow…

I can’t believe u were shot just like dat…

God heal our hearts.

Another user, Victor Adiele wrote;

*It’s a black Thursday for entire students of banking and finance* 😰😰😰.

With tears of agony, bitterness, the entire students of *NABAFS* mourn the death of their beloved colleague, course mate, friend, sister *Ibeh Kelechi Assumpta* *(Kay cee)* , a 400 level student, soon to be graduate by August, who was shot dead yesterday *21st March* by unknown..

Yesterday happens to be her 23rd birthday celebration.
So unfortunate she weren’t able to celebrate her day to d end.

*NABAFS* most especially the *400 level students* are bitterly wounded, depressed, melancholy, of d exit of their colleague, friend , seat mate, exam partner, etc..

The memory of our just concluded first semester exams still lingers in my mind as if it were yesterday..

In the book of *Ecclesiastes chapter 3.verse 1-8* made us to understand that to everything under d surface of earth there is time, a time to live, a time to die, a time to love, a time to hate.

We can’t question God Almighty, all we ask of You Lord, *accept and may her soul rest in the blossom of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen*

Our *FATHER* who art in heaven, guide and protect the entire students of *NABAFS* , we pray there shall be *no more death* , the labors of our parents shall not be in vain, our life’s will not be terminated here in *IMSU* ….all these we ask through *JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AMEN* .

With tears of melancholy in our eyes, we wish our own *Kay Cee* a farewell. We will surely miss you, and your deeds will forever remain in our heart.

*Adieu Ibeh Kelechi Assumpta* ..
*RIP Kay cee*

On behalf of the entire students of *NABAFS*.
*Comr.Adiele Victor* .


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