Ifu Ennada: “The peace of mind money gives can’t be compared to temporary pleasure of sex”

Reality star, Ifu Ennada has taken to her social media page to share why people need to prioritise making money over sex.

Writing about Sex, Money, and Love in a series of posts on her Instagram stories, she stated that money is sweeter than sex and that the ‘peace of mind money gives can’t be compared to the temporary pleasure of sex.’

She also advised people to focus on making money, instead of prioritizing sex, which she claims will leave them in ‘shambles.’

In another post, the reality star said that true love is almost dead because some people are in ‘lust with physical appearance or material things.’

She explained that her post was triggered by a sad situation and that she’s a victim of a ‘wicked man’ who treated her so badly.

She wrote in a series of posts;

To Whom It Concerns,

Money is Sweeter than Sex. The peace of mind money gives can’t be compared to the temporary pleasure of
In all your getting, get money pls. When managed well, money will never leave you, but sex can leave you in shambles
May God help me make this money the way e dey do me III for the mind. Amen

Just So You Know…
You can live without sex, but you can’t live without money.
If God asked me to choose between big money (success) and sex, I will choose the former! – Money

Seriously guys, I have some financial goals I need to meet before my 1 next birthday and I’m 1 starving everything that needs to be starved so I have better chances at reaching my goals… So help me God.
I honestly don’t know why I’m writing about sex and money, it’s not like I woke up sexually frustrated.

Make I go face the work wey dey pay bills abeg.

For the life of me, I could never understand men who suddenly turn to Devils when they fall out with a woman they claim to love.

They become Angry Beasts and desperately use vile weapons against a woman they claim they once loved. All the while the woman is just trying to get her life back and move on.
If love ever turns to hate, it was never love.

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