I’m no longer surprised when those who earn next to nothing allegedly buy cars – Richard Mofe-Damijo

Richard Mofe-Damijo who shared a new year post on his Instagram page, stated that he is no longer surprised when those who earn next to nothing allegedly buy cars.

I’m no longer surprised when those who earn next to nothing allegedly buy cars - Richard Mofe-Damijo lailasnews

According to the veteran actor, he never believed the principle of faking it till you make it because it is a faulty principle that often puts people in trouble. Richard Mofe-Damijo who challenged his followers to “FAITH IT TILL YOU MAKE IT”, added that it is a principle that has worked for him.

Read his post below;

I’m no longer surprised when people who earn next to nothing allegedly buy multi million dollar cars and homes, after all the catch phrase is “FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT” but the question is, is faking it a guarantee to making it? Absolutely not. I have never believed the principle of faking it till you make it because it is a faulty principle that often puts people in trouble so I want to share a principle that has worked for me, which is the principle of FAITH and utter total trust in God’s word. The principle that is sure to not only produce results but produce results that are long lasting not the fleeting fame and fortune that comes with FAKING IT. So welcome to 2019 and instead of faking it again this year, I dare you to “FAITH IT TILL YOU MAKE IT” Happy new year again people. One Love!

I’m no longer surprised when those who earn next to nothing allegedly buy cars - Richard Mofe-Damijo lailasnews 1


  1. I wish our young Nigerians can hear and learn from this post.you will get there when the time is right.

  2. Wow. Faith it till you make it. I think I’m adding this to one of the principles I’ll imbibe this year.

  3. Fake it till you make it, puts a person in the spot that you remain where you are….even your helpers of destiny will not be able to notice you….i buy your philosophy Sir, faith it, till you make it. Happy new year sir!!!

  4. I agree with you sir, it’s not just about faking it but it’s also about having faith. Faith also go with works, good advice for this new year.

  5. He’s right, if we could remember some actors that had died with nothing in their closet, you will understand

  6. you’re absolutely right. it has become norm in our soceity to celebrate those who made it by faking it. people should apply faith if they genuinely want to make it.

  7. The word fake it itself would never let you make it, people who tend to live fake lives are mostly dupes and like he says most end up in trouble. People help those in need most times and if you show that you have it already then there is nothing to help you with.

  8. That’s true. Faking it till you make it normally put them in problem because they will device all means whether good or bad to show really that they have made it.

  9. With no iota of doubt, fake life is a very bad state; and elude the actually sense of focus.
    And will keep you in mediocrity till the day you chose to make a change

  10. Richard Mofe-Damijo lead and I follow. It is FAITH IT TILL YOU MAKE IT not FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT.
    2019 is here, be real!

  11. He spoke so well.These days, it’s the gram before anything else.Anything for the gram.one day, their eyes go clear

  12. You are making sense
    Instead of them to use the money to help the poor they will be spending unnecessary

  13. U just wake up one morning nd u see dat d poor guy u knw ystrday bought a brand new car, now using an iPhone X, may God provide 4 us all

  14. Really you think most people but cars cause they want to show off, some just had to get it to do business and other to cover a very long distance

  15. Fake life is expensive, I wonder how people cope with such a life. I don’t show what I don’t have or can’t afford.

  16. just imagine people living false lives thinking that it will eventually lead them to a good destination

  17. The God way is sure very sure but Alot of people don’t go throught that but it is the best

  18. Some people may fake it and it will work for them. Everybody has what works for them. But sometimes you don’t necessarily have to fake it.

  19. It’s a twisted belief where people judge success by material things. That’s what leads them to doing anything

  20. Correct, my overall best Bollywood actor, the one I can love less after my husband, God bless you real good for this advice.

  21. I just believe one way or the other, money must be made to survive, faith works only when you are on the right channel, may God bless us all

  22. Really living a fake life is not a guarantee that you will make it, what i:you don’t? Thank you sir for the words of wisdom.

  23. Wow what a lovely piece from you Sir this is so inspiring lord let my faith in you be strong so I can make it with your help alone

  24. Comparing people’s lives to plan or live ours is the wrong move a man should do. Be prudence and have focus. Joy will come unplanned

  25. Yeah, there are lots of ways people make money nowadays from ungodly sources most at times.

  26. Hmmm u don’t need to get worried over this when its time for one to shine surely no man can dare stop it


    Well the world is for radical people now.. You fight for what you want in any ways.

    I appreciate… FAITH IT TILL YOU MAKE IT”

  28. I key in into that belief RMD.. I will continue to faith it till I make it as I have always been doing.. God answers all

  29. I love your principle sir but what you did not understand is that in this world today the word faith is of no use,, if you don’t fake life you are on your own,if you go with faith you will keep waiting and crying while those that fake it keep making it,well you just made a write up for new year

  30. Thank you sir.. this is a very encouraging word.. Faith it till you miss it is my motto this year

  31. I wonder where they get the money self in this time where the country economic is very poor

  32. How can one fake it till it comes? More you are more real than I thought, even as you faith it, keep working hard till it comes.

  33. True talk sir, people should learn to stop living a fake life in order to impress people. Many people even borrow money to buy car just to show off. People should learn in this 2019.

  34. Don’t fake it, live a real life and see how things will work out gradually. It might take a while but you will surely be successful at the end of the tunnel. Happy new year to you

  35. Most of them r carrying drugs…u can’t fake it n make it in life that’s not possible…nice advice sir

  36. Wow, nice words of encouragement, Faith it till you make it. By his grace we will all make it this year.

  37. When we have faith in God everything will be alright, some of our guys that buy multi millions naira without doing something intangible know how they do it, some are ritualists while some are armed robbers. May God help us

  38. I buy into RMD ideology… You really have to faith it till you make it because too many fake and gullible people with their fake lifestyles here and there revolving around the four-walls of social media just to give fake impression and put innocent people in a state of delima. They better change their spectations of fake life this year and cut their yards according to their sizes.

  39. Some people can Fake their life, taking their self where God did not take them
    Why can’t you wait for God’s time
    I believe God time is the best.

  40. The social media has made it easy for such folks, they pose by their boss’s cars upload and claim it to be theirs. I agree with RMD, Faith is the principle that works.

  41. Nice words RMD. No matter how long you fake your standard, one day the truth about your real identity will surface

  42. Faking it till you make it doesn’t work out be real and let’s the world knows who truly you are.

  43. I think I agree with him.when you are patient and wait for your time with hardworking, you will surely make it

  44. Only people that work very hard to make their money feet talk this way, wherever they get their money from all the best for them

  45. Hmm the rate of that in the country is alarming
    Only God knows the source of their income
    Cus it’s becoming rapand this days.. Doing nothing and earning big

  46. That is none of your business okay Mr man. If you buys your own car it’s nobodys business too. Just people happy new year and end it there.. Thank you.

  47. If u believe in yourself and put trust in God you definitely gonna make it out there someday

  48. He is totally correct.. People are no longer living base on principles.. especially principles that promotes the ethics of life.

  49. Faking it till you make it is trash,I support Richard there.sometimes people fake it and they get their selves in trouble.Be yourself till you make it.

  50. Yes, this is the New Year message for yahoo boys and lazy Nigerian youth (lol) that instead of “Fake it till you make it” you better “FAITH IT TILL YOU MAKE IT” to last long with you

  51. How do you know those who earn next to nothing have you gone to their bank to ask for their statement of account

  52. You need to fake it before making it, work hard, remain focus and prayer makes things possible

  53. Why live a fake life where you could’ve just made it in one peace, help the society and live your dream life. Hang your hands where you know you can’t stay for long just because you want to show off

  54. am re quoting him
    FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT” but the question is, is faking it a guarantee to making it…
    powerful words there.

  55. I’m 100% in support of what the man said. And I’m sure I’m gonna stand on my faith till I make it.

  56. fake it till you make it… Really love the statement… But is faking it a guarantee of making it

  57. This is good news,Richard is awesome, faith it till you make it,nice speech,2019 is our year to make it,this is good news

  58. god is seeing them and he will make them get caught one day they should go and hustle and make make legit money as others are doing.

  59. Priority has been placed on MAKING MONEY and not HOW it is made. The social media and celebrities inundate us with the idea of GET RICH QUICK OR DIE TRYING and the gullibles are really falling for it and allowing themselves to used to deceive others too

  60. RMD on this one….Thanks for this and I hope that this will change a lot of people’s view on being rich

  61. Waooo, this is so inspiring, I am torch by this, I hope all this lazy Nigeria youth will get to work with this words of encouragement. I love you RMD

  62. What a splendid way to pass message to those who fake it till they make it. There’s nothing as being faithful and believe in God for His blessings.

  63. Yes Oh!!! Faith it till you make it! This is totally me this year, God’s willing. Thanks RMD for this message.

  64. Yes ooo.. I love this one… “Faith it till you make it”.. Well said RMD.. There is nothing like having full faith in God..

  65. Cut ur coat according to your cloth,be who u are nd not to pretend what u are not……don’t live to impress but express

  66. That is why they always goes into depression later, those that are faking it because people will think that they are making it and will not want to help them.

  67. That is the purest truth…. People with no means of livelihood living above their means

  68. Ye sir, i agree with you. Blessing and every other good thing comes from above. It takes faith in God, to achieve.

  69. There is actually sense in what he’s saying, let keep out hopes to God and faith it till we make it.

  70. Wow i loveal that statement faith it until you become it. Thank you RMD for that God bless you. Happy new year to you.

  71. My brother you re so right what people do to make money this days just to showw off, they cars the houses the extravagant lifestyle

  72. I totally agree with him on this one.. When you wait on God and don’t hate others progress, your turn will come

  73. Very true, some people fake their live style to much , let them have faith and also hard work they will get there.

  74. We don’t work by site but by faith, why fake what you don’t have and put other people in panic mode and desperate mode

  75. Wait for God , work hard and pray hard…. legit is the way.Say No to religious yahooboys

  76. Faking it till you make it isn’t biblical and legit but Faithing it till u make it is very biblical and awesomely rewarding.

  77. Nice challenge I wish they would buy the idea cos almost everybody in the country is faking everything they have only few faith it may 2019 be a better year for all of us Amen

  78. True words of wisdom and encouragement from the veteran actor, i believe in the unlimited power of faith, having faith in God works wonders as long as you put your work right and do according to God’s plan, Happy New Year sir, stay refreshed

  79. Exactly sir. You have said it all…most persons buy cars when they don’t even have food to chop.

  80. Good advise by the great actor and a word of wisdom too. For all the people that live a fake life, make a new resolution and live for real and trust in God. Stop being what you are not. The high rate of how people live a fake life is alarming and it contributes to a lot of crimes this days. People believing you are real and try to be like you by all means not knowing you are fake. Let this be a word of encouragement too and attitude to work hard this year.

  81. This is a very nice write up. I believe in faith and waiting upon God’s time. Acting fake doesn’t pay

  82. I really like his statement which says faith it until u make it it is really working for me too,
    Cause people making too soon and quick the source might not be genuine

  83. RMD Talking from fact..nothing like faking it..leki people take note fake ass boys and gilrs everywhere..be real and have faith in God with focus and target sure you will get there..dont fake it work towards it to make it reality it might take time…RMD you are supported

  84. Just follow what ever way you want to follow in life to make it… Only God can make you successfull in life, it doesn’t matter if you are hardworking or lazy… For a ritualist to perform rituals successfully then he/she is destined to be successful in life because there are some people who tried thesame but in the process run mad some even die in the process.

  85. When u earn legally .
    U won’t be pressurised .
    Making it is just by the grace of God
    We shall make it.

  86. Fake it till you make it is like stealing in order to make it. It doesn’t work at all and Richard is right to say faith it till you make it.

  87. Tell them, I don’t know why people like living a fake life just to impress people and that is what leads to different kinds of crimes in the society today

  88. We all have different directions and destinations and as such no need for the fake till you make it principle

  89. I love this message,y faking it? the principle that works most is faithing it till you make it.that is the power in faith .when you have faith that you will get there,you will surely do

  90. Hmmm I draw wisdom from his words , I don’t understand why people enjoy living in pretence which is more expensive to keep up with than living a simple life style ,I don’t know when will people start understanding that they don’t owe anybody anything for not buy multi millionaire cars and the rest.

  91. Nice advice. The just shall live by faith. You don’t have to live a fake life before you make it. Let people know you for who you are

  92. Faith it
    Till you make it
    Sounds more like the correct principle
    I can’t agree with RMD any less

  93. Wow.. Nice write up.. Faith it till u make it…. It doesn’t matte where others make their money and how fast at your own time u will make it

  94. Yes, with absolute faith you can make it
    So faith it till you make it, No need living fake lives that will eventually lead you to problem.

  95. OGA do not be surprised, many things are happening, people fake riches, people do a lot of things so to go on car, the only thing is to be self content and mind your own business.

  96. You can decive some people all times, u can decive every body sometimes but u can’t deceive everybody at all times, that u are fooling urself by leaving a fake like.

  97. Living in a fake life is just like living in an empty vacuum. May God help us to live a real life no matter how hard it is.

  98. I think you are making a point here..but I cant judge anybody it’s left for them and God…

  99. Richard Mofe-Damijo is right to say FAITH IT TILL YOU MAKE IT is far better than fake it till you make it. This is a tested and proven principle.

  100. I love your advice sir, many of this fake life celebrities has tempt our youth into prostitution and robbery.

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