“I still love Jada Pinkett Smith” – August Alsina insists

August Alsina has stated that he still loves Jada Pinkett Smith, despite the actress describing their affair as an ‘entanglement.’

I still love Jada Pinkett Smith - August Alsina insists lailasnews

Jada Pinkett Smith had few days back appeared on her own Facebook Watch show Red Table Talk, where she confirmed her relationship with August Alsina while she and Will Smith were going through a separation four and a half years ago.

Joined by her husband at the table, Pinkett Smith said their marriage was “struggling” when she initially started a “friendship” with August Alsina over four years ago.

“We decided that we were going to separate for a period of time and you go figure out how to make yourself happy and I’ll figure out how to make myself happy,” Smith said, adding that he didn’t know if they would ever speak again.

“From there, as time went on, I got into a different kind of entanglement with August,” she said, later admitting it was a “relationship.”

“It had been so long since I felt good and it was really a joy to help heal somebody,” she said of her time with Alsina, citing her issues with wanting to “fix” people instead of fixing herself.

“I think that that whole process with Aug really showed me that and taught me that,” she reflected.

Speaking in an interview with Lil Wayne on the season finale of Young Money Radio on Apple Music, August Alsina also admitted that the affair he had with Jada, years ago positively ‘transformed’ him and brought out the ‘King’ in him.

He also insisted that Will Smith gave him his blessings to be with his wife after they both sat down and had a discussion about it.

Asked by Lil Wayne if he still loved Jada, who branded their relationship an ‘entanglement’ during her recent Red Table Talk with her husband, August responded:


He continued: ‘I feel like when you experience a certain type of experience on this planet and you experience a certain type of love, you, I’ll always, I will always have love for her as a person… Real talk though. Real talk.

‘The experience really did help to transform me and really bring out the king in me. But as for what people may say or whatever, or if it’s looking like I might, I’m doing something for attention. Absolutely not…

‘I mean, what’s perplexing to me is that I never think it’s anybody’s business to know my business. And my personal business.

‘But, when my personal business starts to affect my lifestyle and my livelihood, like I lost partnerships and deals behind that situation.

‘Because it looked to the world as if August Alsina was some reckless New Orleans ni**a that I’m just pushing up on somebody’s wife. And because they didn’t have the truth, those things happened and transpired.

‘And then when the truth was revealed, so many of those same people came back around it and apologised to me like, “I’m sorry, my bad. I didn’t know.”‘

The singer recently released his new track ‘Entanglements’ featuring rapper Rick Ross.

The revealing track also included the lyrics, ‘You left your man to f**k with me, just to pay him back. Don’t you know that’s cold-hearted?’

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