I want to be deputy Senate President – Tinubu

Senator representing Lagos Central, Senator Remi Tinubu, has said her next target is to become the deputy Senate President.

Tinubu said this in an interview with The Guardian, where she expressed optimism that APC would continue to win in Lagos and other states, as long as the party continues to develop people and the country.

I want to be deputy Senate President - Tinubu lailasnews
I want to be deputy Senate President – Tinubu

She lamented the participation of too many insignificant parties in the election, saying it makes it confusing and complicated for most of the illiterate voters, as well as money wasting and time consuming.

Senator Remi Tinubu had been captured on video yesterday after casting her vote, saying to a man that the Igbos can no longer be trusted in Lagos State.


  1. Pls Ma’am Tinubu You should guard your comments &stop intimidating Folks,Riches do not last&has a funny way of leaving in mysterious circumstances

  2. Thunder will fire u ma, it’s not only deputy senate it will be your end in politics as Lagos state are beginning to wake up from their sleep

  3. What will be the hope of this country in the next 10years since our present leader’s life are full of lies

  4. Firstly, I want to challenge Mrs Tinubu that her utterances to an Ibo Disabled man yesterday at polling booth that IGBO are no longer trusted is treasonable statement to DISABLES in Nigeria and to IGBO as a Nation. I come fro South West and that statement coming from a Senator publicly to a disable man is against humanity. Whatever post is deputy Senate President you want will leave you one day and your riches will evaporate to the Lagon.

  5. What does she mean by the Igbos can no longer be trusted in Lagos state? Don’y say what you can’y defence

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