Igbo 48-hour ultimatum to leave Yoruba lands – Rita Daniels reacts

Rita Daniels, mother of Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels has reacted to the 48-hour ultimatum given to the people of the Igbo tribe to evacuate from Lagos and other Yoruba lands.

Igbo 48-hour ultimatum to leave Yoruba lands – Rita Daniels reacts

If you recall, one Mr. Adeyinka in a viral video accused the Igbo tribe as being the responsible for the destructions in Lagos state, and issued a 48-hour ultimatum for them to leave.

Reacting to the development, Rita Daniels has shared her view on the ethnic feud persistently looming in the country.

Sharing the video on her page, she wrote

The President threat or speech yesterday broke us but thought us many hard lessons.
Myself and so many others couldn’t sleep last night… We were broken!!!!!!
We protested for 12 days without vandalisation12 days of rejecting bribe,12 days of caring and looking out for each other.12 days of giving free medical care and legal services,

Brands, both national and international Celebrities, Churches all protested… influencial people were lobbied to add their voice…
At the protest grounds, the Christians gave room for the Muslims to have their Jumat prayers

The Christians had their service on Sunday…
There was a candlelight service held all over the nation for fallen heroes,Youths despite the hard economy spent their personal money cooking for each other.
No one knew who was a Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa, or Edo… We ate together and danced together.

For 12 days, These were organised without a formal leader with just social media tweets, retweets, post, shares with a harshtag.
For 12 days we built the Nigeria of our dreams…
And built their nightmare… And they got scared.

They know if we’re united we would have one voice, If we have one voice, we have power.And if we have that power… WE WOULD DEMAND A BETTER NIGERIA.
If we’re united and not fighting how would they budget money for security to calm insurgency?How will they create religious fights and make money?

So they sponsored hoodlums to disrupt the protest… But we overpowered these hoodlums by getting our own private securities and security dogs to protest grounds.
When the military who were ordered by “Powers beyond their control” to shoot,
When the guns were fired,

They didn’t care who was a Muslim or Christian,They didn’t care who was Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Calabar or Urhobo.
They killed unarmed people sitting down and singing the anthem.
But when they want to instigate tribal wars and religious unrest, they remind you of your tribe and religion,

When they want to make use of you for their selfish gain, they tell you to unite and take side with “your people” they remind you that you should be one.
Do you all remembered.”

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