“I committed myself to virginity until marriage” – 24 year-old lady declares

A lady has taken to Twitter to announce that she’s keeping her virginity until she gets married.

The Twitter lady @renaissancezoe says she’s a 24-year-old lady and is committed to keep her virginity because of her religious beliefs.

She also advised and encouraged her fellow virgins to stay strong and not to let society to shame them for being virgins.

“I’m 24, and I committed myself to virginity until marriage. No one told me to, I was and still am at an environment where it is extremely rare and unconventional.

“I hold on strongly to my religious beliefs.To girls like me out there: stay strong, don’t let society shame you.” She tweeted.

She also revealed that it’s extremely hard as a lady to be a virgin because of manipulative men who are ready to lie to get their way.

“Sometimes it will be extremely hard. Some guys will just do everything, from lying to manipulating to get you. Some girls will just laugh at you.

But it is all worth it because you love and respect yourself.” She added.


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