If I ever did any juju to hold my estranged husband, may I die -Ehi Ogbebor

Nigerian interior decorator and hotelier, Ehi Ogbebor who few months ago accused her billionaire husband, Ken Braimoh of being occultic, has reiterated her claims of her husband being fetish in an exchange with a follower.

If I ever did any juju to hold my estranged husband, may I die -Ehi Ogbebor lailasnews

Ehi Ogbebor who shared a photo of her child in a hospital’s intensive care unit, had stated that if anything happens to her or her child, her husband should be held responsible. However a follower who reacted to the post, told her to move on as it was known that she used “juju” to win the love of her billionaire husband Chief Ken Braimoh.

However reacting to the claim by her follower, Ehi Ogbebor who accused her follower of being sent from her husband’s camp, stated that if she ever did ‘any juju’ to pin down her husband may she die, however if never did any of that may the reverse be the case. Here is a screenshot of the exchange below;

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If I ever did any juju to hold him may I die -Ehi Ogbebor says husband is the fetish one lailasnews 1






  2. No matter what she discovers about him today, the fact remains that she married him because of money. That’s all.

  3. That the reason why i advice people to make proper investigation about the person they want to get married to..

  4. I don’t know of what to say sef. This marriage thing… Person should seriously put it in prayer o. Wetin we dey see for marriage these days

  5. Madam their is no need for all this cause oncebyour conscience is clean take it easy their are better ways to react to issues

  6. My dear don’t mind people who can never mind their businesses, your response is good and may God vindicate you.

  7. As long as you are sure that there’s no juju work, then you don’t need to follow anyone talk on the matter

  8. But in a serious case people should learn to mind there own bizz,I like as she answered her or him,,if she keep quite Now people will say ahhh its true,now she talk its better,men can change naturally also to woman but still love who ever I loved

  9. Please don’t listen to rumors people just want your downfall if you leave your husband today another person Will replace you immediately please be wise

  10. Anyways good for you, is good to make proper findings before going into any relationship, may God take control

  11. marrying in the rightful way is always essential. Choose wisely. Don’t go for wealth because it can fade away and comes with its own challenge.

  12. Bringing your marriage life to social media is not the best . You could have just called some fammily memebers and settle your differences rather than calling him out on IG

  13. Good a thing you responded to it because any time you got married to a rich man stories will always come

  14. Family matters should be private… But these days, any little misunderstanding, you will see it all over social media. People be exchanging harsh words.

  15. I wonder why some people are so heartless in makIng fun of someone in distress, will you pray to face such time in your life… Why dissing her in this situation

  16. This wouldn’t have happened if she had married someone that she knows how she gets her money… I blame the lady anyways for her faults

  17. You can’t beating around this. If you are out, put the situation behind you, move on and be relevant. You don’t have to keep explaining to be justified.

  18. Women get carried away with what they see .half of nigerian women get married to a man because of their money pls we should be carefull

  19. That is the problem of people, they cant talk if you don’t make it in life, whenever you make it they will always abuse you.

  20. People need to stop bringing their family issues to social media, so that everyone doesn’t have an opinion of your marriage

  21. This is not good if truly u use juju to gain him in your heart then what happened y is he not care about you and your child so I don’t think u used juju and if you used it den it has expired

  22. It’s not enough to swear for the blible said let your yes be yes and no be no, so it’s that simple.

  23. It baffles me on how people castigate their spouse and marriages on social media after vowing for better and for worse. When you were dating why didn’t you found out that he was occultic why now? Abi money be deh shark her??

  24. But no matter what whether juju or no juju, she’s ur wife u married her paid her bride price u don’t have to treat her that way

  25. Before tying the knots with a rich dude go into the ground and find out what he is doing and how he is getting his money its better to remain single than jump into any wrong marriage

  26. The woman dint use juju. She fell I love with her husband’s money, li2 did he know that he is an occultist.

  27. Richwhen someone loves another so much it doesn’t have anything to do with juju. Moreso, the woman should make,the man sign an undertaking if truly she noticed something very fishy

  28. It is very important to always investigate and know what your husband does..before marrying him. But since its already like this all the sister needs now is prayers.

  29. I don’t believe in Juju at all. It’s God that destined them to be husband and wife and now that there is no trust anymore I think it’s better they seek for alternative.

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