I’ll take Nigeria to the next level, President Buhari promises

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The Commander in chief of the armed forces and the President of Nigeria, President Buhari has made a promise that to take the country to the next level.

He made this statement on Thursday at the induction of the Nigerian Air Force’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Tsaigumi, in Kaduna.

I’ll take Nigeria to the next level, President Buhari promises Lailasnews 1

These remark from the president are coming at a time when the country is passing through a serious economic turbulence.

A copy of his speech was made available to journalists by the Presidency’s media office.

The President said his administration was determined to overcome all challenges militating against the country’s security and development.

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He therefore appealed to all Nigerians to support his administration to achieve its objective. As it is only through the cooperation of the citizens of the country that the government can achieve great things.

President Buhari said,

“Let me again reiterate our commitment and firm resolve to take this nation to the next level.

“We remain determined to overcome all challenges to our security and development as a nation.

“I enjoin all well-meaning Nigerians to join hands with us to make our collective dreams of greatness a reality.”

The President said his government was committed to delivering the much-needed change that would make the difference in the nation.

“Government remains determined, despite numerous challenges to bring about the much-needed change that will lift our beloved nation to its rightful place as a major economic and political force on the world stage,”he added. 

The president also disclosed that part of government’s drive to achieve the goal is to enable enterprise and the improvement of the quality of life through massive improvement of national infrastructure.

Nobody will unseat me - President Buhari

President Buhari said as he outlined in his New Year Day broadcast to the nation, the present administration has designed a series of key projects to dramatically overhaul national infrastructure and overcome the deficit in that vital area.


  1. Chei !! Next level ? Plz we are ok with this level and tenure !! . Whn you said change, you were Not specific and it turned out this way . Now you are talking about next level. Hmmm it sounds like ” from fry pan to fire” to me

  2. I wish PMB can just follow the trend and resign just Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemarian and South African formal president -Zuma. Those in favour of my say yeah, those against say Nil

  3. OMG, another level again than the current one? that means na hell fire, fuel will be 500 naira a litter while $ will be 800

  4. Please sir, this level we re in currently is OK for us. U promised us change and indeed a lot of things av changed in Nigeria. Thank u sir for the “change”

  5. Pls we beg PMB, the only level required of u is Resignation level, like other ur fellow analogue brain in South Africa, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe president did, I beg u the spirit of great Fulani emperor and ancestors take talk about 2019.Am not against ur party but not u represent APC plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t contest in 2019 election.
    The change brought is enough, u promised now after shopping we no dey get change in our pockets
    Now is Next level, ds now go level our pocket to zero, no shopping. E don do as we no dey see change, better pass say we no see money for shopping

  6. It will shock everyone that no amount of critics will or can change the fact that Buhari will emerge as d winner come 2019 so lemme Kukuma abuse him
    Our voice is not being heard so let’s just pray for God’s intervention he is just thinking of next level wen his 4yrs is up already…..the preceding campaign was captioned change we indeed saw change nw it is next level??? I wonder wat will happen

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