I relieve stress with orgasm – Actress Nse Ikpe-Etim

Nollywood actress, Nse Ikpe-Etim has revealed the she relieves her stress with orgasm among other personal care tips.

I relieve stress with orgasm - Actress Nse Ikpe-Etim lailasnews 2
I relieve stress with orgasm – Actress Nse Ikpe-Etim

The actress stated this in an Instagram post that to ease stress, she drinks water, sleeps, eat and make sure she gets an orgasm or maybe two.

She wrote:

”This week has been quite hectic and it has taught me that it’s okay to be tired. More importantly, I consciously thought about ways to de-stress; so here are some of my fav. self-care tips:

1. Breathe. Consciously and deliberately.

2. Drink water. Maybe add a slice of lemon and pretend you’re in a spa

3. Sleep.

4. Get an orgasm or maybe 2.

5. And eat.”

As it may sound controversial, her fans also seem to agree with her notion and as gathered from tehir comments on the post, majority of them wrote that they will prefer to go for the 4th option, which is to get an orgasm…LoL

ijeomagraceagu: Yeah lemme get on that 4 right away” a fan commented

Actress Nse Ikpe-Etim is considered by many as one of the few ageless Nigerian celebrities who don’t seem to look their age.

Well it seems she has just given out the secret to her young look.


  1. Good tips..i will apply them soon…beautiful lady…only your name that is hard to pronounce.

  2. Thanks for the information you provide to the people’s, it we be inform of help to many people’s

  3. I also support the fourth option, because is the best way to relax after a long day stress. It will make one sleep like baby.

  4. That’s the best way to relieve stress because it’s natural,,eating well bathing and catching some sleep, by the time you’re awake you become stronger

  5. Lol…she said it frankly…and tgat z it…maybe of us still do it in our closet …not that we are all awed

  6. Amazing revelation. I guess your fans will like to know more about the orgasm for example, with who, the style, etc, etc. Oh GOD have mercy. This social media is becoming another thing.

  7. Ifnthe orgasm this then one am thinking and itnworls for you then Good luck, but let it be with you husband

  8. Very vital information. Orgasms helps women to release a kind of homones that helps relax the body

  9. Nice one,
    I need to copy these style too She gets orgasm with who or with what? Make una help me ask her for me.

  10. I like her level of maturity, she spoke out what she’s capable of doing behind the scene. Very good tips to use

  11. Is a nice teaching but so stupid to hear. Who do you get orgasm with or do you masterbat? Because I know everything about orgasm

  12. Wow my love nse nkpe etim I heart you plenty but that organsm I hope its not maturbation its good if its with opposite sex

  13. Nse has said what works for her and some persons are hmmmming ( thatis not a word) when you guys will do the unthinkable .

  14. Human beings are differ what works for u may not work for me. So do what ever suits u right.. But I think I will try this your method.

  15. Thanks to Actress Nse Ikpe-Etim for this wonderful therapy. I think one need to give it a trial to see how effective it is.

  16. Which one is you use orgasm to relieve stress,I tire oooo, please what gives you the orgasm, people and their style

  17. I think I prefer to sleep to de-stress myself. Sleeping is my best way of destressing my self no orgasm or anything else

  18. That’s her own way of relieving stress,there are other ways of relieving stress apart from the fourth one she mentioned.

  19. Well, orgasm makes u sleep well so if u have ur means or a partner who can help u achieve that then why not?

  20. That’s very bold and courageous of the actress as long as its giving her what she needs to be healthy…its always good to monitor our healthy.different strokes for different individuals

  21. I guess your fans will like to know more about the orgasm for example, with who, the style, etc, etc. Oh GOD have mercy.

  22. Well that’s your own formulae. Different people have different ways of easing stress. Different strokes for different folks.

  23. Yes she’s correct. Orgasm helps a lot in trying to released stress. I’m writing from experience. Keep it up girl!

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