I was raped at 10 – Actress Kc Ejelonu shares her story (Video)

Nollywood actress Kelechi KC Ejelonu reveals she was raped at the age of 10.

KC Ejelonu took to her social media page to share a video of herself as she recounts how she was raped at the age of 10. She was in tears explaining the incident and how the revelation by Busola Dakolo reopened old wounds for her.

I was raped at 10 - Actress Kc Ejelonu shares her story (Video)

She shared the video with caption;

My Experience about Rape…My message to those asking “Why Now”

I have been so cold all day yesterday, Woke up hoping it was all a dream, still a bit shaken because it brings back memories for me but I a lot better than I was a few years ago. To the 1st person who believed in me @walegates without him I probably would have kept this to myself because I became wired to be mute. But that experience happened for a reason and for that today I know my Purpose in Life.
My 1st personal project #SilentPain was about me, @jamesomokwe worked with me on that project but “Fear” never let me push that project.
Mine happened when I was 10 years old & I told my family when I was 32 yrs old. You can not rush a victim to open up immediately, that experience is on a whole different level. For me it felt like I came face to face with the devil & he stole from me.

It NEVER gets easier but with God I know each day will get better.
To those asking Why is she coming out now, Can’t she get over it…I PRAY FOR YOU!!! I know GOD does not create MONSTERS!!! The Devil creates MONSTERS & EVERY SECOND he is looking for Agents to his dirty work. I pray we can differentiate between the voice of God & the devil.

Be HUMAN!!!! I created “Precious Diamond” to help the younger ones to communicate. I attend schools and give them access to Doctors/Nurses to communicate with via email.
Kids don’t run to their parents immediately, atleast that’s what I saw when growing up.
Dear Pastor, you can’t possibly think we are the Agents the devil is using?Do thr right thing by stepping down first….deal with this first.
I tried to cut this video to make it short for IG because it was 30mins. I don’t want to upload the rest so I don’t trigger another victim.
This should not be swept under the rug, to our leaders in government, I am sure we have some who has God in their heart to help this case.
To the pastors, I am not asking you to take sides, but I am asking you tell the Coza Pastor to do the right thing and step down and deal with this.
To the parents, get close to your kids, not by locking them up in the house but talk to them, communicate with them, you will be surprised at the things they already know and are ok to talk about certain issues. #Pastorstepdown

Watch the video below.

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