If I don’t kill your sister, I’m fake – Video of Pastor Ofori before he killed wife

A video of Florida based Ghanaian Pastor Sylvester Ofori, vowing to kill his wife Barbara Tommey in the presence of her brother and other relations, has surfaced on the internet.

If I don’t kill your sister, I’m fake – Video of Pastor Ofori before he killed wife

The video which was posted today by Deborah, with Twitter account @debb_45, has been trending days after the cleric shot the wife dead at a her place of work.

It shows a brother of Barbara confronting the so-called pastor, with Ofori telling the man, horrifyingly: “If I don’t kill your sister, know that I am fake”.

The brother asked that the Florida cops be called, while at the same time he told his sister to pack her things and follow him.

A female voice of, probably the person recording the video, is heard, also emphasising that Barbara should leave. “Death is death, you can not replace life with death”.

Barbara featured in the video. She is seen trying to take some papers and saying she needed some other things. But the female voice told her to leave the house.

Deborah did not indicate the date of the video and whether the police were called into the case.

But on the eve of the killing of Barbara by Ofori, he wrote on Facebook:

“One thing people gotta understand about extremely kind, nice, loving people, is that their other side is just as extreme.”

On Tuesday last week, 35 year-old Ofori, armed with a gun, tracked his 27 year-old wife to her work place at Navy Federal Credit Union and shot her point blank.

The fatal shooting happened outside of the bank near the Mall at Millenia, on Gardens Park Boulevard in Orlando, according to reports.

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