I will no longer have sex until after marriage – BBNaija Leo

Big Brother Naija star,  Leo Dasilva has declared he will no longer have sex until after marriage.

Leo who has been severely linked to fellow ex-housemate, Cee-C revealed this on Twitter while reacting to a question.

I will no longer have sex until after marriage - BBNaija Leo lailasnews 3
I will no longer have sex until after marriage – BBNaija Leo

He wrote:

‘I’m not having any type of sex. Protected or unprotected.  I am keeping myself for marriage.’

And it seems like some former Big Brother Naija housemates are making the decision to revive their bodies, both spiritually and health-wise.

If you re-collect, just some few days back another ex housemate Ifu Ennada wrote that she will be staying without sex in the year 2019. She even mentioned that she will not be engaging in kissing


  1. Well is a good descion, abstinence remains the best, at lest you won’t be confused on the reason why you want to marry

  2. I pray you actually go ahead with it.
    Because you celebrities will tell us one thing and do another

  3. Whatever. Whether you are keeping yourself or not is your personal conviction. Keep it to yourself. Good for you. There is freedom of expression in life

  4. Good for you Leo.I just hope you will follow it up and not just a mere talk or attention seeking statement. It will be good if you can keep to your words.And keep yourself till marriage.It will save you from so many things

  5. Hmmm,it is well,so you now know it is good to abstain from sex when not married.congratulations for your decision

  6. It a good idea to keep oneself before marriage, may God help you as you do so, because there are some temptation that comes on the way, kudos to you brother

  7. This is a good decision and an excellent example for our youths today. There is no gain in having sex before marriage

  8. Whether he married and have sex or he has sex before marriage, I just pray that you have a decent love life bro.

  9. I really hope you keep up your words.Pray to God to lead you through so you won’t be push to do otherwise

  10. He should have keep that to himself instead of him broadcasting it to the world that’s his problem

  11. Wise decision, nice one here, congratulations, i pray you receive the grace to keep this word of yours

  12. That means u were doing it before. Why telling us now since is not a news. Keep it to ur self if u really mean it

  13. If you can resist the urge and temptation and urge then good for you. It just won’t be easy. Wish you the best.

  14. Congratulations if you will keep to your decision it will be the best gift you ever gave yourself. God see you guys through.

  15. That will be good, fornication is very bad, PAPA Go does not like it and it has cause Alot of problems

  16. May God help you to keep and abide by that decision. It means you have to be closer to God and abide by his words

  17. Good for you.. Sex is for married couples not for singles.. I pray God help you keep your body indeed.. Sex in marriage is worth waiting for..

  18. It is God that will help you not by your words . Tell God to help you when you accept Jesus into your life. Holy spirit will help you. Cheers.


  20. Then he should repent for God is full of forgiveness for all the unlawful sex he had had in the past.

  21. Determination is the key to success, because you have made this decision, you will see how easy it will become because nobody forced you. Well done Leo. You made a wise decision. Not easy for some people out there

  22. Nice I really like guys that talks like this….God will help you keep yourself and don’t let people discourage you

  23. It’s a very good decision. I pray the Almighty God will give you the grace to keep to your promise. Congratulations

  24. That’s some sort of deliberate celibacy, but hope u don’t have plans using sex toys indoors?

  25. Keep to your promise and you will enjoy your marital life. i pray that God keep you and fulfill your decision.

  26. That’s great, your body is the holy temple of God that should not be defile, love this your decision so much brother

  27. Una did well, it’s not all the about vowing, it’s about keeping it. Premarital sex is a sin as God told us to keep our bodies which are the temple of the Holy Spirit, holy.

  28. It’s funny whenever these A list stars declears their intention, the world applaud them. Wisdom demand you stay off the door of sex till marriage. So stop acting up for attention.

  29. This is actually a good decision because sex is for married people. Abstaining from it will go along way to reduce the level of sexually transmitted diseases in our country. Sex before marriage is the best option.

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