I relocated to US because acting didn’t work for me – Wale Adebayo

Nollywood Actor, Wale Adebayo, popularly known as Sango, has opened up on reason why he left Nigeria for the United States of America and it was simply because he wasn’t getting enough out of acting.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, the actor stated that he didn’t wish to relocate to the United States of America at the time he did, but his living condition and that of his family was already deteriorating and so he didn’t have any option but to seek a greener pasture.

I relocated to US because acting didn’t work for me - Wale Adebayo lailasnews 3
I relocated to US because acting didn’t work for me – Wale Adebayo

He said:

“For me, relocating to America wasn’t by choice; the situation of Nigeria played a huge factor in it. At some point, I told myself that I had a family to feed and the industry wasn’t as favourable as it should be. I stopped thinking about myself alone and the need to save my acting career. I wanted to do something for my kids.”

Adebayo added that after relocating to America, he ventured into something new. He stated,

“It wasn’t easy for me to leave what I enjoyed doing for another life in America. But the most important thing is that I am not where I was four or seven years ago. I am in a better place now and my family is more comfortable.”

The Yoruba actor also lamented that it was quite disheartening that despite the effort he put into his acting career, he didn’t get the best from it.

He said:

“I did everything to make a living out of acting but it just didn’t work for me. That is why I respect the likes of Richard Mofe Damijo, Ramsey Nouah, Kate Henshaw and Sola Sobowale. Even when they disappeared from the scene for some years, it seemed they never left once they returned. I call it grace. I have also learnt that an actor should never relax even though he has made a huge impact.”


  1. Thank God your are doing well for yourself and family. If acting did not favor you, another business will. It’s good to change location once the place you are is not helping. Thumbs up for you

  2. I remember Wake Adebayo vividly, especially in the movie Sango while growing up, butbin my candid opinion, this is just an excuse to give up on your career. Whatever happened to trying out in Hollywood right there in America huh?!

  3. It is very good as you considered the future of your children because that’s the most important thing .No need to remain in acting because you are enjoying it while it can not favour your family, so you made the best decision as a wise man.

  4. Wao that’s a very nice ideas……the other hand is not working then I gads to Change to another one……congrats sir

  5. As long as you put food on the table for your family,you are on point…sometimes in life,we don’t do what we love to do,but what is expedient

  6. I don’t think acting should be a permanent job for these actors and actresses, because there are many young folks that are coming into the movie industry and can do the act better than the old ones.

  7. Congratulations bro u don’t have to be in nigeria and things are not working the way it supposed to be, and remain there.

  8. The bad guy of one of the superstory episodes..

    Nice move for him..
    Its very vital for one to find it’s niche….
    Wish him all the best

  9. Its really better that way, instead of yhu wasting yhur precious time doing nothing
    It’s really a brave decision

  10. Congrats to you .at least in the united state you have a better place you work nd earn enough thank God. before you take any action in this world think carefully hardwork is the best.

  11. It’s a good thing you had the deep sense of responsibility to take care of your family and had to relocate to the USA, hope you find more favour over there, wish you the best of luck and a happy family life

  12. Acting didnt work for you, thank God you were able to discover it on time and you make a right decision , and thank God you are successful now

  13. I guess acting was never your destiny, am glad you’ve got something doing now in the US That is making you and your family comfortable.

  14. Is good you took A bord step because in life one needs to moving forward in life if not for anything your family first Weldon.

  15. Decisions are what keeps a man moving, the moment you make the right ones the sky is your starting point. Hope you find what you desire wherever you decide to move to.

  16. You to the best step and thank God it works for you some tried that same road but nothing is yielding God bless your hustle and family we miss your acting here though

  17. It left for you any were in the world that you know you can make then you can stay that place

  18. Since his decision favoured him over acting, then he did the right thing and his family would be proud of him.

  19. That is what every sensible human being should do, put family first before any other thing. It’s good you realized early that acting wasn’t gonna take anywhere. More grace.

  20. Happy for you boss, you took a big decision on your family and I’m happy you said you are not were you used to be. Kudos bro

  21. that is good I wish you best of luck in the story of life more money in your bank account as you desire

  22. Who doesn’t know how frustrating acting in Nigeria could be.. I also know it wasn’t an easy decision to leave what you love doing.. But its good you took the decision considering your family.. Thank God you are no longer where you used to be.. A times in life, you take decision considering the people you love first, before your own desires.. Nice Wale

  23. Well waje adebayo is a talented actors, maybe the movie industry does hold up to his esteem, i miss his movies

  24. Nigeria acting is a mess no doubt about that, you should be thanking God for your progress and not talking about how you leave the industry. Many people don’t have the opportunity you get. Bigger you.

  25. Taking care of your family and making sure they are comfortable is the priority of every head of the family

  26. He has made the best decision for himself and his family. We wish him all the best in his new life.

  27. God will always bless a man who sees the need to put family above self. He is a real man. That’s what real men do.

  28. I’m happy your choice made up for you..the most important thing is that you are your family are happy.. God bless you.

  29. Be strong, you made a decision to move to the States and it pays,you are going to be more stronger when you come back because you are a good actor

  30. Destiny can never be change, i believe acting is not meant for him, that why is not making big out of it

  31. They do Tell us in school that everyone can n9t work in the office.. So I guess acting can not work for everyone..

  32. No wonder, I don’t see much of him lately. I don’t know why nollywood likes to segregate, it’s true the he’s not been given more roles to play despite the fact that he is a good actor. Its well Bro, You will be great no matter what the situation may be.

  33. May this be your way of success, maybe when everything went as you plan you come back and continue with your acting

  34. its a great and good decision you made, bcox if you notice this is not your way of success you just have to change step fast. And thank God for your life now, you are living better than you used to. Missed your acting thou!!

  35. Relocating was a choice, finding what works for you in the movie industry was your responsibility. I pray you find a good thing doing over there too.

  36. Yes your film sango was remarkable…. However giving our children the best life got to offer is the ultimate. I wish you continuous success.

  37. You have some points, everything will soon be better and good, this life is turn by turn let wait for our time.

  38. This is a very good decision by Wale Adebayo. it’s better to quit any activity that doesn’t add value to life.

  39. Eyah!That is really sad,God knows best for you.And I know you are going to make it there in the United state of America.

  40. Even when they disappeared from the scene for some years, it seemed they never left once they returned. I call it grace. I have also learnt that an actor should never relax even though he has made a huge impact.”

  41. Your decision to leave Nigeria was a very good one. It’s always good to look for greener pasture. It’s good as your condition and that of your family has improved. Surviving in Nigeria is difficult these days.

  42. Thank God you were issued visa, if you were not issued the visa wouldn’t you find something better to do here in Nigeria

  43. Nice one. Its good to when to attack and when to restrategize
    I think that is what he did. That is wisdom

  44. That was the best thing to do. If things doesn’t work out well with one, we try another.

  45. He is a lucky man that took the decision to leave the movie industry for greener pasture abroad. Thank God life is better for him and his family over there.

  46. Thats a wise decision its not be force to act,if good that he found a better way out in time instead of suffering for nothing

  47. It’s really good to realize what works best for you and follow it. You made the right choice following your dreams earlier

  48. It’s always good to know what works for you and go for it. Who knows what would have happened if he has stayed in the industry by force.

  49. Yes o, in all our endeavors its the grace of God that counts. May the lord bless your path and give you the grace to be that man in the family.

  50. It’s great thing to discover it earlier. God knows the best for you and will reveal it to you someday

  51. If that is the reason you are wrong,acting worked for you and you had alot of fans.you would have waited for your time to come before leaving.nice seeing you after a long time

  52. good father ..for some people going to the U.S its for good purpose others go to get pooper please lets be wise

  53. I like your spirit, it is better you discover your self on time so fast and. Amen a change to bring a positive impact to your self and to the life is your family.

  54. Congratulations to you on your decision that has been so favorable to your family, may God continue to bless you more and more.

  55. That is a good alternative that is the situation we are still in here in Nigeria o thank God you are living your life fine over there

  56. Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans….I like your decision and the fact you made it open… The most important thing is being successful…

  57. Competition everywhere in every sectors..life in the USA is great and cool. I understand him perfectly well.

  58. It’s a good decision to make sir, in fact I wish many Actors and Actresses out there thinks the same way you think.
    Despite the fact that you are good in acting, it’s a good thing you quit

  59. Well done it was a really bold step not every one is meant to be an actor or actress .Now i can say he is doing very well able to take care of his family.

  60. Making good decision is GOOD, since you think it was better to leave and you have seen good result then fine for you

  61. This is what Nigeria is turning into. People who love the country and have a promising future have no choice but to leave the country at times when the situation is bad. Thank God for u, u were able to relocate and find your footing.

  62. Good choice and come to think of it, things is working out well for him, that was a good decision he made back then

  63. If Nigeria is better place someone like adebayo will not taught of relocating to us. The country is bad the economy is nothing to right about.

  64. It was a wise decision. Family comes first. I miss you though back in the days when you where acting super story

  65. It takes common sense if there is anything like common sense to visualise that what u are doing is not giving u the expected result
    The option was a good one opt out for something more better

  66. Congratulations bro! U ve taken a right step in a right direction. God will open a new chapter for you so that u ll raise ur children in a right direction.

  67. Nice ideal thanks for the courageous moves its always nice for everyman to find out where his dreams lies instead of wasting time here in the movies and its not working for you…i pray you do better and excel in life…God help you and your family

  68. Thank God you realized it on time and left for the United States.. The most important thing now is that your family is doing much more better. Congrats man

  69. Sure talk Adebayo. You are s right, because you are the man and the well being of your family is all directed to you. Nice decision.

  70. your choice to relocate is welcomed. I am not giving up on my country but everyone is entitled to his choice of location. Thank you for thinking about your family first

  71. That was the best decision to take for your family. At least, you can always come down to Nigeria and pick some roles as acting is your passion since your family is settled.

  72. Well life is a matter of choice, it good that you didn’t take the decision for selfish reasons but for the betterment of yourself and family, so it’s ok.

  73. Family first, then career follow, but if you have passion for your work, you will one day get what you want from it

  74. Your opinion is good joor, because Nowadays one road no enter market again you have strugle in different way before you achive your haim

  75. Nigeria is not helping situations. All professionals are running out of the country. Who will then stand and put this country back in place?

  76. If where u are don’t change u,u change where u are,congratulations may u find what u seek over there..

  77. That is a good idea.. Bro Nigeria as a country is truly not working. And anyone who say otherwise is a blood lier.God will help you

  78. It is better you relocate to USA because not everyone will make it in film acting in this country, at least go there and get another thing doing, good decision.

  79. It’s good to know you did not stay back forcing yourself on the industry. Thank God you moved on.

  80. Is as you identify the best of your self and work towards it, every other things will fall in place

  81. The dream of almost every Nigerian is to leave Nigeria and go abroad.. No guy, keep up the dream——Martin Luther

  82. Its always nice to move ahead when things seems to be shaky, nice he noticed early and take a bold step.

  83. it a good thing you did for yourself and also a wonderful decision making, you’re enjoying your benefits, Weldon sir

  84. That’s very good bro
    You made the right decision..
    At least God has uplifted you now… Caring for a family is not easy.. You need to be equal to the task and that’s what you did
    I like that.. God bless you more and more

  85. I love DAT,u discovered ur problem and faced it,may God bless u andvur family, on like some people DAT will know something is not working for dem ,yet dey will be stagnant dere instead of moving forward, love ur courage

  86. You made a right good change and I encourage your decision, wish you good luck in your stays in the U.S and more achievement to you.

  87. Am surprised you said you were not getting enough from acting. Are expecting a fortune from every act or shoot out? Anyways, it’s not a bad idea to move on in search for greeners

  88. You made a good decision and that good decision has given you an edge and you are now very comfortable with your family in US.

  89. You are a man of wisdom… You did the right thing. I hope everything is going well now. You have a beautiful wife.

  90. You are a man of wisdom… You did the right thing. I hope everything is going well now. You have a beautiful wife.

  91. We’ll you did what you had to do as a man, but considering the recent development in Nollywood, a little more patience may have paid off. You were a very good actor.

  92. Sometimes what we wish for is different from what we get at the end of the day. Thank God you made the right choice of relocating because at the juncture frustration many take wrong decsions that destroys their destiny.

  93. It’s good that you realized that acting isn’t for you. At least your family is more comfortable now. Just strive to be better in what you do

  94. You made a good decision that has affect you and youth positively that shows that more success are coming your way..keep the fighting spirit moving

  95. You made a good decision that has affect you and your family positively that shows that more success are coming your way..keep the fighting spirit moving

  96. That is best option my brother. If one particular environment couldn’t accommodate you to prosper, you have to change environment. God will see you through.

  97. See our situation in our country is making us loose our great hands. Hope out there is also working for you

  98. Whoa I think he make a good decision sometimes when one thing doesn’t work for you u have to try another which is what he did

  99. Nice lesson learnt!

    Keep the passion burning!

    See you on the big screen soon…over there or back here in naija!

  100. This is the second person in two weeks to talk about money not being in acting well good grace to you with your decision

  101. This is the second person in two weeks to talk about money not being in acting well good grace to you with your decision may God see you true as you move in with ur family their

  102. If doing a thing and it doesn’t work, it’s better you try something else. It’s good he leaves and try something different to meet up with life.

  103. You choose the right way, u can’t watch your family suffer because u want to make something out of acting

  104. Sir,I love your decision, I think it’s will not only help you but your family. I wish you a successful years ahead

  105. Yeah, an actor should never relax even though he has made a huge impact, also applicable to all areas of life.
    Am glad that he realised that acting cannot work for him even if he love doing it. Nice that Wale Adebayo and family are comfortable now in US by grace.

  106. Never give up sir keep on trying and God will surely Ans ur cry I also want u to remember there is no failure without success so if u want to succeed u must fail severely

  107. Wishing u all the best sir, may God provide the best source of sustenance for u and ur family out there.

  108. A yah that is good because if your location can’t change or add value to your life then change the location

  109. That’s good for him.at least he understand the acting will not make him successful as he want so he changed to another thing.

  110. I love your opinion bro, it is better to make our families happy and if current city didn’t favour, it is better to relocate. Bigger you I pray

  111. Entertainment industry ain’t no joke. Its a hustle with the lions and the dragons. But its also one thing u will always come back to

  112. Sango I respect and accept your decision because of something is not work the best thing is to let it go

  113. life is all about choice and mowing what you want. You discover in time and u decide great one from you.

  114. Well, boss you got the right to make the rightful decision for yourself, living your dream is what matters most

  115. Its of no use engaging in something that is not beneficial to you…..its a good thing that he discovered fast and left to be with his family

  116. No sango
    There always is a choice
    And you going to the u.s was a good choice
    So don’t act like you’re apologizing

  117. Things don’t always work out the way we want it but we should just be grateful when we make a headway

  118. It is always good to look for greener pastures. Thank God you made it there. I pray for more Grace and open door for you

  119. Sometimes what we wishes for is quiet different from what God has bestowed upon us. Your idea and decision was the right thing to do.

  120. I remembered this face…nice seeing your pics after a long time….is good you left,Nigeria economy can be fustrating somtyms..struggling from morning till night and nothing to show for it…may God bless you and your family over there..

  121. Thats a great move . Because if it doesn’t work for you, then you just have to go for what works for you

  122. No all that you glitters is gold. I pray the living condition in Nigeria gets better. Thank God he realised that acting in Nigeria didn’t really favour him. Wish him the very best in USA

  123. I think you made the right decision because right now like you said your family is in a better place. Better position as a result of the decision you took years ago. Lovely family

  124. Adebayo, your decision to relocate to the US is an excellent decision that has made you to achieve more success than when you were here and into acting. Now you are more successful and your family to is very comfortable. It means your decision paid off.

  125. He did the right thing by leaving the country because movie industry in Nigeria is not getting enough from acting.

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