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I suffered for years – Bobrisky says as he shares emotional throwback photo

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Popular Nigerian Cross-dresser, Bobrisky shared an emotional throwback photo from ten years ago as he revealed he was suffering with no mother to care.

He even revealed that he studied at the University of Lagos, but didn’t mention if he graduated from the school.

I suffered for many years - Bobrisky shares emotional throwback photo lailasnews
I suffered for many years – Bobrisky shares emotional throwback photo

He then went further to beseech his critics to desist from hating on him and they should rather leave his page if he annoys them.

He wrote:

“Dis was me ten yrs back suffering with no mother to care for me ��. I lost my mum few month before dis pic. Out of my suffering I still struggled to sponsor myself to university of Lagos. I study accounting….At dis time of me depression was living inside me but I choose to overcome it.

Where are the Nigeria police to help me then �, where are the federal govt then to provide job opportunity to the fresh graduates. Now people wanna judge me �. I choose not to be anything to make money such as Robery,fraudsters, killer etc…. but hustle hard with wat I know.

If u don’t want God punish u just leave Bobrisky alone !!!!!. Now I’m a millionaire everybody wanna be a judge �‍⚖️. Pls be careful. If u don’t like my page pls just use ur unfollow button I beg u. Love u”


  1. 10years back, you were this stupid? God have mercy on you. Did you do okwuego to be rich with this your lifestyle?

  2. Well everyone has his or her own story to tell. You are not the only one who has suffered before making money

  3. No matter what you have been through,it doesn’t guarantee that kind of female life you are trying to leave

  4. Even at that, What you are now does not tell a good story about yourself.
    You would have made God your Lord and Personal Saviour than becoming transgendered being.

  5. I don’t judge I’m not God ! Bob don’t mind them I know one day you will preach the word of God!

  6. Wow! What a great speech however everyone has his or her own past so that’s urs I also has my

  7. My brother, you are still suffering. U can’t be a man and try to leave like a woman, then u claim you’re OK. U are still in cage.

  8. This life is never a bed of rose’s what you have gone through you are not the first neither will you be the last of such situation

  9. Whatsoever it is you passed through, a whole lot of others passed through worse but are into honest living. Live a better life cos what you are doing is not right.

  10. People should let him be, because he really did a lot of work to his body to become what he is today.

  11. Had I know always comes last, you mentioned God in your story while you didn’t please him with your actions, behaviour and attitudes. Repent before is too late for you.

  12. In life, everyone’s got his own struggle. The only thing is for us is to respect our hustle, fear God and bring out the best in ourselves.

  13. His own story is better , he choose to be a girl than robe , so we should all act accordingly and leave some people alone

  14. Touching as it may yes but you can live even better than this I know many other people suffer worse than you have yet they choose to do even better with their life than what you are doing.

  15. At one stage we all has gone try one ordeal or the other I lo’ve the fact that u didn’t take the baddest of roads but this isn’t the best road either u might be well to do now but to what end?

  16. Hahaha haha… Ten years back with that your status, I thnx God for you say u no died bcos of depression and also your Mama no come see wetin you become.

  17. I wonder why people won’t let him be as if their opinion counts in his life. Let him live the way he wants and no one has the right to judge him because he didn’t do any illegal job. He’s using what he knows best to get what he wants simple

  18. You’re not the only person who has suffered before making it and you don’t own you’re life so you better give your life to God .

  19. Do you have a good story to tell as a transgender? Who are you going to inspire with your lifestyle, I feel sorry for you

  20. You said people hate you? No that is love because Nigeria not a gay country so change and be a man that you are people will love you

  21. Even at that, What you are now does not tell a good story about yourself.
    You would have made God your Lord and Personal Saviour than becoming transgendered being.

  22. Yeah everyone has a story to tell. Thank God for all you achievement, don’t do what will displease God.

  23. The way up wasn’t easy but you’ll still have critics. Focus on your life and live right, all will be well.

  24. Wow, I thank God you are alive. You possibly could be doing well compared. Thank God for transformation.

  25. So he knows God can p urnish, but Bob do you ever think of God thought about your personality. Do you think he is happy for what you have done to yourself

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