‘I was always broke when I was with Five Star Music’ – Skiibii

Former Five Star Music act, Skiibii, who left the record label headed by music Star, Kcee and his billionaire brother, E-Money few months ago in an interview with Sunday Scoop, dropped some mind boggling confessions on past events.

'I was always broke when I was with Five Star Music' - Skiibii lailasnews

According to Skiibii in the interview, he has become a better musician and person since parting ways with his former bosses even though many people wondered how he will survive alone.

“I am hundred per cent a better person since I left Five Star Music. When I was at Five Star, I didn’t think I could shoot a video on my own. But it is a different story now. Apart from music, I can do a lot of things on my own. Now, I can take care of my family and pay salaries. When I was with Five Star, I didn’t always have money; I was a boy. If I went to a show, we would share the money and my percentage couldn’t take care of my responsibilities.”

Skiibii who also recounted how life was for him in Surulere, where he once lived before a music deal with Five Star Music, said;

“I started from nothing. At the time I was staying in Surulere, we had 32 rooms and one toilet. But I have my own house now. I am a proud of myself and my family is happy for me. Even before I became Skiibii, I was working hard. Kcee saw me and told his manager to look for me. I met with them and we started doing things together.”

He also added that he’s got a lot to do this year;

“I have not done a lot this year. I have just released one song, Skibobo, but I plan to drop four songs before the year runs out. I have been busy with other things, which have affected my music. But from this month, I will start putting out new materials.”


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  1. Sometimes u dont need to hang around the rich to be rich,their are broke people with rich friends,brothers or sisters even relatives but yet they remain broke..i guess been rich is by God’s grace..it doesn’t matter ur connection ..

  2. See dis one no go find tailoring work learn de here de fool yourself say u na music be ur talent. smh since u leave de record label how many latest u get or who de even hear ur name sef? Mtpeeew better learn to appreciate ur little beginning and stop all dis unnecessary attention smh

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I was always broke when I was with Five Star Music – Skiibii lailasnews

I was always broke when I was with Five Star Music – Skiibii

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