‘I regret fighting with my former record label 4 years ago’ – Vector

Nigerian rap star, Vector, who was enmeshed in a court battle with his former record label YSG few years ago, has opened up on the things he regrets from their fall out.

'I regret fighting with my former record label 4 years ago' – Vector lailasnews

Vector who disclosed how the death of his father last year changed many things about him, also talked about how he wasn’t able to do music for a year following the fall out. The rapper also admitted that he mismanaged information during his feud with the record company, and he paid for it.

“To be honest with you, the only reason I was taken to court was because I was popular or becoming popular. I must have mismanaged information on my part as well. I hate the fact that it slowed down my music and I lost money too. But I have learnt to try to be more patient and understanding with people. You cannot fight with people forever regardless of what could have happened. I have reached out to my former label and we have spoken” he said.

On having regrets, Vector said;

“Everything happens for a reason and I am grateful for my present position. Everyone regrets things; I regret things too but I just don’t dwell on them for too long. I will be stupid to tell you that I didn’t regret something that escalated to the extent that I could not make music for a year or so. Of course, I had regrets but I never let it drag me down. I took all the money I had and invested it in a studio.”

The crisis between Vector and his former label began after he made complaints about the label stalling his career, and the label’s nonchalant attitude. He simply suggested more professional hands to be employed to push his career to the next level.

But the label took these views as threats and refused to impose these ideas, so Vector decided himself to hire the professionals and was paying them personally with no help from the label.  Things actually got worse after Vector took a self-sponsored vacation to the US and returned to his record boss’ anger, who claimed he went to the States to sign a record deal.

Weeks after, Vector received an invitation letter from the Commissioner of Police of Lagos state and was summoned to the Area-E command (Festac). On getting there, he was presented with a “breach of contract” petition, claiming that he has engaged external hands to work for him. His parents got involved (as his dad is a retired police officer), and it was settled amicably.


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