I’m used to being underrated – Efe

Efe who took to Instagram to pen down a post to his critics, has disclosed that he is used to being underrated as it has been part of him from day one.

I’m used to being underrated – Efe lailasnews

However the reality show winner stated that each time he gets underrated, God proves his critics wrong and usually do it in a miraculous way beyond every expectation. He wrote on Instagram;

EFE MONEY is here to stay!! being underrated has been a part of me from day 1, but everytime God proves them wrong & He does it in a miraculous way beyond every expectation. That’s how i got here.. i hope i inspire you to your greatness… NEVER STOP BELIEVING IN YOURSELF… coz i have never stopped…

I’m used to being underrated – Efe lailasnews


  1. Baba is used to bad things . Atleast hype yourself efe. He just said rubbish about being underrated because he already underrated himself

  2. Its a free world people are bound to underrate or look down on you just be yourself picked up each pieces to become a better version at the end they will have n choice than to succumb to your ways

  3. Indeed God has proved your critics wrong by making you to get to the top. Congratulations to you

  4. People must talk so better for him. Live your life to the fullness if you listen to people you won’t go far

  5. Go ahead with your vision,you must believe in yourself, avoid listening to side talks and with God on your side,you will make a headway

  6. People may criticize or underrate u. But once u believe in urself and in God, He will take dem by surprise.

  7. It is left for you to prove yourself and not dwell on the fact that you said people underrate you.work on yourself and give it your best

  8. You just have to be the man you dreamt to to…this is just the starting point…people must critisize..so ibwonder why they cant mind their own business…

  9. More blessing to you. Haters can drink gutter water for your matter.more money in your account.

  10. Bad things will not be my portion.
    Even though am not famous, I still feel important
    Efe, you need to start believing yourself.

  11. Great inspiration. It is not the best idea to underate any man. Also man should believe in himself because GOD has given us enormous capabilities to do exploits.

  12. Efe money, nice words nothing do you. Critics is nothing if you really want to make it in life. IGNORE THE NAY SAYERS and do your thing the best you can.

  13. God pass them my brother trust and believe in yourself and leave them to continue crying and criticising over nothing.

  14. Efe ,you are right because when people underrate you is when God will take over your cases or your plans for you

  15. Everyone has their own opinion about you, but you don’t have to succumb to their criticism, just ignore and live your life.

  16. Efe don’t mins what they are saying, they are not your God, you are already a winner.don’t allow anybody to bring u down

  17. Yes I agreed with you Efe, you should not stop believing on yourself,keep working hard to bring out the best in you

  18. It is normal for people to underrate you. But if you believe on yourself and keep improving yourself it is only a matter of time before they come bowing to you..

  19. When you stop believing in yourself that is the beginning of your planed failure……the more you are underrated is the more you are upratted in life…succeed to keep it going.

  20. Any Man who is not underrated is not a great man. Being use to the underration means you are use to you greatness my bro. Grow in money everyday Efe.

  21. All you have is urself.. Forget the critics and keep pushing. You are a champion to make it these far. Always remember that

  22. You deserve to be underrated because because you don’t behave like a responsible young man. Any responsible young man in your shoe would have invested that 25million naira responsibly.

  23. I seriously expected more from efe…he would have done well had it been he ventured in acting in movies, music not just his thing.

  24. Efe please dont look at what people are saying about you . focus on what keeps ur happiness going thats what matters

  25. It is very important that we believe in ourself no matter How we are underated because believing in oneself with God backing you is what gives you success.

  26. That true, don’t allow what people say pull you down, it’s happen like that because you are way ahead of them… Give thanks to God.

  27. Weldone dear I don’t know the efe buh one thing in dis life is that people must say something bad about you weather u do good or not buh dnt listen to anyone just focus and believe in urself.

  28. Always believe in yourself, not on what people said about u. But what u said about yourself see yourself on top.

  29. Sure bro. God always have a way to prove ur enemies wrong. We are all someone important in life.is just about faith.

  30. Nice one Efe. Its not about what people say about you its about believing in yourself. You pulled through despite the criticism.

  31. Keep moving and shining EFE. It’s their job to criticize but based on logistics, God is proving Himself to be God for you.

  32. Is a good thing you get past people underating you . But, make sure you’re are into what you’re suppose to ne doing

  33. Comment*
    yeah that’s the spirit, don’t let haters and unnecessary rumors pull u down…keep that spirit always high Efe!

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