I’ll release more damaging evidence if you try me – Sandra to Ubi

Sandra Iheuwa has threatened to release more damaging evidence against Ubi Franklin if he continue to throw shots at her.

Sandra is allegedly expecting Ubi Franklin’s 4th baby, and she took to social media to warn the music executive if he doesn’t keep quiet.

I'll release more damaging evidence if you try me - Sandra to Ubi lailasnews
I’ll release more damaging evidence if you try me – Sandra to Ubi

While responding to the allegation against him, Ubi had posted a cryptic post saying it is better to be silent sometimes as it doesn’t necessarily means one is guilty of whatever charges leveled against one.

This of course didn’t go well with Sandra who is even claiming Ubi owes her money to the tune of N4 million and she has been bent on receiving her money.

She then said she has damaging evidences again Ubi and it will be in his best interest to keep quiet

In the process of telling the world she is carrying Ubi’s baby, she was tagged a gold digger by some people and even accused of being desperate to marry him.

But while addressing the issue, Sandra stated that she only offered to help Ubi because she saw the potential in him and that it was in her nature to offer a lending hand whenever she can.

She had written then:

When you start treating people they way they treat you and you no longer give a fuck they start to play the victim……..they make up stories and lies to feed their ego. When you tried so many times to create room for peace but you are constantly pushed to the wall especially when you are dealing with a narcissist that don’t care about anything else but themselves and most importantly their public image they will go to any length to save it especially with bible and motivational quotes. .
My kindness was definitely taken for weakness but I’m stronger than ever. In this part of the world helping someone of the opposite sex will turn it into “oh she must be desperate for marriage”, “oh she was trying to buy him with her money”. Y’all know me and my giving nature I give and never expect anything in return. If I see prospects in you and want to willing invest i do it because I see potentials it is called support and I feel like if you were in same position as me you would do the same. That is my mindset.
Some of y’all have no idea what I went through behind the scene especially from November 2018 (when I found out I was pregnant) till March 1st 2019 (A day I will never forget in my entire life) To the extent I was in the hospital for days (stroll down my page) I documented everything to tell my story soon because no good woman in my position who loves to help people, create jobs and get girls off the street by employing and accommodating them should never go through what I went through PERIOD!!!! Between God and Man. I will tell my story after I give birth in a few weeks. I didnt plan this for myself it was never in my plan but like they say “when we make plans God laughs”.
I have a totally different mindset right now and have become STRONGER than EVER. I am free and I’m happy to move on with my life as there isn’t any greater thing in this world than PEACE OF MIND…..but before I move on I will definitely collect what’s mine and go through any legal process before and after I give birth even if I need to involve the U.S officials I will. I am a FIGHTER and a WARRIOR after this no man born of a woman will come into my life to try and mess it up.

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