Ice K of Artquake welcomes a baby boy in the U.S

Ice K of Artquake group, has welcomed a baby boy in the United States. The excited father who shared the baby arrival news on Instagram, disclosed that he has already been christened ‘Awesome’.

Ice K of Artquake welcomes a baby boy in the U.S lailasnews

Ice K wrote on Instagram;

Unto us a child is born unto us a child is Given and his name shall be called A W E S O M E .. welcome to the world Hommie Welcome to U. S. A Welcome to ICEMPIRE

IceK of Artquake welcomes a baby boy in the U.S lailasnews 1

Fans of Nigerian music in the early 2000s will remember Artquake. The music duo made up of Ice K and Adx. They were responsible for hit songs like Alanta and Abule. Artquake emerged on the Nigeria’s music scene in the late 90’s, representing one of the pioneers of Afro hip-hop, with unique performance that is classified by originality and creativity. Their first major release was the 1991 track, Abulelawa and since then, the group has been working and producing new sounds.

However, for some reasons, they took a break from active music to attend to family concerns. Little is known about the personal lives of the two members. In a recent interview, they boldly stated that they are not threatened or intimidated by young artist of these days, but follow back to ‘maintain their lane’.

“No, never, the sky is big enough to accommodate anybody, we have been here before some of them, we have our fan base, we can’t because its not important, don’t forget, every product has its market, we are just like the BRT bus, we are on our lane and they are on their lane, so we have no reason to be intimidated, no body is competition with anybody. The good thing is that, they respect us because we mind our business, so no need for intimidation or feeling intimidated”.

On what have kept them binding over the years they said;

“So many people have asked that question, its been God and understanding, we understand ourselves very well, not like we don’t have issues, but we don’t let a third party come in. I meet my partner in 1995, that’s about 20years now, then we were doing our ND program in Kwara state polytechnic. I remember how music is been done then, very stressful, nobody to help you, it was very difficult recording songs then, my partner and I understands ourselves because we were friends before becoming partner.

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