‘I won’t pray for Nigeria’- Peeshaun Skuki

Nigerian singer, Peeshaun of Skuki has threatened to block those sending him the ‘pray for Nigeria‘ message on social media.

'I won’t pray for Nigeria'- Peeshaun Skuki lailasnews

According to the Peeshaun, he has already prayed for Nigeria and God has answered his prayers. He added that what Nigeria needs now is for its citizens to have sense and a good heart. He wrote on Instagram;

If anybody sends me a ‘PRAY FOR NIGERIA’ post again, I swear I’ll block you.
Right now Nigeria doesn’t need you to pray for her, Nigeria needs you to have SENSE and a GOOD HEART.
I have already prayed for Nigeria, and GOD HAS LONG ANSWERED MY PRAYERS.
God has told me to go out there and be kind to the next man!
God has told me to consider the safety of my fellow man in anything I am doing. He has told me to be fair to my fellow man in life and business.
HIS PROTECTION over me is enough for me, I do not need to CURSE and BIND any enemies.
How can you join hands and fight for a better Nigeria, when you see all your neighbors as potential enemies.
They preach MONEY more than they preach GOD.
Like I said before, we are still under-estimating how much we need to come together and fight for our safety and future.

'I won’t pray for Nigeria'- Peeshaun Skuki lailasnews 1

Skuki is not the only one who believes Nigeria doesn’t need prayers. Female Rapper, Eva, in her post yesterday stated that what Nigeria is facing is mental war and personal transformation is needed first.

Other Nigerians have also argued that most countries who worked their way to the top, to become a world force to reckon with, didn’t do it with prayers alone but delibrate hard work.They took to Twitter to vent about all the wrong things happening in Nigeria at the moment, saying we need more than prayers.


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