IG of Police finds it extremely hard to read a speech in Kano

The IG of police was in Kano State few days ago to commission the Force Technical Intelligence Unit.

IG of Police finds it extremely hard to read a speech in Kano Lailasnews

According to reports from Voice of Liberty Newspaper everything was going on fine until the IG had to read a commissioning speech at the event.

Apparently, for reasons we still are not sure of, the Police IG struggled with the speech he had to read.

In a video by Voice of Liberty Newpaper, the IG is seen struggling with words and kept repeating them over and over again.

He couldn’t hold it together and pronounce the words correctly.

He kept on apologizing as oppose to read the speech.

Social media has been buzzing about the IG’s performance.

Many have subscribed to the idea that the IG can’t read or at least read a speech well.

Media personality and writer of Skinny Girl in Transit in a post on Twitter is perhaps sarcastic about the IG’s performance.

She says quoting the post from Voice of Liberty Newspaper Twitter account:

“This is not embarrassing at all”

A few years ago another government official also found didn’t know what a website is or so it appeared during an interview session on “Channels TV”.

Factual reasons for the IG’s performance have not been disclosed yet but, we sure hope he can actually read.

The post reads:

The IG of Police was in Kano on Monday to commission the Force Technical Intelligence Unit. In this exclusive video by Voice of Liberty, an embarassing footage catches him struggling to read his speech, making multiple errors and unable to pronounce words. Why?

Everything was ok until the Police began to actually read

Here is the tweet that contains the video:



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