Icerberg Slim spotted with new lady, Ivy

Juliet Ibrahim’s ex-boyfriend Iceberg Slim spotted with new lady identified as Ivy, few months after the former lovebirds confirmed their separation on social media.

Icerberg Slim spotted with new lady, Ivy lailasnews 3
Icerberg Slim spotted with new lady, Ivy

Though fans of the duo have had to come to terms with the split, many did not anticipate that Iceberg Slim would move on already – Though it isn’t certain yet if he is dating the new lady.

It was gathered that the excited Ivy shared photos of herself and Iceberg with the love emoji via her Instastory as she thanked him for the fun she had during an outing.

If you recollect, just yesterday, Juliet Ibrahim courted attention on Instagram after she posted on how some ladies lose their side niggas just because they were too attached to their boyfriends, who might even eventually leave them.


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  1. Since Juliet have decided to have side nigga ,icerberg should go on with his life ,I hope he finds love in this new lady and finally settled down with her

  2. I think Juliet made the statement ‘Not being attached to side nigga…….’ because of her experience. And I wonder why their fans should think Iceberg Slim should still be dampened. It’s best for him to move on.

  3. As he hurriedly move on, he will soon hurrily zap out again. When your priorities are not well spelt and the foundation not well laid, it will always end up in a break up. I hope you make something meaningful out of this new relationship.

  4. It’s so obvious that Ivy has been in his life while he was dating Juliet… I pray Juliet find love again… Backstabbers everywhere

  5. He ought to move on as soon as possible. Falling is not the worst thing but refusing to stand up is. He got his life and needs to move on

  6. calling him boo doesnt mean they have a thing together, she might just be a friend or are they barred from having friends of the opposite sex or what? well, dude is just having the time of his life, even if he is hooked with another lady, its not bad pa-say cos if juliet wants a man, she can get one for herself in a matter of minutes (i.e. if she is not with someone already). we wish both the exs and the new well. their lives, their problems.

  7. Life is about understanding. As much as he loossed his ex shouldn’t be the reason why he shouldn’t move on even in bless than expected.

  8. No time to check time. Celebrity or no celebrity, There is no clock to check when it is right to have another partner. As long as it is God’s doing.

  9. Spotted with a lady doesn’t mean he’s dating her. If he’s moved on, good for him. He doesn’t have to lock himself up in his past sulking till only God knows when. Allow him, at his decision to make when to move on

  10. it is funny how celebrities relationships and marriages this days don’t last at all…. the guy has moved on the lady should do the same …… life no hard na!

  11. Men are born to be a player and flirters so no big deal in this. They call it fun so let them is their lives not your. I wish two ex the best. Broken relationship is better than broken marriage

  12. Either we breakup or not,time will tell. Keep your love affair private and don’t bring it on social media as if you are reporting the matter to your classroom teacher.

  13. Life is such that you decide the way you want to live it. No one decides for you. ‘The way you dress your bed is the way you’ll lay on it’.

  14. That is one thing about celebrities they find it difficult to stay with one girl, flirting is one of their number one nature well am not trying to conclude on the fact that he has moved on because she might not be his date maybe trying to make Juliet feel jealous.

  15. That’s the spirit, as long as you are happy with the person just move on. Life is too short to waste with the wrong people.

  16. Most persons call him a playboy but that’s his life and not yours so you should let him be or do you want to live his life for him?

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