I’m surprised police declared me wanted for doing skit – Actress Gloria Akhigbe

Nollywood actress, Gloria Akhigbe, who was declared wanted by the police after her comedy skit went viral, has expressed her surprise.

I’m surprised police declared me wanted for doing skit - Actress Gloria Akhigbe lailasnews

The viral skit shows the well-dressed actress removing a bouquet of flower, table water and drinks from the table where she was seated and putting them in her bag. Reacting to the video, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Abayomi Shogunle, declared the actress wanted and offered to pay anyone who could find her an unspecified amount of money as reward.

He wrote on Twitter;

 “Wanted person, Please help me find this Yoruba woman. If your tip leads to her apprehension, I have a cash reward for you.”

Speaking to Saturday Beats, Gloria Akhigbe said;

“I was the one that uploaded the video on my Instagram page. It happened at a burial ceremony that held on the last Saturday of October 2018. I was having a discussion with my friends on how beautifully dressed ladies steal at parties, so I decided to do a skit about the trend.

“Surprisingly, when I woke up the next morning, I received a phone call from a friend who told me that there was a video of me stealing at a party and it had gone viral. My friend sent me the video immediately and I began to laugh when I viewed it because it was obviously a skit.

“In fact, the people that were at the table with me were aware of what was going on. The person that recorded the video was even laughing, so it is not sensible to tag me a thief. I never knew I was such a good actress until the video went viral. People prefer bad news to good news. They have chastised me because of the video and insulted my family.”

Gloria Akhigbe further disclosed that is still shocked that she was declared wanted by the police because of the skit.

“I was surprised when the police officer declared me wanted; I see it as defamation of character. There was no proper investigation or questioning before declaring me wanted.

“I had to address the policeman’s statement for declaring me wanted; I am still waiting for the policeman to come to me. This is the first time something like this is happening to me. I have funny skits that I do regularly.

“Initially, I was not embarrassed because some people who knew me as an actress understood it was just a skit. However, when I saw the negative comments and curses on the Internet, I felt bad,” she said.


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  1. This police people self, they don’t even know what to do in their lives now. People that are supposed be declared wanted are not the one that they want. Now by just watching a skit you are declaring someone wanted.

  2. Hilarious.. Wanted for a skit? There are more pressing issues that needs attention please or could it be that our police officers are so stressed out with work that they needed to ease themselves with some of your skits? Police officers, pressing cases are on the table, let’s get serious.

  3. Imagine nobody knew it was a skit not until its coming from you when the video went viral people tag it with different thing so you nw saying its a skit I hope it clears the air

  4. Funny police…the real thieves are out there…why go after this pretry actress for entertaining us? Nigeria wonder!

  5. I don’t know what the skit was like but it depends on the kind of message(s) the skit was passing at that particular time . We all have to be careful of what we put out there

  6. Chai even I myself I never knew it was a skit so sorry for misunderstanding your skit and taking it as if you really stole at the burial.

  7. She was know as a comedian police should have investigate first before jumping into conclusion to avoid mistake in the Future. What will she be doing with followers and table water.

  8. Nawa for some people self..you can’t just start arresting someone with out a proper investigation now… Na video only you see o..no be say you the there.. Why can’t you ask questions first before you Order for her arrest…

  9. What then is her offence? Police just keep stirring calm waters to sift for big fishes to get fat pay. She probably did nothing wrong please.

  10. By arresting u,The process of investigation will be activated and hence increase it popularity.i have never seen a celebrity without a negative tag or blemish.this one maybe it’s lol

  11. The Nigeria police should be more active doing real jobs. To think that no body reported this matter to them before declaring her wanted is funny.

  12. This police self if it is real theif now they won’t caught the person they declare u wanted on video that u are stealing at party imagine

  13. Nigerian police the one that concerns them like armed robbers attacking your house they won’t come until after they’ve gone they will not do that one is this one that has nothing to do with any crime that is what they are interested in. God help them

  14. I don’t know the work of this our Nigeria police ooooooo. They always do the wrong thing at the wrong time when will they learn sef. I wish is high way robbers Now they will not be able to do anything about it. Na for innocent lady body them for they get power

  15. Nigerian police na wa o….instead of tackling the real criminals, they are on social media declaring someone who made a skit wanted..

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