I’m sexually attracted to younger men – 46-year-old activist Stella Nyanzi

46-year-old Ugandan activist, Stella Nyanzi has disclosed that she prefers being in a relationship with younger men than with older men.

According to her, she’s not a submissive woman and she likes to be in control, adding that s*x is good with younger men.

I’m sexually attracted to younger men – 46-year-old activist Stella Nyanzi

Speaking to The ObserverUg on Monday, September 7, the MP aspirant revealed that she is in a relationship with a younger man who is also running for MP.

“I am in a relationship with a man younger than me. Most of my love relations have been with men younger than me. I love this man dearly but politics is separating us. He belongs to NUP and is initially from FDC too. I think the source of conflict is around his support for the NUP candidate running for the same position as me,”

“My lover is also running for MP; so, I think the intensity of the political season needs him to be loyal to NUP. It’s like I’m competing with his political party and its members, and I am too good for that. We are currently not in a good place. I am not entertaining anyone who is supporting my opponent over me,”

“I love younger men, because I am not a submissive woman who will go around kneeling for this old man and walking on my knees. I like to be the person in control and I have been in control of my life for a very long time. I make my own money… Sex is also very good with younger men.” She added.

Speaking further, Dr. Nyanzi said she loves younger men because she is not submissive and sex with them is great.

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