‘I’ll resign if anybody can prove God exists’ – President Duterte

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President Rodrigo Duterte who has had faceoffs with the church and recently sparked outrage for calling God stupid, has announced that he will resign if anyone proves that God exists in his largely Roman Catholic country.

'I’ll resign if anybody can prove God exists' - President Duterte lailasnews

The Philippines President who questioned some of the basic tenets of the Catholic faith, including the concept of original sin, which he said taints even innocent infants and can only be removed through baptism in a church for a fee, asked in a speech at the opening of a science and technology event in southern Davao city;

“Where is the logic of God there?”

73-year-old Duterte who suggested that there must be a God or a supreme being that prevents billions of stars and celestial bodies from colliding in a frequency that could have long threatened the human race, said that if there’s “one single witness” who can prove, perhaps with a picture or a selfie that a human was “able to talk and to see God,” he will immediately resign.

“By the way, I believe in one Supreme God. I never said I do not believe in God. I am not agnostic. I am not an atheist. I just happen to be a human being believing there is a universal mind somewhere which controls the universe,” he said.

“So I do not believe in God? Yes, of course there is God,” he added.

“Bring me one person, just one, who would say, ‘Mayor, those silly guys from the Church told me to go to heaven and talk to God. There is really God. Here, we have a picture, I bought a selfie’,” he said in Filipino.

“You do that today, one single witness that there is a guy, a human being who was able to talk to see God,” he added. “Of the so many billions who had been on here [on earth], I just need one. And if there is one, ladies and gentlemen, I will announce my resignation immediately.”

The President also refuted the concept of original sin, which according to the Bible came when Adam and Eve were banished from Eden for disobeying God.

“So where is the logic of God there? You create the perfect thing and then spoil it with a snake and an apple and you give us a sin that we never agreed to commit and that is the original sin,” he said.

President Duterte also attacked the Church for collecting funds from the people to “maintain the palaces and the luxurious things that the rest of humanity do not have.”


  1. And no body has come out to prove him wrong. it is their on the internet,the world had him let some one prove him wrong.if no body to do that then some thing is wrong some where and some day that wrong will be corrected. It all about knowledge…… Lol

  2. Don’t blame him. It’s logical to feel so cause those that claim to worship & promote Gods ways are worse than those that don’t. ..From high immorality to fleecing of congregations by both orthodox & non orthodox sects. All in the name of the Almighty God wars have been fought for human greed

  3. Comment
    God will manifest himself to him, as God manifest Himself to king Pharaoh the Rameses ii, since then all his generation s could not dare God again.

  4. The president is not stupid as many are claiming here. Many priests misinterpret the Bible or other Holy Books thus making God a mystery. Take for instance the Trinity doctrine , how can God be three and he’s still one God?

  5. You Nigerians are stupid over God and religion and that’s why Nigeria is a mess full of indolent people whose wickedness to each other knows no bounds! What did president Duterte say that is not sensible, reasonable, and sound in logic? Where is the evidence of God and don’t the stories in the bible and koran sound stupid to you all?
    If the stories of Adam (who never existed) and Eve, the birth and death of Jesus Christ, Moses (who never existed) and the crossing of the Red Sea make sense to you, then you have an IQ of 5, which is why Africa is more backward than the other continents who respect science over religion.

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