I’ll never sleep with my students, I’m a gentleman – Prof. Gyampo (Video)

University of Ghana lecturer, Professor Ransford Gyampo of the Political Science department has refuted claims that he sleeps with vulnerable female students in exchange for grades in the school.

Speaking in an interview with Citi FM, on Monday, he said he has never had any sexual encounter with his student(s) because he upholds his integrity as a gentleman.

I’ll never sleep with my student, I’m a gentleman – Prof. Gyampo

Professor Gyampo added that there has not been any instance where students have officially complained to management about him sexually harassing them ever since he started teaching as a profession 14 years ago.

In the interview, he said

“I have taught for 14 years. Not a single report or formal complaint of sexual harassment or sex for grade has been launched against me.”

The lecturer continued that:

“I am committed to doing what I know how to do best and tell the politicians who are behind this that these things haven’t worried me at all.”

Professor Gyampo believes that the dent on his image has the backings of some politicians who want to bring him down in life.

The political science lecturer was one of two Ghanaian lecturers in Ghana captured on camera in the recent sex for grades scandal documented by BBC Africa Eye.


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  1. What do we expect when the female students go about tempting the lecturers to do things outside the norms. They will never read believing that anything can go.

    See most of them loitering around night clubs every where. What time will most of them have to read, understand and pass their examinations.

    The lecturers should be wise enough and face this challenge squarely because most of them will be on their way out of school or be more serious with studies.

    This development will further sanitize the system and raise the bar of academic excellence in our various institutions.

    Lecturers be careful in order to withstand the temptation of the woman as it was in the garden of Eden. Never your fault but that of nature.

  2. Here we go again , so women should be blamed again for the lack of self control from an egoistic sex maniacs , in developing nations there are code of conducts for these things, and of course when. Justice is served they do not even ask the victims these annoying question , they just sack you and there are even charges, if the ladies are not reading, let the sex maniac give them what they deserve to force them to become serious or quit, rather than stoop so low to demand for sex , you clearly didn’t watch the video, some lecturers deliberately give lower scores just to get the attention of the female student.

  3. Serves the lecturers right. They have no justification for their evil acts. If female students are not serious, exchanging sex for high grades is not the solution. The effect is more on the society that will absorb the ill-baked graduates. However, there are also lecturers who will even fail those that are up and doing so as to attract them and prey on them. There are lecturers that will hide the scripts of brilliant students and allege they didn’t sit for their examinations. One more area that needs to be looked into is “money for grade” and “materials for grade”.

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