Ihuoma Nnadi-Emenike narrates her experience with R.Kelly

Ex-beauty queen, Ihuoma Nnadi-Emenike, has narrated her experience with U.S singer and R&B legend R.Kelly when she was 16 years old.

Ihuoma Nnadi-Emenike narrates her experience with R.Kelly lailasnews

According to Ihuoma, the singer spotted her at a retail store in South Africa some years back when she was 16.

She said he stopped to talk to her, though her boss cut the conversation short.

She revealed that she was angry at her boss for cutting the conversation.

The mother of one says watching the ‘Surviving R.Kelly’ docu-series reminded her of the event, prompting her to assume R.Kelly prefers being with underage girls.

Multiple women have come out to accuse the R&B legend R.Kelly of sexual misconduct but he has repeatedly denied those allegations.


  1. Thank God your boss prevented you from going on with the conversation. I think R Kelly should come out clean and clear his name.

  2. He might just like to hang out with teenagers. And not to harass them sexually. God knows everything hidden

  3. If he is really guilty of this crimes, one thing I want you to know is that he is not forcing them to it. They want it that is why they accepted so they should stop accusing him for that

  4. well you didn’t say what you guys discussed, but I don’t think discussion is a sexual harassment.

  5. These R kelly issue is becoming more famous than any news even insecurity in Nigeria. we are watching and waiting to see the end.

  6. Same thing was done to MJ and everyone knows it’s just fabrication. Now, it is Kelly’s turn. How sad

  7. Thank you your boss had to cut u out of that conversation if not…. I wonder. So why explain now.

  8. There’s nothing wrong with him. Some men just find underage girls sexually appealing….. If not for yhur boss back then, yhu might also be a victim

  9. Wen issues like this occurs, different people would want to come out to show they know something about the artist. Well, am not surprised

  10. This is confusing. But how can multiple women come out to testify against him without finding any touch of truth

  11. If R-Kelly hasn’t done what he is been accused of then he should stand his ground no matter how long this accusations continues. This will teach some other celebrities a lesson because just little thing can just destroy all you have worked for a long time

  12. This is getting seriously serious as many celebrities pumping up with same story line. Hope R.Kelly is not in soup for this.

  13. lol Catch them young who knows that phrase ? r kelly is entitled to have his own way of liking someone

  14. The fact that he stopped you to talk to you when you were 16 doesn’t mean you know what he had in mind to do. Don’t start concluding

  15. Ihuoma or what is your name, must you add salt to injury? Thank God your boss didn’t allow you to further the conversation maybe you would have ended up like the others. So, your info. Is not relevant in this matter.


  17. Most of those ladies wanted to have a bit in his cake and they are here claiming he sexually abused them. When you wanted to be seen as his babe then, no one knew

  18. Now everyone is coming out against R Kelly, this guy just seems to have offended the wrong person

  19. I watched it too, I think he needs serious medical attention before it gets out of hand,he needs help

  20. It’s possible he prefers underage girls so that he can easily take advantage of them and have his way.She was just lucky she didn’t fall a victim when they met at South Africa

  21. Let her be counsel well. They could be assisted if they are willing to come back. Marriahe is not bed of roses

  22. R& B singer is in money so why are you people disturbing him, he believe underage are fresh and he can easily control them unlike the women.

  23. The matter should be properly investigated.. many ppl can not be telling lies against one person .May God expose the real truth about this allegation against R Kelly.

  24. Enough of all this talks. When all these things were happening, did any of you reveal them, so why now

  25. No matter how long it takes the truth will surely prevail. If he is innocent, it’s only a matter of time he will be cleared of all charges; but if he is guilty he should be made to face the law and justice served.

  26. R,kelly should com out and tell us what is happening as these women is saying things that can probe him for life.

  27. It’s funny things like this keeps happening to black artists and rarely happens with the white folks. Same in sports but if he’s really guilty, he should be helped and not dragged through the mud. After all he is still a legend and has given a lot.

  28. What dis r-kellys did is too bad, infact dey must do proper investigation about the matter and jail him

  29. If she conclude that R Kelly prefer to be with young girls because he stopped her when she was 16, her instincts might not be what she think it is about R Kelly

  30. You said the conversation was cut short but you didn’t mention what it was about. If he prefers underaged girls that’s his choice. It’s now left for the underaged girls to choose what they want. It’s not by force. That does not make the allegations true.

  31. so stopping to talk to you made him a pedophile, did he say anything sexual to you? Please stop twisting issues

  32. Allegations remain mere allegations, anybody who has an issue with R Kelly should take him to court and stop acting victimized

  33. Looking back, u should be thankful to ur boss for rescuing u from d alleged predator. May God help him repent because there is no smoke without fire.

  34. I know she is now thankful to her boss for cutting the conversation short because like Geogina said celebrities are no saints

  35. I think this issues should be properly investigated and the truth whether r kelly is guilty or not should be proven

  36. What’s with this R Kelly this R kelly that.. Please you guys should leave my R kelly oo.. Habana!!

  37. Mrs ihuoma nnadi,you said you were angry with your boss for cutting your conversation with the singer and you were 16yrs as of then,i don’t understand ma

  38. Hmm, R Kelly is like this your documentary will end your career if not land you in jail, more evidence are coming

  39. Honestly speaking, I am short of words now, can this be through? But R. Kelly look more responsible… Both in his music…

  40. Well, the truth will soon be heard. Because am really speechless on this whole issue of R.Kelly

  41. Hmmm… So, just because he stopped to talked to you huh.. you hv now concluded that he is guilty..

  42. now am speechless on what to say.. why are people like this. cant they leave R kelly in peace. tomorrow will hear another story about him again

  43. The truth will surely come out one day by God’s grace.Let them try and sort themselves out privately.

  44. The series of accusations and people popping out is just much
    Let them look into the issue very well

  45. I am still surprised by this whole R kelly issue . I hope the truth about the allegations comes out soon

  46. The case of sexual misconduct against him is just very much… may God help him from of this. love you man. R.kelly.

  47. At the expenses of this R & B legend, some individuals are now making money. Stop this documentary and come out with a concrete evidence. Stop bringing different women both the ones R.kelly has not met to now make name.

  48. Whatever they says about R.Kelly, the truth can not hide. If he is innocent, it’s only a matter of time he will be cleared of all charges; but if he is guilty he should be made to face the law and justice served…

  49. Again! R.kelly accused of another sexual assault. Well.they may be atom of truth in this.please the police should investigate this

  50. Did he misbehave with you in any way or his manner of approach towards you is bad because I don’t get why all of you are trying to bring the guy down now

  51. What is the aim of this post now, is it a subtle assusation or what, let’s wait and see what will happen

  52. I think I need to go watch this ‘surviving R. Kelly’s then I will have my opinion about it. And because he stopped to talk to you at a mall doesn’t mean you should assume anything.

  53. hmmm even you ihuoma,well in this case I don’t think R Kelly forced them they all wanted to sleep with a celebrity

  54. Suddenly every one is coming out
    Where were you all this while sister
    Hope you weren’t paid for this though am not trying to side him, but men!!! You suddenly woke up??

  55. Thats good for him since he doesnt want to respect his old age.. So many accusations and he keeps saying otherwise… hmm

  56. I think there is a problem some where with this R.kelly everywhere this matter should be taken very serious please

  57. very sad, her mother needs to answer some questions, please we should learn to talk to someone she we fill depressed it’s important

  58. It’s seems he has something with underage girls, why are allegations that much on him, he knows the truth about it

  59. You really tried in recalling such a memorable event with a star like R Kelly, at least let’s show respect to him

  60. More and more revelation and comfessin keeps coming everyday. If what you said is true, then R. Kelly has done bad really.

  61. This sexual harassment case is becoming more interesting. Regardless Kelly can’t deny this anymore. Be happy your boss stopped you from talking with who knows if you would be one of his victims

  62. Hmmmmmmm.. This is really bad. Already putting my self in ur shoes. Can’t take being molested at a tender age

  63. You people should stop accusing this guy am sure he did not force you people to hang out with him. Or did he rape you people?.

  64. If your boss cut off your conversation with him then it’s good that way. But don’t tell me you have fallen for him already.

  65. But her saying does not mean that she says anything bad about rkelly but she was just discribing how she met him and how he wants to talk with her but her boss cut the meeting,so what is there that is making waves that r_ Kelly did that and this

  66. Let’s stop pointing too much fingers, everyone has a bad side, it’s just that your own is yet to be exposed.

  67. Everyone will now come up with a story about R Kelly, anyways that serves him right for not taking his eyes off minors

  68. Every body Will like to recount their experience with R.Kelly, in stead of praying for him in this time of trials.

  69. The thing now is that Kelly would be calling for his death to meet him because the World is against him.

  70. According to your statement I can vividly say that you have an eye on R Kelly that was why you were angry with your boss for cutting your conversation short

  71. Seriously discribing how she met him and how he wants to talk with her but her boss cut the meeting,so what is there that is making waves that r_ Kelly did that

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