I won’t allow my husband bath my daughters – TV host Morayo

TV host Morayo Akabashorun, today, said she trusts her husband so much but will never take chances allowing him bath their daughter.

Morayo based her fear on the rapid increase of sexual assaults on little girls which in some cases is being carried out by their fathers.

I won't allow my husband bath my daughters - TV host Morayo lailasnews 3
I won’t allow my husband bath my daughters – TV host Morayo

Morayo and her other colleagues were having a discussion on rape viz-a-viz the relationship between father and daughter and if boundaries should be set in this kind of relationship.

“I actually trust my husband but I’m just being careful because people that have experienced this kind of situation, also trusted their husbands and yet, it happened”,she said.




  2. Its difficult to trust men these days, I can’t allow that too especially if the daughter is grown up a bit

  3. I strongly agree with her, devil has power but does not deliverance. A lot is happening in the life o.

  4. She said she doesn’t want to take chances. I believe she knows what she wants and don’t want anything bad to happen. Although to me, bathing my daughter means nothing.

  5. But there is no big deal in it but this days now it has turn to something else so she should be very carefully about it

  6. Well I guess your husband is hearing this, but come to think if it why will I do that to bath my daughter,

  7. There is trust but what’s happening in the world now has made some loose trust on their love ones

  8. That means you don’t trust your husband at all,becos if u do you won’t have such mind against him

  9. You have just told us how that you are suspicious about this case…
    If you can not trust your kids in your husbands hands I wonder who else you can trust.

  10. That means she doesn’t trust her husband… what does she mean…this is very bad way of showing to the world that… women should not trust their husbands.

  11. Actually for her not allowing the husband to bath the daughter shows that she doesn’t have trust on him and she’s scared of sexual assault to the daughter.

  12. I dont tink you really trust your husband…he must be a person that doesnt control his sexual urge…tell us the truth…

  13. I don’t blame you for your decisions cos this time around men have really gone so mad that the put a disgusting act,,, am so scared of them now

  14. You have ironically told us that you don’t trust your husband inspite your carefulness. How will your husband feel hearing such about him?!

  15. She’s wright but to me it’s a normal life if the wife is busy nd doin other jobs.its only a man that is under spell that will get attracted to his daughter.

  16. Well,everybody is entitled to his/her opinion…I hope it won’t result to a breach in her marriage

  17. Despite u said I trust ur hubby I still believe dat d reason fr saying D’s is best known to u.
    Some father’s r something else

  18. Her decision is not a bad one oo because this time around trust no dey work oo devil is really working hard.

  19. That means you don’t trust your own husband in order not to rape his own daughter.. Come on.

  20. She’s wright but to me it’s a normal life if the wife is busy nd doin other jobs.its only a man that is under spell that will get attracted to his daughter.

  21. Not everyone has the mind of doing such
    Is obvious that most sexual assault starts from their father tho

  22. Iam not really sure if truely u trust your husband as you said.fathers rape daughters right yes we all know that.but do you believe that ur own can rape ur daugher? i totally disagree with that

  23. She is actually saying the truth, bur if I was her I won’t say that on national TV , coz it might create an unknown issue in her marriage.

  24. Why nah, how can a man not bath his daughters, is there any bad in it, they are his daughters he has every right to do that. Just to help his wife in house works

  25. No, I don’t agree with you aunty Morayo. You don’t trust your husband with your daughters because if you actually trust him as you processed, there won’t be any clause. The clause that you won’t allow him to bath your daughters proved that you don’t trust him.

  26. Yes I think women should do the bathing but there nothing wrong when the father bathes his daughter….. This is a speech of lack of trust for your husband lady

  27. I suport her…sexual assault is on the increase.fathers, uncles are among the people raping young girls nowadays.may God help us..

  28. That means you don’t really trust your hubby as you claim to, because if you do, I don’t see anything in allowing him to bath his own daughter

  29. I don’t think you really trust your husband with this why will you utter such statement when you know you trust him,its your business though

  30. It really should come to this because of incessant rape cases on female children and some dads abuse their female children sexually. I wouldn’t blame her at all.

  31. you have your own reasons anywhere but on a right note as far as both of you owns the daughter and the daughter is still a kid i don’t see wrong in it

  32. To me I don’t see anything bad in your husband bathing your daughter if you really know what he can do and what he can’t.when your daughter is above 5years,you should be the one to bath her yourself

  33. All wat you had already said now means u dont trust your husband.. Because if u have big trust in him you we allow him to bath for her and notting we happen to her

  34. To me I don’t see anything bad in your husband bathing your daughter if you really know what he can do and what he can’t.when your daughter is above 5years,you should be the one to bath her yourself.

  35. Oh okay but how would she explain or make that understandable to her daughter if she gets to ask when she grows up.

  36. If your husband is close to your daughter or daughters as the case maybe you can be happy. Not alarmed God is in charge chill

  37. You’re right ma. Don’t just take chances at all. And all mothers out there should do same because the rate of sexual abuse now is very high. It is happening between father and daughter, mother and son.

  38. It’s a good idea because no one is above temptation. No matter the trust. Bathing children especially girls is the responsibility of the mother

  39. I actually don’t see any wrong in a father bathing is daughter and if he can’t let it be vice versa you also cannot bath the boys, and you talk about trust, look up trust in the dictionary

  40. Yes I agree with you he has feelings also before he start to finger them,the devil have many ways to operate.

  41. The woman did not true her husband that is why she is saying so. She know very well the type of husband she has

  42. She is right, there should be boundary between father and daughter, even thou those father who rape their daughter have once be trusted

  43. I think all mothers should work on this. Maybe this will abate the increase of father-daughter sexual immortality.

  44. But why will a father in the first place ever thought of having a sexual escapedes with his daughter. End time

  45. I agree with her. Even with the trust it can still happen. Devil is always around seeking whom to devour

  46. Madam I must say you don’t know your husband and what he can do….so it basically means no trust on him….if you know him and what he can do then I see no big deal letting him bath his own daughter…is it only a foolish,idiotic father would be having fowl play with his children…..

  47. Madam I must say you don’t know your husband and what he can do….so it basically means no trust on him….if you know him and what he can do then I see no big deal letting him bath his own daughter…is it only a foolish,idiotic father would be having fowl play with his children…..not all fathers has such level of stupidity…..noted.

  48. Well as for me oo I don’t blame her cos they way rape is increasing now a days especially father to daughter dat is a worst situation ever

  49. The rate of sexual abuse this days is alarming ,the thing is to trust God for a man after His hear tthat and be prayerful and watchful..

  50. Maybe She has Reason For saying that, some men molest their daughter this days. Ma, protect your daughter please

  51. I support you morayo with what is going on in the world now we should not allow our husbands to bath their girl child

  52. She said her own opinion and must be respected. I think a child abuse father can’t be stopped by not allowing him bath his daughter,is all about morale and doing what is right. He can abuse his daughter when no one is around.

  53. Fathers bathing their daughters is not bad,but some men have used that medium to take advantage of their daughters,she knows what she is saying.

  54. Lol.. Anyways that’s kinda true… Except he don’t have the fear of God in him.. If he has he can’t do such thing

  55. You’re making a whole lot of sense Mo, I have witness several of such issues and its best one takes precautions to curb it.

  56. I don’t see the reason why a man will bath his daughter while his wife is at home ….to avoid falling into the temptation is best he doesn’t bath her

  57. That’s your opinion, like you said you are just be careful, but of doesn’t go well, pls trust your husband enough, to take care of your family.

  58. That’s her own decision, a real and honourable father will never sexually assault his daughter no matter the happenings in this current day environs

  59. I support her stance as recent cases has been between the father and the daughter or male family relations as prevention is better than cure or irreversible regrets

  60. To me you are making sense cos we can’t really tell what’s happening in the society today.. immorality everywhere.But is only a foolish husband can molest his own daughter

  61. Í think is better we set boundaries but mind you even if boundaries are set some May still break bounds. We Just needs God intervention and mercy.

  62. There is no problem with that so long as your husband sees reasons with you. I pray it doesnt bring problem between you and your husband.

  63. That’s her view, but I think a father that Will defile his daughter will still to it wether he bathe the child or not. We just have to be careful with our girl- child because there are pedophiles everywhere. Teaching them early about their body parts especially d fact that they should not allow any one even daddy or mommy is a good way to start. And they shouldn’t touch other in those areas too. While bathing them allow them to wash d area themselves. As they grow use ur discernment when to give more information based on their age and understanding.

  64. She’s saying the truth. Some men these days are not worthy of trust.. They can do the unimaginable. I have never heard of a woman forcing her son to rape her or raping her son… My dear prevention is better than cure.

  65. Not really bad mind , and also considering the things happening in our society today , it can still push u to make such decisions.

  66. It’s good you don’t take chances. What if the husband is under the influence of drug or alcohol. Food for thought.

  67. I believe their marriage was not build on trust.cause if it was she won’t speak of her husband that way.

  68. People have got different measures of thinking. She was only talking based on what she has seen happen to others.

  69. That shows the level at which she didn’t trust her Husband. I can’t imagine my wife saying that

  70. There is nothing wrong with a father bathing his daughter just that with the things happening now is good for one to take care

  71. There is actually no problem that your husband bath his own daughter depending on the level if trust you have for him

  72. The woman has actually shown how dumb she is…..she has indirectly told us dat her husband is a paedophile

  73. this is very bad way for revealing to the world that means you guys don’t trust each other, love is trust, and trust is love

  74. Are we referring to grown up daughters here? There s nothing wrong with bathing for daughters that are yet to be adolescents

  75. How could she say that….so doesn’t trust her husband cus if she do she won’t utter such statement
    What she is trying to say to the public is that her husband can sexually assault their children

  76. You trust your husband but you can’t allow him bate his daughter,
    My sister your statement is can contradicting each other!

    And if you have problem with your husband settle it with him not broadcasting it on social media.

  77. Well, it’s what the wife wants, it has nothing to do with trust or no trust, the husband may bath the male one and allow the mother to take care of her baby girl.

  78. Am not sure this woman husband is still alive or they are still married… Cause if they are togther, this woman won’t have the gut to come on TV stations to tell the public that she don’t trust her husband cause as for me, I will call this lack of trust and she don’t know what and what her husband can do and can’t do…

  79. You re rightly right I Concord with you 100% beside prevention is far much more better than the cure itself

  80. There is no trust then . She never trusted her husband deep deep in her heart . I think she already had a bad mind to her husband before spitting out

  81. It is not only on bathing the child, what we should seek is Gods mercy and direction and pray that the devil never takes our home to be his abode.

  82. One can never be more careful, that her own point of view but there is nothing wrong in a father baithing his daughter.

  83. It depends on the kind of husband one have,but if he is guided spiritually,noting makes him to misbehave,bt if nt ,is not good to allow him bath a daughter.

  84. We’ve been hearing this for so long
    And really can’t wait to see it happen
    We want to see it now and not just hear prophecies

  85. I don’t dee y a father should bath d daughter dat have gotten to puberty age. He might b tempted to want to do something stupid

  86. Then stop contradicting your self where the whole world sees you because you do not trust your husband a bit
    How would you feel
    If he says I trust my wife but won’t allow her to bath my sons or have my son lay close to her
    Do the math

  87. I dont really think this woman trust her husband to that extent
    We all should reason it together..
    I trust my husband “BUT”

  88. If you trust ur husband as you said you would not have say that u don’t trust him and u think he is one of those that we assault his daughter think

  89. I don’t blame her, bad things are happening. Her husband should not take it as if she’s accusing him o. It is better to be safe than sorry. I support her fully

  90. Hmmm some people are asking if she did not trust her hubby, abeg is nt the matter of trust is not advisable for husband to bathing for a girl child prevention is better than cure.

  91. My dear I agree completely with that oo prevention they say is better than cure its not just about the trust even trust can fail

  92. If i were to be your husband be sure of divorce in next six months. Because you just insulted him on a national Tv

  93. Somethings shouldn’t be said on TV.. How can u have Dat thought in d first place, if u can’t let ur husband bathe his own daughter Dat means u kno deep down he’s a pedophile..

  94. It all depends on the man you married madam….some even without them bathing sef they might still have bad intentions

  95. You shouldn’t be saying this in public not even to his hearing. You should just be tactical in usage of words, this statement can ruin a blissful relationship.

  96. You are right. You never can tell when the devil will decide to play on his brain. Everyone needs to be careful

  97. She will definitely have her reasons due to what we have been hearing these days but we hope everything will be fine

  98. She really trust her husband but what is happening in the world today is beyond trust and prevention, they say is better than cure

  99. This is very funny and actually true. Possibly she has reasons and in other to prevent whatever she’s thinking in mind she won’t allow her husband to bath her daughter

  100. Stopping your husband from bathing your daughter, that won’t stop him if he truly want to do the the immoral thing with her,

  101. There are series of sexual assault everywhere but since you trust your husband you don’t need to think to that level.

  102. That’s you own opinion, well it is good to be very careful both a good father would not hurt his daughter

  103. It’s because of the world we are into now, fathers and daughter, mother and son… No trust, I didn’t blame the woman for the statement but I blame her for making it open to the nation as a whole

  104. You understand your husband, do I can’t doubt you. But since he is the father of your daughter he shouldn’t be restricted from bathing her.

  105. She wants her daughter to be protected. It doesn’t make her a bad wife. She is simply trying to make sure that her daughter doesn’t go through what others are going through

  106. You dont still have much trust in him, imaging i dont pray such but if it will happen it will not by bathing alone

  107. Yyall fools wont underatand her
    She had her reasons cos i wud not allow dah eida..i wont allow even an older male leave in my house wen my girls are small…yall dont know wah som1 else passed tru at childhood so shut de fuck up

  108. It’s her decision and I see nothing wrong in it but if you know your husband is a disciplined and God fearing man, nothing will scare you about him.

  109. Sex assault byfathers to their daughters is of increase this days. Murayo have made her reasons known why she won’t allow her husband to bath her daughter but mehn, am gonna train my daughter to talk no matter the threat when anyone wanna molest her

  110. I pray this statement will not cause problems in your marriage ..You are entitled to your opinion though.

  111. I believe she knows what she wants and don’t want anything bad to happen. Although to me, bathing my daughter means nothing.

  112. I believe she knows what she wants and don’t want anything bad to happen. Although to me, bathing my daughter means nothing.

  113. Why share this on social media, Morayo Akabashorun. To me, it’s an indication you neither trust your husband nor yourself.

  114. Well, madam it’s because you understand your husband weak point but not every man behaves in such a manner.

  115. She has a spoiled mind. What she is saying means that she doesn’t trust her husband and also she don’t know what her husband can be able to do or not. She is not trustworthy. She will do the whole work alone

  116. Woman what’s wrong with you, your husband is the father to your daughter so he has the right to bath her.

  117. You just ended up embarrassing your husband, its ok for your husband to bathe his daughter till she gets to a certain age.

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