I’m not a playboy, never had easy life – Kiddwaya

Reality TV star and influencer Terseer Waya, aka Kiddwaya, has opened up on the notion he is a notorious playboy.

He made the revelation while speaking in an interview with the Punch.

I’m not a playboy, never had easy life – Kiddwaya

Read excerpts from the interview below:

What projects are you working on at the moment?

One of the main projects I am working on is the Kiddwaya Foundation. We are working non-stop to make it as impactful as possible. Outside of that, I am generating content with my amazing team. They are quality materials that reflect me, in the areas of my journey and lifestyle. When I am not busy with my brand or the foundation, I am engaged in producing entertainment content.

What are the activities of your foundation, and was it something you started after BBN?

It is something I have always thought of doing. Even when I was in the BBN house, my mind was always on the foundation, in terms of how I can give back (to society) and leave a legacy. I believe every person that has a platform or is from a background that can make a difference should be able to create something that can help other people. I feel we were all put on earth to assist one another. My foundation would help the masses and empower people in Nigeria and Africa. It has always felt like the right thing to do and I feel my life would be incomplete without doing something as big as that foundation.

You are known to be a fitness buff. How do you think fitness can help in terms of tackling mental health issues?

Firstly, being fit makes one confident. We look at our body and it affects us. Someone who was out of shape but later got fit would feel good about themselves and that would subsequently improve their mental health. Mental health has to do with the mind. When one is confident and happy with one’s life, one would think positively because a lot of mental issues come from a negative cognitive process. I recommend using physical activities to help one’s mental health.

While in the BBN house, you cooked a lot. How did you become a great cook?

I have always enjoyed cooking. I usually watch cooking shows and I have always being curious of different ingredients. Also, I have always been very experimental. Even in Chemistry class in school, I would mix different chemicals. My mum knew I loved cooking and always tried new things. I also attended a cooking school and I applied the skills I learnt.

What is your favourite food?

My favourite food is beef burger and probably, chicken and chips. In recent times, I have this new obsession of eating ‘swallow’ and soup, especially when I have a hangover.

Rich kids are usually perceived as brats but you seem to be well behaved. How did your upbringing shape you into the man you are?

I went to boarding school at the age of six, so I had confidence and independence from an early age. Imagine being alone with people of different nationalities for years. I learnt about different cultures and how different people act. My environment shaped me into who I am. And, whenever I went home for holidays, my parents instilled a certain level of discipline in me, which kept me focused. My experience in the boarding house made me humble and understand people. I never look down on anyone.

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