Ifu Ennada criticizes ladies who get excited during marriage proposal

Ifu Ennada in her new Insta-story post, criticized ladies who get excited during marriage proposal as seen in social media posts and videos.

Ifu Ennada criticizes ladies who get excited during marriage proposal lailasnews

Ifu Ennada who wondered why ladies get overly excited or cry during marriage proposal, maintained that the man is not doing the lady a favour, rather the lady is giving up a whole lot to make him the only one.

Read her post below;

Ifu Ennada criticizes ladies who get excited during marriage proposal lailasnews 1

This is coming Ifu Ennada dropped a bombshell about her love life and relationship status. The reality show star revealed that she no longer minds remaining a Miss for the rest of her life. According to her, she has ‘repented’ from having the notion that marriage was really an achievement. Now, she does not see marriage as the ultimate factor that determines a person’s happiness, and for this change of mindset, she is grateful to God.


  1. A normal lady with be happy to accept marriage proposal from a guy. It shows her readiness and happiness to live the rest of her life with the man

  2. You should not change some Ladies minded because of your own experience in your relationship
    Proposal is a gigantic part of achievement that a lady we have

  3. It’s true that the ladies give up a lot, but it takes a responsible man to take responsibility and propose. So the lady should be excited that someone has decided to be her life partner

  4. And a man would have seen potentials in you that he doesn’t want to give you up, so ladies should actually be grateful

  5. Why shouldn’t we be happy!! We are so emotional, everything thrills us!!
    It’s not our fault ohh

  6. Don’t spoiled there mind So that they will not punish us because I’m yet to be married plz don’t spoil their mind

  7. She that doesn’t not even have a boyfriend,that is even looking for said that ladies that have been proposed to should not be happy just imagine.

  8. My dear I taught I’m the only one who thinks that way, you have been dating for how many years, and you know you are getting married, so why the cry, or over joy, I count it as hypocrite

  9. Why wouldn’t they be excited when they know husband (good person) to take them is scars this days

  10. Someone can not be happy about there proposer without someone telling them this is the right way to do it, who hurt her?

  11. She might have chosen not to marry and that’s fine. However she shouldn’t condition others to do what she would do

  12. A lady should be very joyful when she’s been proposed to don’t discourage any body pls with your own opinion

  13. Marriage is Honourable according to the scripture, it is a thing of joy if the love of your life proposed to you. No need to criticize anyone.

  14. D guy saw somfin in d girl DAT makes her propose to her, is a tin of joy to both of dem so is a tin of joy is both party agreement

  15. That means You’re not a normal lady cos any normal lady would be excited and happy for a proposal.

  16. You are making a point. We are doing men favour not vise versa. But nevertheless, it’s not wrong for as lady to be excited that she is getting married. We need men in our lives as much as they need us. So go and get married.

  17. Please o. I think this is a personal issue. What you like, others might not. This life is like a talking drum. So, you don’t have the right to criticize any lady.

  18. Is a thin of joy for a lady to be happy when a man proposed to her.
    Is her choice na why criticizing her.

  19. Why will they not be happy,
    It shows they are ready for marriage.
    Don’t compare ur own relationship with others.

  20. Yes you are right oh some are very excited when it comes to that but where there is love there is hope

  21. Nice words my dear Ifu, the man is mearnt scream and not other wise because the lady will sacrifice alot just to be married to him. But some girls feels that’s the end of life.

  22. me am going to scream down heaven if the man of may dreams proposes marriage to me, your experience should rain with you Biko…. I think she is depressed

  23. If you does not have a flare for marriage, please don’t try to discourage other who is trying to get marry. I don’t see anything wrong in getting excited when the lucky guy propose, is normal for every ladies to feel like that, she should go and get herself a real man

  24. I totally agree with you sister. Moreover, some of them even knows that they would be proposed to on that day I wonder about the whole excitement.

  25. IFunada, if you have been in such situation you will be the happiest person, do you know the joy derives when a man proposes to you even if you are not excited when proposed to, many more are.

  26. It’s no big deal to be happy when given a ring, it simply shows that the lady has not wasted her time in the relationship.

  27. How will that mean anything to her when she can have sex (fornication ) with anyone at anytime and be a baby mama to anyone at anytime, and does not whatbto be under any man

  28. It only shows the lady is super happy. I mean it takes a responsible man to propose to a Lady which also means he values her and has decided to spend the rest of his life with her.

  29. Marriage is a good thing , even the bible said it, If she has made up her mind not to marry, is her choice but let her not corrupt other people’s mind.

  30. My dear sister I disagree with u, even though u are aware, common! Didn’t you get excited d moment ur mum showed up with ur Xmas dress even when u know she was going to buy it? Forget this whole thing you are saying n pray for God to give u ur dream man n I belt u will be over excited

  31. No matter how she sees it, marriage proposal is a good thing and it calls to excitement and happiness especially if it is from someone you really love. I pray God help her and heal her of any emotional hurt.

  32. Don’t worry !o, when you call in love, and He propose to you, your own go pass cry. Jealousy de worry you.

  33. Girl when you done stay till your 40 you no see man, finally one came u will see the reason of getting excited

  34. point of correction please don’t criticize them because its a thing of joy that you can’t bear when you see a man that propose you

  35. I think I now know why Ifu has not gotten any proposal yet, she’s too proud. Drop that pride before you get old single.

  36. Yeah she have to be excited cause she finally knows who she’s gonna spent the rest of her life with

  37. Its not necessary for you to cry or be happy if you are being proposed to. Its an individual preference

  38. What she said is absolutely unacceptable because for a lady to get married is a privilege and not her right to do so

  39. That is always the problem with some of you ladies when you start shining. Man become nothing, because you don’t want to be control by someone. Soon you will become a single mother, that is what people like you prefer.

  40. Well it’s a thing of joy to get marriage proposal from your heartthrob. So the excitement is in order

  41. Senseless talk everywhere, No wonder you offered such advice when you are no longer ready to marry yourself

  42. The answer is simple. It is the duty of the man to say “let’s get married “.

    The lady is joyous because she just got into the news.

    The guy already had his moment of happiness when he decided to go and propose and is even more happy with a ‘yes I will’.
    Also naturally we men don’t show much emotion.

    So the ladies moment comes during the proposal.

  43. Madam Ifu, who broke your heart? Stopped all these your talks. It doesn’t make common sense at all.

  44. You are right but is coming out with jealousy, is a thing of joy and any lady will be over reacted to it. With a lot of things happening around who wont be happy to be proposed to.

  45. If she’s not happy about it they ladies that are happy will celebrate it, crying when being proposed to is a sign of joy, sometimes these people date for years and it’s worth celebrating when he proposes

  46. Hmmmmm am dumpfolded but is not easy to get a man to propose to a woman, if you wish to remain miss till the rest of your life is your choice

  47. For a good and responsible man to proposes to a lady, it is a thing of joy and I think she should be happy about it

  48. Ladies deserve to be happy during marriage proposal because it’s not easy to come across a man with genuine intentions towards them.

  49. Try to be responsible it takes a responsible man to take responsibility and propose. So the lady should be excited that someone has decided to be her life partner

  50. Madam Don’t use your own opinion to confuse other people,what you see in marriage is not what other people see

  51. Any woman proposed to should be happy about it, she should show her joy, it’s her turn, it’s a good thing for a woman to be proposed to by a man for marriage

  52. well, the lady might be giving a whole lot; but when it comes to this feeling of emotions then it different with individuals.

  53. One day a man inserted
    an ‘advertisement’ in the
    local classifieds Wife wanted
    Next day he received a hundred letters.
    They all said the same thing You can have mine

  54. I support ifunnada on this,the lady is the one doing the guy a favour not the other way round,marriage is not always a bed of roses

  55. This is your personal opinion and it is a bad one to say. Don’t spoil show for those that are getting lucky and favoured by their love relationships please.

  56. Ladies don’t cry about engagements because its an achievement to them nor get excited because the dude has done them a favour rather in some cases they were surprised, least expected the proposal in other cases, they have really longed for it. Keep your opinion to yoursdlf ma

  57. your opinion is very bad to me. You are encouraging singleness and it is not good. when you are single people don’t respect you compare to when you are happily married. You can be miss for yourself, who cares but stop spoiling the minds of young ladies

  58. It’s a normal thing for a woman to be excited during proposal, so I don’t know what you are talking about

  59. For all I know,a normal lady must be excited when she is proposed to,come on he sees the whole women in the world but choose you,its a great achievement if you don’t know@ifuu you can remain single for all I care,and stop being jealous ok

  60. The number of women exceeds that of men. Now when a lady finally gets a guy as in a man of her dream to propose marriage to her, she just can not help it but to shad tiers of joy.
    A real man will not see those tiers as an appreciation to from her to him but rather an expression of happiness and achievements

  61. Its normal for a lady to be exited when man proposes to her, its a thing of joy because not every lady will get that marriage proposal as responsible men are very scarce

  62. If your decision is to remain miss then I wish you good luck and please don’t forget oo we don’t want to hear you discuss anything about marriage since you have decided to remain miss all the rest of your life

  63. yea i solely agree every lady is definitely going to do one of the two cry or get excited when presented with marriage proposal. their reasons are best know do them.

  64. What you call your dog is what it will answer yes marriage is not the gate way to happiness and success but some how marriage have better some peoples life’s

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