Igbos in the North banned from travelling over 2019 election

Igbos in the North have been banned from travelling over 2019 election, and it was gathered that anybody who flouts this directive would be fined an undisclosed amount of money.

Igbos in the North banned from travelling over 2019 election lailasnews

Igbo Delegates Assembly (IDA) in Barnawa, Kaduna State. IDA, an administrative umbrella organisation of Igbo resident in the northern states and Abuja, who held a meeting which had Eze Ndi Igbos and chapter presidents in the 19 northern states in attendance, reached the decision which was conveyed in a statement they released.

The Assembly also urged Igbos in the north to remain law-abiding in their states of residence, stated that the era of running home during elections cannot be tolerated again.

“We want our people to stay in their respective states and cast their votes. The era of running home during elections cannot be tolerated again. There is no need for us to go home at every election because if you do that you will automatically disenfranchise yourself.

“We have done a lot of sensitisation. We have also educated our people on this and we all agreed. That is why we decided to place an embargo. And if you travel, IDA will fine such person(s),” the organisation said in a statement jointly signed by President General Chief Chikezie Nwogu and Secretary General Austin Ofokansi Ifedinezi.

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  1. where is the wisdom anywhere,travelling hundred of kilometers to vote where you’re living or stayong behind to vote where you’re domiciled

  2. If there will be an upset in the north, there is nothing wrong in them coming back for their own safety.

  3. As much as this is a welcome decision, it however infringes on the right to movement of the people, the people should be free to move to where ever they choose for the elections, but still, we’re one Nigeria, so this is still a step in the right direction.

  4. It’s a nice decision but my question is “is there guarantee for safety in the north during that time? If no they should jejely return home oo.

  5. People that wants to travel should be allowed to do that, people that wants to stay back should also be allowed to do that.
    It shouldn’t be a banned thing.

  6. But please what exactly is the gain or benefit of this to the Igbos residing in the North cos I’m lost

  7. well..I think it will help to regulate traffick during this election..everyone should stay in their various places to vote atleast provided their will b peace and no form of violence then I think its OK by me considering the insurgence in the country

  8. I don’t really think this is a right idea…casting your vote which is someone right shouldn’t be seen or done forcefully but willingly….what if it implies that someone drastically need the attention of his family members so he/she can’t be free to move and attend to their calling….is not a wide decision.

  9. Why must they restrict igbos in the north from traveling, some are not traveling because of election and some has different urgent attention of what they want to do in their various location. So I don’t fancy that idea as a good one

  10. Educating them on traveling during election time is good.. But fining them for traveling is barbaric..

  11. As for me. It a great decision. Because, it was announced for their protection from dangers and secure them from harms.

  12. Hope this policy is aimed at voting fairly and conducting free and fair elections comes 2019, else they shouldn’t just place a ban without genuine intentions

  13. I don’t see the reason of putting a fine in it, they should just advice them on it, it must not be by force

  14. This is a very serious one coming from their leaders. In my own opinion, I don’t see the reason why every Nigerian can’t vote in the state of their residents instead of travelling to cast their votes.

  15. I think it’s for everyone good….
    But I hope we all follow this instructions
    Because we all know it’s not everyone that would accept this decisions…

  16. What right do they have to infringe on peoples right and freedom of movement. This is nonsense and is not by force. I believe this statement is unlawful and must be discarded.

  17. That’s really bad. Tribalism too. They don’t also want igbos to vote somewhere else so they can also manipulate the election

  18. free people to move to where ever they choose for the elections, but still, we’re one Nigeria, so this is still a step in the right direction.

  19. Why should they be stopped from going home.. It is their home their and not some else’s home they should be allowed to go. What is this that people can’t exercise their right in this country, everyone has freedom of movement so why are they depraving it from them.

  20. I love that decision
    Because we’ve been playing the fool’s role for too long due to ignorance
    Let’s exercise our franchise

  21. This is rubbish. Even when they registered to vote in their village. This is obvious violation of the constitution.

  22. This is an awesome move and decision and I hope they comply because I know there will definitely be scape goats even after the passing of this rule.

  23. Why shouldn’t they travel home when their safety is not guaranteed. Or you people want them to vote under duress, and I thought we had freedom of movement in this country what happened to that.

  24. I support that decision jawe what’s the need for travelling down it makes no difference they already arranged the election so safety first

  25. it’s not bad to stay over there and vote. We just hope that the northerners won’t cause them trouble……

  26. That one concerns you all, that means the igbos over there will not come home to Christmas all in the name of election

  27. Well said. Nigerians are one, no matter where you cast your vote it will still count so my dear ndi igbos pls don’t travel home for election so as to avoid being fined

  28. Is not a bad one shall because anywhere you are one can still cast vote on the choice of their leaders so not bad.

  29. That’s their own cup of tea, nobody should compel another to accept ideas they seat together to arrange. The Nigerian constitution still has space for freedom of association. People should be allowed to do what suits them.

  30. In time passed these has really affected the Igbo in the sense that they don’t pertake in election for the fear of violence

  31. Is a nice decision but let’s believe they will be saved, I don’t want to hear stories that touches

  32. Hmmm…I don’t know if I’m to say it’s right or wrong….I have two minds any dis… although dey have a good point bt I believe there is more Dan meet d eye

  33. As they are telling them to stay in the north to vote during the election, hope they are capable to protect all of the igbos there?

  34. impossible igbo have all right and power to travel any time during election without any payment except the north are looking for war and if they don’t cancel. Very body have freedom of movement.

  35. As far as they will be allowed to vote for any leader of their choice and not forced to vote against their will then no problem..sometimes the travelling around because of election is not always safe.

  36. If strong security is guaranteed in 2019 election no need of traveling home anymore let’s pray for peace in Nigeria for 2019 election

  37. It’s not fair at all. What happened to the Constitution that legalizes freedom of movement. Nigeria most times is a funny zone

  38. They dont have any right to banned them from travelling, this is democracy, they have freedom of movement

  39. it however infringes on the right to movement of the people, the people should be free to move to where ever they choose for the elections, but still, we’re one Nigeria, so this is still a step in the right direction.

  40. I think they should let them travel and vote, this is another form of electoral malpractice oooooo, they know the igbos will not vote buhari

  41. Wondering the reason behind the directives, will it affect the result of the poll,will safety of lives be guaranteed?

  42. I think this idea is better because there is too much risk involved in traveling during this destined period!

  43. See me see trouble oo…….. Why will people be banned from travelling during elections? Isn’t it obvious that lives are lost during this time especially that of the Easterners? This is totally wrong

  44. That is nonsense. People travel for different reasons. What if you are for the same election for the sake of voting, or even another thing important to you. Try say they are restricting movement. Mtcheww.

  45. Politics! There is somthing happening somwhere…this is unbelievable…whats happening?

  46. I don’t support this decision citizens should have right on what he or she want not to force it on him or her

  47. But they have no right to ban anybody from traveling…what if it involves a business deal?

  48. This one is very serious, I don’t agree with them telling my people the Igbo to reside where the are to cast their vote, when the northerns will be transported back to the side during the election period, why must the case of the Igbo be different, to me is not a welcome idea.

  49. Rubbish directive. can you guarantee their safety there especially if Buhari loses the election? My opinion is if you can’t stay , go home and return after the election

  50. The people should be free to move to where ever they choose for the elections, but still, we’re one Nigeria, so this is still a step in the right direction

  51. It’s actually nice, the main reason y Ndi igbo travel during election is basically cos of safety,if only they can guarantee their safety no problem they will stay n cast Dia votes

  52. This coming presidential election does not warrant going home. Their is peace in the air unlike the previous presidential election.

  53. This is rather preposterous to say the least. You can only advise and not dictate to people when or when not to travel.

  54. Why should an embargo be placed on travelling ? They are at liberty to exercise their franchise anywhere they like. Vote or no vote they don’t need to be entrapped.

  55. Nice decision if only there will be peace in the northern, they are moving from North because of the fear of problem.

  56. i don’t really agree with the restriction of their movement but whatever is done to ensure a fair and peaceful election sits right by me

  57. This is not a good decision from the elders, they have the right to freedom of speech, so I don’t see they are restricting them from traveling

  58. Do the advantages override the disadvantages,or is that their way of dissociating themselves from the election

  59. I don’t think stoping them from traveling to their home is good unless they will be assured no life will be lost during the election.

  60. Thank will work if the safety of the Igbos is assured…which isn’t. As usual their herdsmen will go bonkers and start attacking without provocation.

  61. This is military government or what what’s with that command hmmmm abeg o allow people do what they want

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