I won’t publish part 4 of ‘Ubi Franklin vs Iyanya’ – Joey Akan

Joey Akan has announced that he will not be publishing the last part of the ‘Ubi Franklin vs Iyanya‘ which was supposed to feature Emma Nyra.

I won't publish part 4 of 'Ubi Franklin vs Iyanya' - Joey Akan lailasnews

The music journalist made this known via a statement on his Twitter page, stating that the move was due to him needing to keep Ubi’s victims safe.

Recall Joey, had written a three part editorial about the fight between Ubi Frakin and Iyanya, which revealed so many things to include the fact that Emma Nyra, Ubi’s former artste and girfriend was being abused.

Ubi however denied this adding that there is an NDA between him and Emma preventing him from speaking further about it.

Read his statement below;

After careful and extensive consideration of the safety of all concerned for the sake of the main victims of Ubi Franklin, I will no longer be publishing a Part 4: The Story of Emma Nyra.

This measure has been taken to ensure the security of all involved.

I am moving on to other projects, assured that I have done the right and honorable thing here. Look forward to more announcements from me and future impactful journalistic projects.
Joey Akan.


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