I sent burglars to break into my wife’s store, so she can be submissive to me – Nigerian man

A Nigerian man who shared details of a past event on popular Facebook page, Rant HQ, disclosed that he sent burglars to break into his wife’s store, so she can be submissive to him.

I sent burglars to break into my wife's store, so she can be submissive to me - Nigerian man lailasnews

The Nigerian man who disclosed that he never wanted his wife to work, stated that on every slight misunderstanding, his wife was always quick to remind him that she’s capable of taking care of herself.

Read his post below;

This is why i didn’t want my wife to work.
I personally opened a shop for her, she sells wears for male and female i stocked the shop and made her a boss, recently all i do hear from her is i can take care of myself, i can stand on my own I am a boss lady and all.
Any slight misunderstanding between us she will quickly remind me that she’s capable of taking care of herself.

It got so bad that we had a misunderstanding and she moved in to a hotel for 1week I went and apologized which made her returned home .
So I decided to clip her wings.

I sent people to rob her shop, use trailer to pack everything including the doors and show glass overnight I paid the security people because they know me very well, i set part of the building on fire but controlled it.
The next day she got the news but she almost died and was hospitalized for a week.
I paid the owner of the place and asked him to put another person, i did all that because i rented the shop in her name so I can’t take it from her.

Now she’s calm back to my wife, take time satisfy me in bed and cook my meal , no more in a hurry to talk when i talk
Now she’s so humble, the problem now is that she has become a monitoring spirit following up and down and beating young girls around me .
Is she frustrated? Or depressed?
How do i help her aside from making her independent ?
I want her to remain a humble/submissive house wife for life .
She doesn’t know how to manage being independent it makes her too proud and loud.
Please i need you all opinions.

I sent burglars to break into my wife's store, so she can be submissive to me - Nigerian man lailasnews 1


  1. with all due respecxt to you,you are not feeling alright,wah if they take her life in that process nko



  3. Hilarious are you for real ?,you went too far I pray your wife doesn’t find out soon and I hope you forgive yourself you should have used other means not this

  4. You have to sit her down and talk sense into her, both of you have to see a marriage counselor, it will help alot

  5. Wow…. this is really a big one, just keep being close to her and always remind her how much you love her, open another business for her, am sure she has learnt her lessons .

  6. Why on Earth will a man do that to his lovely wife, without thinks about a life and how she could at that moment

  7. You really gone too far. But since your action brought back the wife in her again, I can’t blame you. Its better the shop died down than your home to die. You can still empower her but don’t make her the boss. Let her account for you before stocking the shop again.

  8. Hmmm unbelievable where is the love both of you professed to each other on your wedding day? Wife is not submissive husband sent burglars to make her submissive. Wonders they say shall never end indeed.

    • Love, both of them have lost there lost, because I don’t see anything bad for husband opening store for her wife, but the wife have turn the love to money

  9. You don’t need our help you can help yourself since you get brain to hire burglars just because she’s to proud I really pity her because you can kill her if she annoyed you Mr man cleanup ur mess and apologize to your wife

  10. This man is over doing things…you hav gone too far! ehhhhhhhhh! women will always talk and brag somtimes…it doesn’t mean she want to take charge as the man of the house.you are lucky she didn’t kill herself ..enjoy the monitoring spirit aspect…stupid man.

  11. You went too far, the only thing you will do for her now is to open another stores for her thank you

  12. I don’t think a sensible man would do such a thing that not a way to go about it what if she was shot by mistake

  13. Hmm,since its humility you wanted and you’ve gotten it why are you complaining ?what are the girls doing around you self …oga na you sabi o,carry your cross

  14. Am not in support of what the man did, the woman must have gone to the extreme for him to have done what he did

  15. You took the wrong approach to teach her a lesson thank God that your plans works for you also try another plan that will make her stop beating girls around you introduced her to your female friends as your wife make her feel important in their presence infact if need be stop hanging around with female friends to avoid your wife beating them up. You made her less busy by stopping her business so this is cross you have to bear.

  16. You are very wicked man if she had die in the process what will you tell her family because of your pride and ego you want to kill someone child and now that she doing nothing she will be witch hunting you

  17. Bros you are wicked, you have gone so far to have done this for her. there are other means. you are also proud person thats why you did what you did. so now just do whatever you wanna do seems you can give answer in your own knowledge why need help.

  18. It’s a good thing she’s back to her senses. But if she finds out later that you planned all that happened she may never forgive you. There are better ways to control your wife

  19. that’s too bad of you. you are complicating your wahala by not making her a bit independent.

  20. When you love your wife certainly she will become submissive to you for sure you your self have to be submissive.

  21. Man! You gone too far on her, when she was working you enjoy your style with those sexy mama then you still complained, now she is at home always taking care of you, doing everything you want, my brother you have to subjected yourself for her!

  22. What u did was bad,going to that extent of raping off her source of income,,,thank God she didn’t die of heart attack

  23. Mr man you take a very risk here..what if the woman died in the process? You are the husband you have the right to shutdown that shop and again according to this story you said your wife z beating girls that are around you and my question is why will girl surround you, don’t you know that you are a married man?.. Dear don’t destroy your home ooo

  24. U shouldn’t ave done dat to her all u ave to do is to calm her down & talk to her as her husband

  25. No be small thing. You are one who is insecure. Abeg the lady alone. In as much as shevtells you she can take care of herself she does not intend to that any time soon except you give her season to do that. Stop threatening her with throwing her out or with divorce. It makes defensive and that’s when she will begin to think that she has nothing to lose even if you throw her out as she is independent.

  26. The woman has break her vows you marriage when you start to invest on a woman a lot of pride will start taking place she will start to loose respect becos she is getting the same money has her husband .
    Break up the relationship and find who is worthy for your happiness man

  27. You should have known what to do now since you didn’t ask for any advice when you sent people to bugle her shop…. Do we still have men with irrational thinking?

  28. Nice steps by the man. But been a monitoring spirit following up and down and beating young girls around me, is also a work.
    I think she’s frustrated and depressed at the same time.

  29. What you did was too much, you supposed to have informed your pastor or Alfa about her behaviour,so as to talk to her before taking an action

  30. No be small thing. You are one who is insecure. Abeg leave the lady alone. In as much as she tells you she can take care of hersel,f she does not intend to do that any time soon except you give her season to do that. Stop threatening her with throwing her out or with divorce. It makes her defensive and that’s when she will begin to think that she has nothing to lose even if you throw her out as she is independent.

  31. The idea is very poor and not proper. Show her more love and pamper her she would be submissive.

  32. Idiot man so the you mean if you didn’t do such your wife will not respect you???? no no no no too bad of you brother

  33. You’re a bad man. What if they killed your wife. Who will submit to you. Your duty is to love her, by so doing she will submit

  34. Hmmm… I don’t think she had home training. Some people don’t have head but they have cap, while some people have cap but they don’t have head. Such is life bro, just out everything in prayer and hope she changes soon.

  35. You that wants your wife to be submissive you too must be humble to her na. In the sense that you will not be cheating on her

  36. i comment my reserve. please she can still be submissive but not to have gone too far to this point of robbing her.

  37. What you did was bad. You did these because of love. So what if they killed her in that procees

  38. Women with money can never be submissive…it takes the grace of God… but guy you went too far.

  39. Wow family issues. Sometimes women can be so foolish at times. This man used sense in the wrong way Sha.

  40. I don’t know what to say like seriously. But the man has some point sha. The woman is an ingrate. But you went too far husband. There are better ways you could have handled the situation.

  41. Wicked Man! What if she had died in hospital? When her time was occupied, you were jealous and destroyed her business and nearly killed her with High Blood Pressure. Yes, you gave her the capital to start but it was her sweat the made it what it was. Now that she is idle to attend to every whim, she also now has time to catch you chasing girls upandan. Serves you right. Oga, carry ya cross and enjoy the Idle and Depressed Wife that you created.

  42. Because you established her now, she has started giving ego.. You should have just take over the shop instead of sending thief there.

  43. She deserve to be submissive to you though your action can equally thwart the income in the family.

  44. Bad decision, I hope she didn’t find out the truth because it can lead to break of marriage

  45. But that was not the right way to treat the matter …
    Maybe her pride comes from how she was brought or maybe she’s just a proud type…
    But u just have to seat her down and ask her what she really want and then hear her out.

  46. Hmmmm. This is terrifying. People that are married will not be giving us hype to get married but going upanda spreading what will give us a second thought of being single. Meanwhile Mr Man you have said what she did to you to make you burn and burgled her the shop. But we don’t know what you in particular have been doing to her to warrant those attitudes from her. But that hasn’t solve your problem because she’s following up and down. Oga just embrace the new her that you want. I believe you didn’t seek for advice before raking her down.

  47. You cannot make a woman submissive with the action you portrayed. You should work on yourself first as a man then also do not let the lady feel insecure

  48. You are just a plain selfish man! You went that lengthy to curb her so called wings but yet you have refused to stay faithful to her???

  49. Lol.you cant eat your cake and have eat.you don’t want her to be independent and work(owning her business) you succeeded in bring it down now you are complaining she now has time to tail you everywhere and beat every girl up to talk to. Well I would say serves you right

  50. My guy, u nid help. Now that u are carrying small girls up n down, did she castrate u? Nonsense. For ur info, she is only obedient, not submissive. Watch ur back cos d truth must surface n she will strike back.

  51. The action you portrayed man is wrong. You should have seek wise counsel before embarking on what you did

  52. Have started it all well, but you messed it up at the end sending burglars to break into my wife’s store all because you want her to be submission to you, but there are other several ways to make your own wife be submissive and not in this way … May God help you.

  53. Dts serves you right.. You don’t want her to be responsible, u caged her and now you want to be okay.. Selfish man… Thank God she is okay.

  54. The problem is not with her but with you because you are messing up outside your home, is only in that regard she will be able to tell you that she can stand on her own, so bro work with yourself first then you can see clearly.

  55. Sending burglar to break her shop is really a wicked and stupid act, in fact he need to be punished for that. A sensible woman will always be submissive if the man himself is responsible. Do your duty as a man and your woman will always be submissive to you.

  56. Thats not nice na haba.there are many alternatives like wise counselling that can help your family

  57. The day she finds out about this will be the day he starts eatting bad food.or she can start planning bad for him. But he just have to open a business and get an independent person to manage it with all the returns been put in her account monthly by him. That way he is still in control

  58. Funny some drastic measure brings wanted solutions. I will not applaud you sir but I will still give u thumbs up. Cos you got desired result. Of try that again it’s a crime! Help her get a counsellor. Make her realize part of her character that is affecting her marriage.

  59. Chaii, this Is too bad, He went too far… But the woman Is Very stupid, Let her head Cool down For A year or so.

  60. This is not the best we to tackle such a problem.But since u’ve done,removed everything given to her and ask the owner of the shop to put another person, you think it’s the best solution for you,so all is done you don’t need any further advice.

  61. you are one of the numerous HUSBANDS that does not want the progress of your wife. Better repent for Tomorrows sake.

  62. You did all those things just for her to be submissive to you and it work. Now, you are complaining that she is a monitoring spirit.. you neva see anything!

  63. Hahahaha, you can’t eat your cake and have it now that her shop is gone you are now her business in lady that comes close to you will receive serious beating lol

  64. Men, ego, they always want to be in charge at all time, you have use your hand to transform her to what you want, so enjoy it while it last. You wanted her to be submissive but you find it difficult to subject your body to only her.

  65. Man! You gone too far on her, when she was working you enjoy your style with those sexy mama then you still complained, now she is at home always taking care of you, doing everything you want, my brother you have to subjected yourself for her! In the name of love

  66. Oga, u be dangote pikin or adeleke pikin that made burgle her shop, burn part of it, now in shock she is in the hospital for a week if she has died what will you say, u will nor be regretting ur actions now she is a monitoring spirit what else do you expect from her when she is jobless, sir I bet u the day she will find out you are behind the burglary stuff you will smell ur ass.

    You went down toooooo far.

  67. I don’t seem that as a right move to settle marital problem, I hope the thieves gave you back what they stole from your wife

  68. Oh my goodness
    ..that was so to the extreme? If she gets to know you petptrated those act. You will lose her for life. She on the other hand didntvdo well by going to the hotel. Please put it into prayers. Commit her into God’s hands all will b well

  69. This is very tough why most you send robbers after her you could just lock or shutdown the shop simple since it’s yours.

  70. You earn respect and submission and not the way you are going about it. You should be ready to handle the monitoring spirit you have let loose by making her jobless once again.

  71. That was way too far bro. Just talk things out with her and trust God to settle all that concerns you both

  72. You could have find a better way to bring your wife closer to you rather than going that far, what if she die of heart attack?

  73. This is nonsense, it shows he is to responsible to earn her respect if this is what he think will make her show respect to him.

  74. You did what satisfied you and now asking us if what she is doing is good or not.
    Don’t you know that an idle man is a devil workshop.

  75. That was a stupid excuse for breaking into his wife’s shop . If everyone breaking into people’s shops with lame excuses then I guess there wouldn’t be any criminals in the world

  76. You went too far though. But everyone has his / her own thinking faculty. what you did isn’t the best option. If your ways are right and clear, she’ll stop being paranoid with time, but for now, enjoy her the way she is. Nobody is perfect.

  77. The man’s action was a feeling of insecurity. If truly the wife has become a monitoring spirit then it confirms the saying, Idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Both couples should sit down and have a heart to heart talk.

  78. The man did the best thing women of nawadays are ungrateful when you make them chief in your kingdom they become king your king and want to rule you.only God will save we men on how women treat us after you give them life.just take it easy with her

  79. What you did is very wrong
    You could have find a better way to bring your wife closer to you rather than going that far, what if she die of heart attack? What will you do.

  80. Why cant he call her,sit her down and talk to her
    You obviously took the wrong step bro
    Try to always undastand ur wife or give her some orientation about how you want things done.

  81. Submissiveness is a natural thing. It doesn’t come by force. Show ur wife love and care for her and u ll see the result. Woman show respect to ur husband and submit to him for he is ur crown. Throw away pride so that you ll prosper more. Disobedience is a sin.

  82. Man you lose, the money is yours but this is not right, but the woman should also learnt to submit too

  83. No matter what she still remains a proud woman
    Is only God that will resolve all the issues for you

  84. You have use trickily way to achieve some of your goals, but what remain is #TRUST, make sure she trust you so dearly, if she do she wont be beating girls around you anymore..

  85. Seriously, you have gone too far,what about if she later found out, definitely your marriage is on edge now, becareful on the decision you made today because it will affect you tomorrow.

  86. you should not have done that for the first place, alot of method to make your wife be submissive to you, thank God she wasn’t armed

  87. Sit her down and tell her what you want and what you don’t want with prayer she will change. But Mr. Man but what you did is not good

  88. This man wicked o, anyway she’s your wife, do to he whatever pleases you but don’t take her life.

  89. What’s your gain. You went too far. Such act can never make a woman submissive. All you need to do is to be a good husband and pray to God for a change

  90. This is rubbish so you think you are doing the right thing right..Please go and settle with your wife and make sure you establish her back.

  91. So that’s why you decided to send bulgers to her store. It shows that you are not man enough. So you are afraid because she is capable of taking care of herself. Insecure man

  92. Lol! This is hilarious. You want her to be humble and submissive right? Now u’ve gotten it and you’ve started complaining that she is a monitoring spirit. Treat your wife with love and care, don’t give her any reason to suspect or monitor you unnecessarily. Show her true love and you will captivate her heart.

  93. The man is to be arrested as the leader of the gang and an informant to the incident, you don’t do such a thing using it as excuse

  94. I think he has gone too far….that’s not the right thing to make his wife humble… what is she had died in the process??

  95. You thought your wife will submit to you by sending burglars to steal from her. You are not worth a man. Have you shown her love? Or have you forgotten you are the head of the family who should give her love to get her love and submission back? Real men are very rear to find.

  96. I would say they didn’t go through courtship period before marriage because if they did the man would’ve known the kind of woman he’s about to marry whether she’s materialistic or not. Since you’ve done these and now she’s a monitoring spirit I will advice you sit her down and give her some lectures.

  97. I believe that you both love each other and you have to come together and you open a small provision store for her to keep her busy….

  98. Before yhu carry out yhur intentions, why didn’t yhu publicize it and ask how to settle it amicably between yhu guys.
    Yhu went too far and now yhu regretted yhur actions, tho I’m not in support of what she did
    But this serves yhu right.

  99. You’re crazy bro ….. you really went too far, you might have taken her life, what if she fell into a coma, don’t you know women are soft hearted

  100. Do you breaking into your wife’s store is the only way to make her to be submissive to you .Think twice brother

  101. Do you search for help before you take the decision

    My advice is open another shop for Her and give Her rule and regulation

  102. You messed up by robbing her. Granted, you subdued her but you created another monster. Good luck with her.

  103. IBO people sef, well, some women deserve exactly what that man did, now that they have scattered that shop, what is your gain?

  104. This is not a best way to gain submissiveness , at the same time you did well. It works out perfectly fine just the way you wanted.. Bravo
    Just let her be. Don’t do anything suspicious and silly again and be submissive as well

  105. The method he used in making his wife submissive is a nice one but there are more effective ways to make a woman submit to you.

  106. That is how some woman nomally misbehave the opportunities they had, that is too bad for such woman

  107. Oga Sir ur mean ooo. So she should remain house wife for life. Remember there is God, start up something small for her otherwise she will keep disturbing you n your small girls

  108. You have to reopen her business for her again but discuss with her how she must be submissive and humble

  109. U used a wrong approach. Sitting her down to remind her how u set her up would have been better approach. Now deal with whatever u dishes out to u

  110. That’ isn’t too good out all but then she too is wrong on her past. so you both need apologies shy

  111. Nonsense and the day she will find out your misschiefs she will leave you for life. Just imagineewns of making a woman to be humble

  112. You stopped her from selling..but you havent stop following other ladies…since she doesnt have a job..dnt blame her for what she is doing..

  113. That’s too bad now.. you went too far pls. If she eventually finds out one day she would leave you

  114. The man is just confused that is why he couldn’t talk to his wife about having pride. Who knows if she would have changed.

  115. He has gone too far. How can a man send people to break into his wife store so she can be submissive?

  116. Lol I can’t stop laughing haha you went too far but I think it yield some results but the work is not done completely

  117. Lol I can’t stop laughing haha you went too far but I think it yield some results but the work is not done completely. Look for another way to make her happy

  118. Haba bros u wan kill person pikin. Although she showed she is power conscious but seems u overdid it too.

  119. you took the wrong step why not have family discussion and settle your problem though she’s shouldn’t supposed to utter such statement too but your decision was harsh

  120. Man you are wicked, robbing your wife shop and setting it ablaze, you want her to be humble bear with her. She has no job so let her monitor you.

  121. This is so funny, na you get wife so you made your bed now lay in it. May the monitoring spirit continue

  122. That was not the best thing to do. You just complicated matters, you don’t do that to make a woman submissive. You would have shown her love,try to be interested in her likes. I am telling you when women likes and loves a man , they will be submissive. You ought to be prayerful.

  123. Was all these attacks for your wife to humble and be vulnerable for you. What if she landed in the hospital with a serious sickness of stroke, would you have been able to cope? Be careful on the path to take when making your desire known.

  124. Hahaha I like this a friend of mine her husband it the same to her 5years letter he told her everything. Sometimes is good and some times is not good

  125. The two of you are really meant for each other, she thinks that you can’t handle her being independent & you think that she can’t handle independence. Tell her all that you did and take care of the situation the way a true couple would.

  126. Oga your fowl don lay cook egg wetin u de find u don see am na so njoy. Na u go enjoy am.

  127. My guy that’s very insensitive.
    Planning against yourself is an unforgivable offence. Your wife is part of you and you are part of her also. That makes you two one according to Biblical description. Remember that everything in life has its own strategy.

  128. Though women have pride but some don’t allow their pride control them, they control it. No matter how much a lady could be earning her husband will always be her husband, so she just have to respect him.
    But to sincere with this man, he went to far, though you start up the business for her but has invested more of time on it which is called nonrenewable resources..

  129. You have gotten what you want You just did as you wish but you didn’t think of the consequences may God forgive you for your ignorance next time marry a woman you can control no matter what

  130. She was wrong to av been boasting to ur face, so she left u with no option, sorry man buh u went too far.

  131. In as much as I don’t support the lady’s character, you went too far. You should have found a better way to make her submissive.

  132. He shouldn’t have done that. The man is very wicked. Women should be careful of such men.

  133. You went too far o. You can ruin your marriage the way you are going about it. What if she finds out, all in the name that you want her to be submissive. The best still remains dialogue and prayers

  134. This is so hilarious, hunku you went too far now you have created another problem for yourself then you deal with it

  135. Some women turn to something else once they are in control of money,you did well thank God you have your wife back,she don’t deserve the independent at all

  136. That’s going too far, I don’t think he needs to do that for him to have his wife been submissive. He should apologise to her

  137. You have made a great mistake man,this matter is simple call her and talk to her to find the way out.

  138. sending people to her shop, just to burgle her shop just because she his submissive to you, the problem is from you and not you doing evil to her, GROW UP MR MAN

  139. If you want your wife to be submissive, there is another way than robbing her, if you have try another way, it would have been better than this, well you can still try it, show love to her, remind her of her promise during your wedding.

  140. This man went too far. I believe there would have been better ways to solve the problem

  141. They’re other better ways to handle the issue rather than the drama you put in place, talk to her and then study the bible with her as a family and pray together. When God is in a marriage problems will be few.

  142. Both of them need to see a psychiatric. Both of them have pride in them and need to work on theirselves.

  143. Ah ah you are getting too far now since you succeed she’s now a polite woman she must be watchful after your activities with girls

  144. I believe that the two of you need to see a counsellor. Your marital problem is t9 complex to be handled by the two of you alone.

  145. Both of them need to see a psychiatric. Both of them have pride in them and need to work on themselves. This is not ordinary

  146. Hmm. This is a wrong approach and it shows that there is no love in that marriage; if the only way to command your wife’s submission and respect is to render her jobless. You really need to redefine such relationship because i foresee disaster in the long run.

  147. This is ungodly, you went too far I pray your wife doesn’t find out soon and I hope you forgive yourself you should have used other means not this

  148. Oga husband.. That’s a very childish, senseless and irresponsible way of going about it.. What happened to “discussing it”

  149. The decision you took was wrong.you shouldn’t have done that.all she needs is conselling ,encouragement and most importantly God.both of you need Christ to be able to live together forever

  150. You’ve gone too far with it. You should love her the more if you want her to be submissive.

  151. So shameful what people can do… So you want to make ur wife submissive but burgling her shop. Continue

  152. In the process of curtailing your wife you’ve committed two crimes of Burglary and Arson which carries lengthy years of imprisonment if police got involved.

  153. You did well. It made her come back to her sences. You just have to let her know why you did it. Am sure its because of love

  154. Both sides are really at fault. The woman should have been very submissive no matter what she has but this man has gone too far, he shouldn’t have done all that to his wife.

  155. U could’nt have done that u could have talk to ha in the way she will understand as a husband doing that will even make ha to hate u the more

  156. Sending burglars was not the best thing to do you should have had a long talk with her to know what the matter is and also be the man of your home

  157. Too bad of you, you really went too far, thank God she didn’t die in the process of teaching her a lesson

  158. I pray this will not lead to a break up. Hence, you need to apologise to your wife, peraventure she would forgive

  159. Hahahahaha this is pure madness from husband and wife.. You needed her to be submissive you arranged with bad guys for her shop to be burgled all because you are responsible for funding the shop, now that you have succeeded in winning her back she has become over protective and insecure monitoring you up and down.. Sir let me advice you on what to do, i will advice you re-open another shop for her but this time tell her your dos and don’ts. Tell her what you want from her and make her know that she must not stop been submissive when she starts with the business again. I believe its because she is jobless that is the reason why she has time to be monitoring your movements but if she is fully engaged with something reasonable she will not be too insecure

  160. oga you went too far and u got what u deserve
    U have decided in making her a depressed woman…. Enjoy the new woman u have always wanted

  161. All u needed to do was to get her know ur need of her and she will with all pleasure submit to u. I think u went too far

  162. Instead of him to be happy that his wife is doing well in business, he ends up seeing burglers to her shop.. This is bad of him

  163. Both are battling with control and complex. Wife starts making money and feels husband is irrelevant. Hubby now feels threatened.

  164. Women are very fond of using that words on their husbands but oga you went too far .there are ways to cut her wings other than becoming a the if.what if she report you to the police

  165. I find this funny here
    Being independent should not make you proud, your hubby will always be the head

  166. I can’t believe this, what if you build house for your wife, you will demolish the house.
    It’s a thing you can sit her down and talk sense into her.
    Please change, confess and beg her

  167. This husband is very funny, but in a wicked way, there are better ways in handling things, I bet if she knows, she will never trust you again.

  168. She is your wife. You alone know her well enough and knows what is good for her and what is not. I believe if you sit down and think you would come up with a plan.

  169. now she is at home always taking care of you, doing everything you want, my brother you have to subjected yourself for her! In the name of love

  170. Seriously? People will not sieze to amaze me with the way they think at times… There will be a big problem if the wife finds out what the husband did..

  171. At first I thought you were losing your mind.. But after reading the hole story to the end I understand you totally.. Honestly some women at like this.. But sir you should tradewuth caution.. If you know you know

  172. That is wickedness Oga.make her independent but let her consult an expert on marriage counseling

  173. You went to far, robbing her and all those things you did shouldn’t come out, if not that’s the end of the marriage.

  174. Sir you went overboard… Though she’s wrong… You blew it out of proportion.. what if she lost her life…. Don’t do it again

  175. Why are some folks calling the guy names. See eh we woman are the reason why our man act the way their do. Why should you be rubbing shoulders with your husband,didn’t the Bible say, woman be submisive to your husband. Thou the man went too far, but his intentions were right

  176. She needs good counselling and there is not bad in empowering her it shows that it will keep her busy, to talk handle her as a man.

  177. You went to far…what if she died in the process…you should sit her down and let her know what you want…she should understand you.

  178. This is one problem women have generally, once they start touching money, they will now be very arrogant to their husband. But the husband went too far by sending people to break her shop. Women stops being submissive to their husbands once they are getting money.

  179. Wonders will never end you went this far just have her under you! You burnt part of the shop, took way all stuck and gave the shop away still you’re not satisfied because now she has become your monitoring spirit as you said, which is another problem for you, the only solution is to take back to where she was I mean get her back to her business, keep her busy as she was before that is the only solution because in her busy moment she has no time to monitor you but you have given her one now so enjoy the problem you created for your self

  180. Respect and submissiveness is earned and not impose or commanded, if you do what is expected of you, she will naturally submit to you as a husband, please treat her like a queen and you will enjoy her

  181. For your wife to always make that remark that she can take care of herself means there’s something more than her business. You need to check your character towards her, look inward.

  182. Nigerian with their mentality
    You want her to be your house wife for life
    You would had said you want her to be your slave
    Ghosh if that lady finds Out she will not forgive you.

  183. Brother this not a way to make your wife submissive, woman will always be woman they’ll brag about alot of things. Respect and submissive are earn to being impose on someone. Check the way you treat your woman.

  184. Ronkebabe these life we learn everyday too bad in any relationship trust is the key but these man did not has the mind of God at all holding to an offence is bad

  185. This is the funniest post I have seen this year. I think the man is the proud person here, is he a god? That he wants the wife to worship him.OK now she is doing it 100% enjoy your wife sir. Nothing you can do.

  186. Mr husband you are just being self centered and selfish. Their are so many ways to make a woman submit to you. Try love it works like magic

  187. Haha.sharp guy
    I like your strategy in clipping her wings
    I’ll suggest you open a smaller store and don’t fuel the business
    But anything you do now must be in your name
    This is just to get her busy and still watch her pride
    Some women are very stupid when given opportunity

  188. She is not fraustrated,she is only been idle make her independent again and the monitoring spirit will stop

  189. You are a wicked person to do that kind of thing
    You should have just set her down and explain things to her

  190. what you did is a good thing for the family but the actions you took is a sin. But you guy are now happy. I will advise you to endure and swallow all the insult from her to remain happy just as you wish at the first place.

  191. She allowed money and bee a Bosslady go deep into her head, now you finally got her back home and obeying you calmly so just take her monitoring you as her new appointment since she is jobless. Enjoy her fully ooo

  192. If she can’t be submissive to you, let her remain that way until she learn to be very submissive to you and also respect you always.

  193. You have done a very good thing by empowering your wife but she misbehaved, 95% or more of our women will misbehave when you empower. My advice for Younis to watch her for months weather she has changed for real then you can set her up back

  194. That was too much.What if that incident had killed her,is that what you would have been saying? My dear, you must need to make amend before she will be frustrated to a point of no return.

  195. you dont love her, if really do love her you won’t do that, you are even proud of it you are shameless

  196. You are in for a big problem if your wife finds out that you are behind all that. I pray she doesn’t

  197. For her to disrespect you is not a good thing, the wife must respect and honour her husband. If you have the money to take care of her, let her stay at home without working.

  198. So why coming out on social media to say it if she finds out You are in for a big problem. I pray she doesn’t

  199. Wrong approach to a marital issue.All you need to do is to love your wife,surprise her with gifts,stop shouting at her ,cuddle her,…by so doing, you gain her heart and she will be so submissive

  200. Its unfair that’s not the best way to solve ur problem just have to apologize to ur wife cause you wronged her.

  201. This man must be so irresponsible and wicked for doing such a thing to his wife all for nothing in the name of respect and oga of the house

  202. Is that how you should make a woman submissive? This will only cause trauma for her and possible leave you when she finds out. Have you thought what if they had harm her?

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We need to start keeping it real to help people from falling into depression- Eldee

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Egypt to host 2019 AFCON tournament