IG orders immediate SARS reorganisation , disbands SIP, others

The Acting Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, has ordered immediate SARS reorganisation by decentralizing the operations of the Squad, which was earlier centralised by his predecessor, Ibrahim Idris.

The former IG had placed the unit under the Deputy Inspector-General of Police (Operations), as part of the reforms of the squad.

IG orders immediate SARS reorganisation , disbands SIP, others lailasnews 3
IG orders immediate SARS reorganisation , disbands SIP, others

But Adamu, who met with Command Commissioners of Police and other senior officers in Abuja on Monday (today), explained that the squad will henceforth operate under the state Commissioners of Police, while the Force headquarters unit would be under the DIG, Federal Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department.

He said that a comprehensive reform in terms of ethics, mode of operation, nomenclature and orientation, function delineation command and control and accountability mechanism of SARS will be undertaken.

Adamu also  disbanded all quasi-investigation and operations outfits, including the Special Investigation Panel, Special Tactical Squad, IG Monitoring and Intelligence Team, among others.

The Acting IG further announced the setting-up of a Special Election Investigation Team tasked with the exclusive function of investigating and prosecuting electoral offenders.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that before the current development, operations of SARS were centralised at the Force Headquarters.

NAN also recalls that SARS operations were recently reorganised following alleged unethical conduct by personnel of the unit.

Adamu gave the order at a meeting with officers in the rank of Commissioners of Police and above on Monday in Abuja.

He said that with the new arrangement, commissioners of Police in the 36 states and the FCT would assume full command and control of all SARS in their commands.

The Police boss said henceforth, the SARS unit in the Force headquarters would be under the Deputy Inspector-General of Police in charge of Force Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department.

He said that the DIG FCIID and CPs would be held liable for any professional misconduct resulting from the operations of the units in their commands.

Adamu also directed them to evaluate the units in their commands and submit a report to his office within two weeks.

The Police boss also announced the disbandment of the Special Investigation Panel, Special Tactical Squad and other quasi-investigation and operation units of the Force.

He said that the DIG FCIID would take over and review all cases being currently handled by the units.

Adamu said that a comprehensive reorganisation of the Police Mobile Force, Counter-terrorism unit and Special Protection Unit would also be undertaken.

“This re-positioning process will eventually cascade down to the zonal and state command levels,” he said.

The IG said that the essence of the reorganisation was to restore order and stop the current slide in policing standards.

Adamu also said it would discourage the proliferation of multiplicity of outfits competing for operational space in unprofessional manner.

He said that the capacity of personnel of the Force would be enhanced towards situating its operations within the practice of intelligence-led policing.

He said that at the end of the reform, a protocol that would document its outcome would be developed.

The Police boss charged the officers to remain dedicated to their duties by exhibiting the highest level of leadership and character.


  1. Rest organizing them again, so that they will start terrorizing innocent citizens ,making them victims in their own nation. May God help us oo.

  2. nice development coming from the new helmsman of nigerian police,the kind of policing we deserve

  3. Nice decision from the acting IG of police,,, I really hope this new plan turn out to be very effective ..

  4. A good descion, the public should be made aware of this. If is going to yield good result then is a good one

  5. That is a great move.The way these Sars guyz are terrorising Nigerians is too much already. The IG should make sure they’re working the way they’re supposed to.And let the protocol be developed

  6. It really shouldn’t be a bad idea for reorganization of the SARS, if the IG see it as a better idea, then so be it for the Nation.

  7. Another way of allowing state police only that d DIG may not be a native. Let’s watch and see how d DIGs will handle the change without bias.

  8. With his lots of experiences in policing I belI’ve his decisions and actions will be favourable to the security of the nation.

  9. Waoo!!,no wasting of time at all,Adamu has started his work fully, keep it up and do your very best.God bless

  10. so that they will start terrorizing innocent citizens ,making them victims in their own nation. May God help us oo.

  11. welcome the new IG ,I hope this suggestion will be a good one to we Nigerian, we looking forward to see your actions, God will protect you

  12. So its now they realize what should have been done long ago?? But why are SARS official always found wanting in terms of been wicked ??

  13. Good if its for the good of the country, the so called SARS were becoming so unbearable, they keep taking advantage of people and killing innocent souls

  14. Let’s hope that everything is for the betterment of the country and not some other selfish interest

  15. Whatever will improve the security of the nation is good to do. I think this is a right step in the right direction

  16. This reform is timely and commendable. However in Nigeria, it not just pronounce but the will power to see to it detail implementation.

  17. Very good and thumps up for a job. .. It’s will help us along way. Let’s flush away all this corruption from the roots. Good work.

  18. ‘re organizations, how has this got to improve the system . Well if he believes restrategixing will make them work better, then we await their exploit

  19. I hope it works because even if they reorganize them they will still be tormenting the civilians it’s in their nature

  20. There should always be changes, nothing is constant, the reorganization is good. I wish him success in all his endeavours.

  21. No matter the amount of restructuring carried out in the Nigeria police SARS won’t stop their intimidation and harassment. The decay is just too much.

  22. Why place a lot of work on the DIGs and CPs when, a DIG should be in charge of that as before, anyway, let’s see how it works

  23. I think he made the right decision , because being under state government , it will be well checkmated


  25. That’s a nice one because power has changed hand and everything around has to be changed for an efficient and effective delivery

  26. This reorganization is very good, the idea improve the Nigeria Force and make it perform effectively. Kudo to IGP Adamu Abubakar

  27. good decision this time. they should reorganize them because they are getting into everyone nerves

  28. Well served IG to sha pro pa. Fire them all and bring me in to assist you. Change their black and blue shirts to white. They will stop collecting bribes.

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