I will be the first man to openly get married as a gay in Nigeria- chef Ayo declares

Nigerian man has declared he will be the first open gay man in Nigeria to get married in Nigeria.

Sharing the post on his Instagram page, the man identified as Ayo stated that Nigeria government must approve and signed the LGBT marriage in Nigeria.

LGBT Marriage must be Approved and signed in Nigeria.

I Have made research as An Activist,being GAY is not a curse, It is a fascinating lifestyle that ranges from Glory to Glory.

Encompassing the earth surfaces….why would you be scared in Your Fathers land being GAY…..I think Nigeria should stop being Homophobic,we are in a modernized world, despites the hatred Nigeria is still Number 1 country that has the most populace and popular LGBT.If crossdressing is Accepted without no hatred
There is A great Hope that LGBT will be Approved.

I will be the First handsome dude that will get
Married openly as GAY in Nigeria”
In January 2014, the former president of Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan signed the anti-gay law.

The law prohibits homosexual activities and marriage in Nigeria and penalty on gay marriages across the country.

Any one caught involved in gay activity in Nigeria will get 14-year jail sentence for homosexuality.


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