ICPC charges dismissed OAU ‘sex-for-marks’ professor to court

The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) has charged dismissed OAU ‘sex-for-marks’ professor, Richard Akindele, to court, The Punch reports.

Akindele, who allegedly demanded sex from Monica Osagie, a postgraduate student of OAU, will appear before the federal high court, Osogbo, Osun state capital, on Monday.

ICPC charges dismissed OAU ‘sex-for-marks’ professor to court lailasnews
ICPC charges dismissed OAU ‘sex-for-marks’ professor to court

In an audio which went viral in April, the professor was heard demanding five sessions of sex to award Osagie a pass mark in a course she failed.

In a statement on Wednesday, the ICPC said Akindele will be arraigned on three charges, for acting contrary to sections 8(1)(a)(ii), and 18 (d) under the Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Act, 2000.

“That you, professor Akindele, on or about the 16th day of September, 2017 at Ile-Ife did corruptly ask for sexual benefits for yourself from Ms. Monica Osagie on account of favour to be afterwards shown to her by you in the discharge of your official duties as a lecturer in the Department of Management and Accounting, Obafemi Awolowo University, to wit; altering her academic grades in the course with code MBA 632- Research Method from fail to pass; and thereby committed an offence contrary to and punishable under Section 8(1)(a)(ii) of the Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Act,” one of the charges read.

Akindele, through Omotayo Alade-Fawole, his lawyer has told the ICPC that he is ready to plead guilty to the crime, in the hopes of getting some form of concession.

He also said that he is unwell and may not be strong enough to serve a jail term.

The former lecturer said he has received his fair share of punishment, having been dismissed by the university following investigations into the matter in June.


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  1. This will serve as a deterrent to others who still engage on this ugly act. Such a good action taken to curb sexual harassment from idiotic lecturers.

  2. choi…icpc will use this one as a scape goat for other lecturers to see. this is just one lady who was bold enough to speak up out of so many ladies that might have fallen victim and given in to the demand by the so called professor. he cup really filled up after the demand from this lady and he will be regretting his actions by now and wishing the days can go back so he will skip this lady over the sex demand. i am particularly happy that independent corrupt practices have waded into this matter. just see how sex has tarnished and destroyed all the years of hard work for this man and someone will tell me that sex is not one of the strong destroyer of a man. even a teaching practice student actually now has more dignity than this prof in question

  3. So now he is not well to face jail term Abi? But he is well and strong enough for 5 good rounds of sin. May God forgive this one. He has not yet seen punishment he is already afraid

  4. This man Has really Been subject to all different kind of mental and emotional punishment I think he should be forgiven at this point

  5. I love that ,it should serve as a lesson for others institutions lecturer who are bend on having sexual relations with student in order to pass them even when these students don’t need their help to pass .let him learn in a hard way

  6. This is a good step in our educational system. Ladies who are abused can boldly report such wicked lecturers without any fear of further maltreatment. Honestly some lecturers are really evil. But I strongly believe that this has thought them a serious lesson.

  7. This is how they should be dealing with them since they are bent on frustrating the lives of their female students. Forgetting that they have female kids and relatives at home . the law should deal with him. It’s now you know you have some health issues.

  8. He better be well o. He must serve his term in jail. Wicked man, wanna sleep with his daughter’s age, thank God he was trapped.

  9. Well. I don’t no what to say on this one course am even confused ,but why would he do sex mate ,well is his cup to carry to court

  10. Sex is just pleasure of the moment.control your libido.dont harass female for it.you have a wife enjoy it as many times as you can with her.you must face the law and be judged rightly

  11. It is lecturers like Mr. Akindele demanding sex for marks that tarnishes the image of our Nigerian educational sector. Let him be thoroughly dealt with.


  13. If this would be the exact way other lecturers will be treated in other institute it will really promote a better self discipline..for others to avoid such act..and immoral behaviours…a well deserved purnishment. For him…weldone ICPC..

  14. Actually he do bad, but his lawyer had plead for him in his position and even himself, error should be forgiven Wen the guilt has known it’s offense.

  15. Please what is the work of servicecom in our high institutions and this kind of activities is an every day thing in our institutions. Crime fighters in Nigeria are stupid.

  16. I wish it will be like this henceforth because the rate of molestation in the Nigeria universities is alarming. Next time when he sees a woman’s nudity he will take to his heels I believe this will serve as a lesson to others like him.

  17. Molesting female gender has been existing in the universities but this will set as an example to other lectures who think they can get away with this evil act.Note that karma will fish you out someday.

  18. Kudos to ICPC for the ruthlessness displayed by scapegoating the lecturer for the shameful act. That will serve as deterrent to other defaulters.

  19. Let the ICPC set up a secret service agents into all Nigerian higher institutions and fish out all the corrupt lecturers in the schools. It’s too much in Nigeria

  20. See his face, that is the end of your career. Your children will be really dissapointed with your actions. I know others will learn through this.

  21. That’s very good example to others lecturers that are engage themselves for this ugly acts, that why universities are producing illiterates

  22. This is a good start in prosecuting the academic lectures who thought are powerful, since they contribute to students featured world.

  23. This will serve as a warning to others. Frankly speaking this things are much rooted in our society that it will be hard to do away
    In offices, practically in every sector.

  24. This man is really having the biggest pay of his life. When you think you have all power to molest the people under you, this is how God disgrace them

  25. This is an offence punishable by law and as such Mr. Lecturer can’t run away from it. This will also serve as a lesson to his likes out there.

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