If DNA reveals your child not yours, praise your wife – Counselor

A Nigerian counselor identified as Victor Ubeh has stirred up controversy on social media after he he wrote that a man should praise his wife if he DNA result indicates his child doesn’t belong to him.

If DNA reveals your child not yours, praise your wife – Counselor

In his post, Victor argued that in such circumstance, the problem is not from the wife, rather from the man and it is an indication he is infertile, and what the woman has only done was to help cover up his shame.

He wrote:

Unpopular Opinion.

If you do DNA test on your children and they are not yours, the problem is not from your wife.

It means you are infertile and your wife tried to cover up your shame.

You should thank her and silently live with those children in peace.

See reactions to his post:

*** I tell you. it sounds crazy but if one really thinks about it,why would a woman have two or three kids for her husband and non is his if the man is not infertile? He should kill foul for her biko

*** Thank you Victor.! And women are blabbing on rant and supporting the man’s shameful act.

*** Another point of view…… My question is, if the man is infertile shouldn’t it be consensual between them for the woman to go out and have children and bring the children home instead of the children to be hoisted on him without his knowledge?

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